Please meet Ana

A beautiful studio doll, a farm child, has come to Sasha Shangri-La last year. I have named her Ana.

I moved Ana to the front of the cabinet for photos. I hope to take better photos soon and to go outdoors! Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy seeing Ana with her doll family and the late winter lighting surrounding them.

Ana is holding a Steiff boar in her hand. Being a farm girl, she is used to being with animals and loves them. They love her too as seen by the dear little chick hiding in her apron pocket. Ana is totally at home here at Lost Horizon Farm.

A few photos showing Ana up close.

Always so interesting to see how Sasha painted her dolls.

Aso so interesting to see how Sasha dressed her dolls. A view of Ana’s slip, knitted socks, and leather boots.

Ana’s Sasha tag.

Oh, let’s not forget Ana’s pretty pants.

Ana’s markings by Sasha. A 1964 creation. Ana is 58 years old this year if my math is correct.

Thank you for visiting the blog today. Have a wonderful week.

12 thoughts on “Please meet Ana

  1. Oh my gosh your Ana is very lovely Ginger. She has gorgeous eyes, and I love those brows! Her original farm girl ensemble is so amazing, with loads of layers and detail. Congratulations to you on yet another lovely Studio that made her way to Cow Creek.

    • Thank you Cathy. Ana, our farm girl, is especially at home here on the farm. Rick and I now have chickens and a few goats which is living more off the land. We are enjoying our retirement time very much! 😊

  2. Ginger she is just wonderful ! I love everything about her, Her beautiful eyes and her lovely farmgirl outfit.
    I’m sure she is going to love living with you and cannot wait to see her out looking after the animals and collecting the eggs once the weather warms up.
    Congratulations on adding such a beauty to your Sasha family xx

  3. What a beautiful Studio Doll, Ana is just amazing in all her original farm clothes. I too love seeing the combinations of fabrics that Sasha put together.

    • Thank you Janet. I love her outfit. It feels timeless to me and strangely comforting. I love the colors and textures too. From the dainty pintucks on her blouse to the rough strings of boot ties, a full spectrum of creativity. 😊

  4. Just ADORE Ana. She’s a truly wonderful example of a Studio Farmchild.
    Always love the different layers and textures of the materials that go to make up these farm workers outfits. Her clothing looks to be in immaculate condition too. (Unfortunately when I bought MY Farmchild she was already missing her skirt and pinafore but luckily these were the most easily replaceable. Good job that it wasn’t her boots or blouse!)
    Thanks for sharing your super new doll and for the weeks good wishes.

    • Thank you Kendal. I remember your farm child. She was very beautiful. I am very fortunate to have Ana here at Sasha Shangri-La. Her outfit is in wonderful condition and I love how Sasha painted her eyes and brows. She brightens my day. 😊

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