Chloe and Sara Dress for December


Chloe is a 1966 Sasha doll and was my first NP.  She is a brunette with very beautiful blue eyes. She is wearing a fantastic outfit that I found on Shelly’s site.  I believe Kendal owned this lovely outfit before me and I am uncertain who made it. Thank you Sarah Williams for your help. 🥰

I took many photos to share with you.  Her boots were made by Jean Jensen.

I hope you enjoy Chloe’s photos.


It is nice to dress Chloe in lovely clothes.

Next, is petite Sara, a 1967 NP painted by Sara Doggart.   Sara is wearing a warm and pretty outfit that I found on Shelly’s site. I think Kendal owned this outfit too.  Her black leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

I love this outfit especially since it is plaid and flannel. A wonderful fabric.

I took a lot of photos of Sara too.

Beautiful Sara. 

I hope you enjoyed Sara’s photos.

I thought I should show these sisters together. 

A very special pair! 

Thank you for visiting with us today.  We hope you have a wonderful day and week to come.  We are enjoying our first seasonal snowfall of about 3 inches.

Sending you hugs and happy wishes! 🥰 xxx

16 thoughts on “Chloe and Sara Dress for December

  1. Great to show the two girls together, as those early ones do show their own variation! Personally, I’m a big fan of OUTDOOR wear, and try to find nice examples when possible. Some long past Festival outfits have wonderful coats, jackets, etc. And Shelly’s site is a good place to look!!

    • Thank you Susan. It is nice to hear from you. I like to see the early, hand painted dolls too and how each one looks unique. Sara is noticeably smaller in height than any of my other early girls. I especially like pretty coats and hats.

  2. hi ginger …dolls looking lovely as allways …but i must say i didnt make the coat set , it maybe by the dollworks ? here in the uk …. and the beret looks like it maybe made by cindy of pinestreet studios …not sure tho but im sure someone will know 🙂 xxxx

    • Hi Sarah! So nice to hear from you. Thank you for correcting me about the maker of the coat set. I wasn’t certain but I do think Kendal owned it. Maybe she will see this post and let us know. 🥰 xxx

      • yes it was kendals …shes poorly im sure she wont mind me writing that here but i dont think she has much computer time anymore 😦 i just hope she perks up and can have a lovely xmas ….you have a lovely christmas too 🙂 xxxxx

      • What a pleasure, lovely girls and so well dressed. Just right for the weather.
        A happy pre christmas time for sasha village!

  3. Both girls look lovely and warm in their winter clothing.
    I love Chloe’s coat and hat very stylish but also nice and warm.
    And Sara’s red tartan pinafore is a favourite of mine for this cold wintery weather we are
    Now into.
    A lovely post to keep us warm in these cold days ahead.

    Have a great December filled with joy and laughter

    Dee xx

  4. Gosh Ginger it is such a joy to see these two amazing girls together. What delightful eye candy they are. I adore Chloe’s coat, hat and JJ shoes. The outfit alone is a treasure to behold. Also the flannel tartan dress on your gorgeous Sara is perfect for the season. Love those T strap Mary Janes by JJ.

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