Visiting England and Scotland with Tricia


After the SCW, I left Nottingham with Tricia Jackson and spent the next happy days with her and her family in South Shields, England.  You can see the North Sea from Tricia’s window.  So lovely. 😊

Views of the beautiful North Sea and some wonderful seafood we enjoyed one day.

A ferry on its way to Amsterdam. We waved at the passengers lacing the upper decks. 😊


One day we traveled to see Durham University. It was such a nice visit and I have always loved college campus life. You can sense the excitement in the air. Tricia and I shopped there too! 😊

Amazing architecture.


We returned home by train.  It was a a great day and I am glad to have seen Durham University.  I would love to return one day. 😊

Another day, we traveled to Scotland which was a dream of mine since I was a little girl. My grandmother was a “Buchanan” and she had always wanted to visit Scotland, as did my Mom, but sadly that did not happen. They talked about Scotland often over the years.  When I arrived, I was so very happy and felt like they both were with me in spirit and that they were happy that I made it back to the land where our ancestors had lived. ❤️

View of Scotland from the train.  We made our way to Edinburgh.

We arrived in Edinburgh and walked along the Royal Mile. 😊

A happy arrival in Edinburgh! 😊

It was a real treat to be able to hold an owl and to see one up close. They are beautiful birds. ❤️

We stopped at a pub and had a tasty meal. 😊

At the top of the walk along the Royal Mile was the Edinburgh Castle. Very impressive!

The lay of the land on one side of the Castle. You can see the intense sky so full of clouds though we managed to stay dry as the rain held off. 😊

Of course, we managed to shop in the some of the many shops aligning the roadway.

A piper was so nice to see! 😊

A view inside of Jenners Department Store. Tricia and I shopped a bit and stopped for tea before the train ride home. 😊

A beautiful view from the train as we left Scotland and headed back to England.  It was a fantastic day in every way possible.  I was on cloud nine most definitely that entire day.

I am so grateful to Tricia for wanting to spend time with me and for arranging to see such interesting places during my time with her, Ray, and Matt and their special resident kitties, (especially Fizzy).  I had a most wonderful time! ❤️

Thank you for visiting the blog today and I hope you enjoyed the post. There were no Sasha dolls featured in this post’s photographs but Sasha dolls have brought us all together, from different lands and different cultures, and yet we are so much alike in our passions for Sashas and our affections for one another.  Have a blessed week. ❤️ xxx