Hello from Nellie, a Beautiful Sasha Studio Doll Ushering Out 2017



Some of you might remember last summer that this beautiful and very early, B-III studio doll was put up for adoption by Lorraine. This first photo was taken by Lorraine.  Happily, I was able to add her to my Sasha family by the end of summer and thank you Lorraine for kindly allowing a short layaway.  Lorraine mailed this dear one to Janet who not only agreed to give her a spa treatment but also agreed to bring her to me when she visited in October.  Thank you again dear Janet. ❤️

Janet carefully inspected her and found her torso had a hollow cavity that lends the possibility that perhaps she was used to hide and/or transport family valuables during the war.  There is no documentation or proof but it is exciting to consider that this dear early girl might have had an additional purpose and only our imaginations can fuel those possibilities.  Janet took these photos of her body and the next two of her sitting on the pretty rug. 😊

Janet filled out her torso and also “evened-out” her legs where the shavings had settled and had enlarged the bottoms of both legs .   At my request, Janet carefully stitched fingers on her mitten hands and gave a nose rub a touching. I just love her. ❤️

Her tummy restored and ready for the next chapters in her life. 😉

Janet also observed that her cheek blushing looked like dabs of paint made by Sasha’s finger with possible partial fingerprint impressions there on her cheeks.  She re-dressed her in her traveling outfit made by Lorraine except for the bonnet that was vintage and came with her wardrobe.  The wardrobe was shipped to me early on and I had an antique trunk waiting to hold her things until her arrival.  ❤️

Janet braided her hair and pinned it up to fit neatly under the bonnet for her travels. Thank you Aunt Janet. 😊

After picking up Janet at the airport, we drove to New York to visit with Dorisanne.  I met my dear girl in the hotel and named her Little Nell or Nellie.  Janet knitted her socks and Brigitte made the black leather shoes and they all fit perfectly. Hello dear Nellie! ❤️

A very happy meeting after those few months of waiting.  😊

This is Nellie’s dolly which was a gift from her Aunt Peggy. 😊

Back home at Sasha Shangri-La, Nellie is presented with her trunk.

Inside are her new treasures and her wardrobe much of which has been with her for many years. 😊

A tray to hold the smaller things.

And inside a lovely powder blue coat and a red cape are among the things that came with Nellie.😊


The  pinafore and dress made by Aunt Lorraine safely stored to wear later. 😊

Hats to include a useful bonnet to wear while outdoors gardening this next Spring.

Nellie is sitting on Mommy’s bed now because we spend a lot of time together playing with her dolly and just having happy times together.  I unpinned her plaits because I love to see them down and it reminds me of my Mother’s childhood plaits.   Her most beautiful shawl was knitted by Aunt Diane and it is very useful on these cold winter days.  Thank you for visiting with us this New Year’s Eve.  We are wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year in 2018 and we hope that it will be filled with love and laughter with your family and friends. God Bless you.  ❤️ xxx