Whitney Welcomes Friends


Some of you may remember Whitney a beautiful Cora doll that was rerooted by the talented Sarah Williams . Sarah then braided her hair and created over 150 individual braids.  Recently on eBay, I noticed a cloth doll with an amazing outfit made of material that is hand woven and the doll was about 16 inches tall so I bought the cute cloth doll and thought her outfit just might fit a Sasha doll. 🙂


Whitney was the first to volunteer to try on the outfit.  It really fits nicely though it is not quite large enough in the waist but the top covers the waistline.  The material is so nice and it came with the belt and the woven shoulder bag.  The cloth doll also had handmade sandals but they were too wide for Whitney so she selected a pair of JJ brown leather sandals to compliment her outfit.


You look very pretty Whitney! 🙂


The back of her outfit and her many braids. ❤


A closer look at the hand woven fabric. 🙂


Whitney’s shoulder bag up close. 🙂


A clever idea to ensure your doll manages to hang-on to their shoulder bag.  Just a snap and the bag is secure. 🙂


Whitney has become friends with the new cloth doll that loaned her outfit to her and she wants to introduce her friend to you. 🙂


Hello there generous one.  Whitney is so happy to be your friend and she wants to introduce you on the blog. What is your name? 🙂


I can see that you and Whitney are about the same size.  You have lovely stitched fingers and a ring too!


And your lovely woven fabric sandals also show your pretty stitched toes.  What is your name? 🙂


“Hi, my name is Wren.  I really like Whitney too and she went to the closet and found this pretty dress made by Molly for me to wear.  I think Whitney looks so nice in my yellow pants outfit and it is great for me to try on new clothes too!”  Well, welcome Wren and I hope you enjoy your time here at Sasha Shangri-La. 🙂


Whitney went back outdoors to welcome another new friend named Otis.  I adopted Otis from Janet Myhill-Dabbs and Janet made his outfit too. ❤


Otis is an earlier Caleb with really nice eyes. Whitney shared her zebra with Otis so he would have a play toy. 🙂


Otis is a wonderful boy and he really likes the outdoors. 🙂


A photo of Otis.  His shoes are gray leather slip ons. I love this outfit. 🙂


Hi Otis. 🙂


A very handsome boy. 🙂


Otis up close. ❤


We thank you for visiting with us today.  Our weather has greatly improved in the past few days with the high temperatures being in the 80’s instead of the 90’s and higher.  We like going outdoors to play and taking photos.  Please have a great day and also a great week to come. 🙂 xxx



19 thoughts on “Whitney Welcomes Friends

  1. Witney looks great in her new friend Wren’s clothes.And welcome Otis another wonderful addition to the Cow creek clan 🙂 a lovely post to enjoy on a lovely Sunday afternoon . Thanks for sharing 🙂 xxx

  2. Gosh two newbies in one post, how delightful …I can’t keep up! Just LOVE that yellow outfit it is fabulous and looks great on Whitney. Also love your new girl Wren, she is a great companion to Whitney and the Sasha clan. Otis is a very handsome lad indeed, and I can see he has fitted in very well too.

    • Thank you Lorraine. The cloth doll and her outfit were such a low price and no one bid but me. I love cloth dolls since childhood so I try to look out for nice dolls from time to time. Otis has been here a while and I am glad to finally introduce him. 🙂 xxx

  3. Wren is gorgeous Ginger! What a truly great find. I love the way she was made with separate stitching for her fingers and toes. Her face and hair has a lot of character. Is she a hand made doll? Do you think she was made here in the States? Her original adorable yellow woven pants set looks amazing on Whitney. And Wren looks so happy to wear the sweet dress by Molly. Wren and Whitney are best friends for sure.

    And congrats on another amazing addition. Your Otis. I have always adored the Cora and Caleb with these rare eyes. Is the shade original to him, or did our favorite artist add her magic touch to them? I love his outfit too.

    • Hi Cathy and thank you for commenting. Yes, Wren is handmade. She has a seamstress label sewn on her. The seller is from Florida but the doll may be from another state. I think she was made here in the USA. I think Otis’s eyes are original and not enhanced. No magic this time! 🙂 xxx

  4. Great post yet again!
    I love discovering little things like outfits of other dolls fitting our Sashas!
    I too like the soft rag dolls as they are just meant for lots of close cuddles. Wren is so attractive!
    Otis has the most amazing eyes. Lucky YOU!

    • Sorry forgot to mention what a super idea of the bag being held in place by that press-stud to prevent it slipping off her shoulder whilst also keeping it from being lost.
      Many thanks for the week’s good wishes.

      • I like the idea too of a snap placed to keep an item with a doll. I have seen that done with shoes and the bottom of a cloth doll’s feet. They did not lose their shoes! 🙂

    • Thank you Kendal. I like finding unexpected outfits for our Sashas too. My first doll was a raggedy ann doll and I know my Mom meant for me to cuddle her and she was so very soft too. I do love the cloth dolls and they have always been my favorite dolls until I found Sasha dolls. Though I do tend to love the course dolls and the B body studio dolls very much. 🙂 xxx

  5. How lovely that Whitney was able to borrow the outfit from Wren as it really does suit her well with her dark skin tone. And of course being so kind as to share another dress with Wren, that’s what friends are for 🙂 sharing.
    Otis is another handsome boy Ginger, and he and Whitney look great together. He has lovely eyes and yes, what an attractive outfit that Auntie Janet made for him, a very lucky boy indeed.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. Whitney continues to wear this sunny outfit and she loves her handbag. It makes her feel grown-up! 😉

      Otis really loves his outfit that Janet made for him. I don’t think he will ever volunteer to wear his original outfit again. He likes colorful fabrics best. I like them too! 🙂 xxx

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