Sasha Shangri-La’s First Born in 2018

Please meet this very sweet wide faced fringe girl that has just made a journey across the pond and she is now free from her wrappings.  She is overjoyed to be here today!   I redressed her in this warm and toasty corduroy outfit made by Jackie Hyatt and a lovely knitted sweater by Christine Durand.

I added a pair of pretty knitted socks and dark olive leather Sashapotamus shoes with bright pink ties.  After the ribbons were placed in her hair, I only added her cow puppet to play with. ❤️


A close up photo.

Very nice eye and brow detailing. ❤️

What is your name little one?  Please tell Mommy.

Mommy, you know my name is Clare. 😊

Boy it is sure cold outside. Mommy said it is best to stay indoors. Brrrrrrr.  I took my coat off, okay?

I hope we can go for a walk soon.  I love playing outdoors! 😊

Clare and I both thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post. ❤️

We are sending you hugs and wishes for a very Happy New Year! ❤️

Bye bye everyone! I hope to see you again soon!  😊 xxx

12 thoughts on “Sasha Shangri-La’s First Born in 2018

  1. Welcome Clare ,what a sweet girl you are. Yes it is best to stay in the warm for now I’m sure mum will take you out to explore the Cow Creek pastures once the spring arrives in a few months.
    Your lovely raspberry coat and dress brings a glow of warmth into our homes this winter. 🙂 xxx

  2. What a beautiful girl Clare is, she really is a wonderful edition to your already lovely family Ginger. I love her wider face and her blue eyes, just like summer skies 🙂
    I think her warm pink outfit looks perfect on her, and will keep her nice and warm until it warms up outside at Cow Creek!
    Big hugs xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. I, too, love Clare’s wider face. It gives her a very different look and so pretty too. I am looking forward to the warmer temperatures already. We have had minus degrees here in the mornings and it is frigid! I will stay warm indoors and think of you in sunny Spain! 😊 XXX

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