Beautiful England…Visiting the Cotswolds and Stratford-Upon-Avon


After reading about the Cotswolds for years, it was a real pleasure to actually visit in person.  On Monday, Diane drove us through the countryside full of gentle, rolling hills leading to Chipping Campden and later on to Broadway. I really enjoyed the entire time and it was a dream come true to be there in person to see the beautiful countryside, the people and also the unique architecture. ❤️

What a nice place to live!

After shopping in several places, we stopped in the local church in Chipping Campden because they kindly offered tea and a place to sit for a while. We met the nicest ladies and they just loved Finn.  One of the ladies kindly allowed her photo to be taken with Fiinn. What a nice respite! 😊

Diane and I climbed the stairs to a small silver craftsmen shop and they encouraged visitors to walk and observe the craftsmen at work making silverware.  It was interesting to watch and observe them making their works of art in silver.

The Chipping Campden Market Hall.

Finn resting in the Market Hall. 😊

So many lovely shops and I took this photo to capture the wonderful bowed window.

Another window photo to capture the Queen.

This inviting door and passageway totally captivated me and I loved how it beckoned for me to enter but the tiny private sign gave me an entirely different message.  😬

Interesting doorways.

We traveled on to Broadway.  A view of the High Street shops in Broadway. 😊

Shops line both sides of the street.

On the upper end of High Street, I saw beautiful horses in a field.

A lovely lunch anyone? 😉

Tuesday, we visited Stratford-Upon-Avon.   Home of the most famous poet and playwright William Shakespeare.  How exciting! 😊

The William Shakespeare monument is very impressive. I loved reading his books as a child and I still do today. I first read a work by Shakespeare at the age of 12 and it was Romeo and Juliet.  Over the years, I became an avid reader of Shakespeare’s works and so visiting the town where he was born and raised and buried was wonderful to do. 😊

Poor Gertie was scooped up by Lady Macbeth. 😬

Help me Mommy!  She has an iron grip on me! 😮

After rescuing Gertie, she then spent time with Falstaff….I’d be careful there sweet Gertie!

Gertie wanted to meet Prince Hamlet but he was feeling quite depressed and did not know what to say to her!

I think Gertie finally felt free and happy with Prince Hal. 😉

The next photos show the amazing Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres.

Amazing sculpture created by hanging wires wires suspended in different lengths with stars on the ends.

A very grand area and I was fascinated by the architecture and the dimensional sculpture. So beautiful.

We stopped for tea and I spied a gingerbread man! Yummy!  We sat outdoors along the Avon River. So nice. 😊

This was the first time that I had seen swans in person. They were so beautiful and I learned that all the swans belong to the Queen. They are very special. 😊

The view of the rear of the Theatre.

A whimsical street lamp.

The grand door of the Holy Trinity Church where William Shakespeare was baptized and buried.

A most lovely church. ❤️

We then stopped in several shops and had a wonderful lunch. 😊

We were able to have a second visit with Granny Peggy and it was so enjoyable. Gertie was excited to meet Granny Peggy and Granny Peggy was happy to meet her. 😊

My wonderful hostess made me feel so at home and we rested at the end of the day to enjoy this beautiful view.  There were sheep grazing in the field lying beyond the fence and they move throughout the day. A very relaxing place to be.  ❤️

A beautiful view from my bedroom window and you can see the sheep (white dots) in the distance. I loved this view. ❤️

A most special welcoming committee waiting for me in my room. How sweet they are! 😊

This beautiful Kathe Kruse doll and a Baby Patrick also made me feel so at home.  Diane made my visit so very special in every possible way.  I am grateful for her kindnesses.

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed the post. There will be one more post and then we moved onward to the Sasha Celebration Weekend! 😊 xxx