Claire in May…One Eve

Claire is a beautiful tiny eyed fringe girl from 1968. I love the eye painting. She is wearing a sweet dress that is perfect for Springtime. Maker is unknown.

Her white leather sandals are so nice on a warmer day like today. We just had a nice Spring shower which cooled us off a bit. Claire brought her teddy outdoors for some fresh air too.

Taking these photos later in day, and after the rain, has given Claire a certain glow and radiance. What a pretty girl and she is also very petite being shorter than most of her sisters.

A close up of Claire.

I hope you enjoyed this “dusky” post highlighting Claire. Thank you for visiting with us.

10 thoughts on “Claire in May…One Eve

  1. Hello Ginger
    So nice to see you posting your wonderful collection once again!
    Claire is beautiful your photography captures all the detail in her gorgeous eyes I adore the fringe girls they are among my favourites ,thank you for letting us share your dolls 😊

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