I Love Abby …… I Also Love Abby


Abby is a lovely A-I Sasha Studio doll made in the earlier days of doll making by Sasha Morgenthaler.  Her face was painted by Sasha and I think she is beautiful.  I just love Abby. ❤


Abby is wearing a floral studio dress that Janet Myhill-Dabbs graciously allowed me to buy while I was visiting in England.  You may remember that Gwennie modeled this dress earlier on the blog and it was lovely on her but a bit big for her.  When Janet visited, she suggested that I try the dress on Abby since Abby is a bit bigger than Gwennie.  Well, Janet was spot on and this dress looks like it was made just for Abby!  Wonderful to find a perfect dress for Abby. 🙂


A closer view of the smocking and the pretty fabric. 🙂


A lovely sash in the back. 🙂


A Sasha label. ❤️


The lovely Abby who is very, very happy with her new dress. 🙂

During the 2016 Sasha Festival, I met Ellen Church and it was so nice to meet her after years of being internet friends.  Ellen had a beautiful Kilt girl for sale that was minty and in her original outfit and so beautiful.  I have not adopted a Kilt girl before though I have admired them and I always have admired Ellen’s dolls.  So, as you might guess, I adopted the Kilt girl.:)


Please meet the beautiful and newest member of the Sasha Shangri-La family.  Please meet Abby. ❤


I at first thought about changing this dear girl’s name.  After all, I have a Sasha doll named Abby, right?


So it did not seem to make sense to have two Sasha dolls named Abby.  So I thought of selecting maybe a new name like Gabby or Tabby or maybe a name entirely different and new…..


And then she whispered to me that her name is Abby and that she loves her name very much.  Well, after looking at that sweet face, hearing her sweet whisper, and giving thought to having two Abby’s, I wholeheartedly agreed with her that her name was and is Abby.  I love that name too!   So, why change it? 😉


Abby is modeling my third auction win at the Festival which is a very pretty dress made and donated by Millie Dingham.  I teamed the dress with smokey pink leather shoes that were made by Jean Jensen and hand knitted socks found on Shelly’s site. ❤


The back of Millie’s dresses are as beautiful as the front of her dresses. Wonderful. 🙂


Abby’s pretty pants for you to see. 🙂


Another full length view of Abby. ❤


Dear Abby, please meet your new little sister, Abby. ❤


The Abby sisters together and they immediately bonded as loving sisters.  The big sister Abby said “Look Mummy, we both have blonde plaits!  We look just like sisters, don’t we?”


I answered quickly, “Yes dear Abby, you do look like sisters and in fact, loving sisters and best friends too!”

All is wonderful here at Sasha Shangri-La! 🙂 xxx

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Thank you for visiting with us today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Both Abbys and I are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come. As a parting gift, a waterlogue image of Abby for you to enjoy. 🙂 xxx

17 thoughts on “I Love Abby …… I Also Love Abby

  1. Both Abby’s are wonderful. But I must say that I am so takin with your larger girl. She looks amazing in her new floral smocked dress by Janet. Great for the warmer season. It does look like it was made just for her. And is that little tufts of hair at her nape? It’s a pleasant surprise to see her dressed this way. Congrats on the FCP too, Ginger! She is very lovely.

    • I didn’t make the floral smock dress, it is an original Sasha Morgenthaler one made for an A1 just like Abby. It was a lucky buy for me once and I was very happy to pass it on to Ginger for her Abby.

    • Hi Cathy! Thank you for writing and your kind comments. I think that the studio dress must have been made for the A-I studio dolls since it fits Abby so perfectly. Yes, she has tufts of hair at her nape similar to some of the ponytail Gotz girls that have the tufts of hair though Abby is considerably older than the Gotz girls. I am glad you like the Kilt girl, Abby too. She is a special girl. 🙂 xxx

  2. What a lovely dress Big Abby now has. The beautiful blue and white fabric looks lovely on her and suits her perfectly.
    And little Abby is a darling! I love the kilt girls and Ellen’s girls are always so beautiful that I am not surprised she came home with you. The colour of the beautiful Millie dress goes perfectly with the smokey pink J J shoes and wonderful on her.
    Love the watercolour at the end too!
    Thanks for sharing Ginger 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Dee and I think Abby’s new dress is perfect for her too. Abby my kilt girl is just so lovely. I am thrilled to be able to adopt her into the Sasha family. I knew you would love the waterlogue image! 🙂 xxx

  3. Two lovely girls, and that dress is just perfect on Big Abby. I love the little Kilt Abby too, I’ve always liked the Kilt girls and have one here, who’s name is Wren.
    The girls make great sisters and I think if they lived in Spain and had the same name, no-one would bat an eyelid. My next door neighbour has six daughters and one is called Maria Asunción and another is called Maria Jesus……
    Both girls are gorgeous Ginger 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon, and Big Abby is surely happy to own such a beautiful dress and to have that perfect fit too! I have tried to name the Sasha dolls different names and have done so until now. It just seemed “right” to leave Abby as Abby and the name suits her very well. I have been catching up on blog posts and have really enjoyed your recent posts very much! 🙂 xxx

  4. I don’t think that I have ever seen an original studio dress with that kind of neckline and that smocking pattern and how super to have one of the original Sasha logos sewn inside. Priceless!
    Abby is so very like Dawn’s A1 studio doll that I met and fell in love with many years ago when she bought it to a small Sasha funday that I was attending. It was there that we decided that she was just too good to be a Course Doll so enquires were made and it was discovered that she was an A! Studio doll and, like your Abby,was painted by Sasha Morgenthaler herself.I have a photo somewhere of me very proudly.holding her.
    I too have always loved the Kilt girls with their FCP to allow for the plaited/braided/bunches hair styles that look as good from the back as the front. I have always admired Millie Gingham’s fine smocking and have had several of her lovely Sasha dresses over my years of collecting.That dusky pink of this Festival Auction dress is beautiful and so reminiscent of our famous Laura Ashley fabric colours and designs. (Would love to see it later with matching coloured hair ribbons as those green ones are rather too bold and somewhat overpowering for such a pretty outfit…though guessing that they came on Abby when you bought her in her original Kilt outfit)
    Thank you and the two ‘Abbys’ for your good wishes and hugs for the coming week.
    PS. Very attractive waterlogued photo of new Abby. Great finish to this wonderfully interesting post.

    • Hello Kendal and thank you very much for the lovely comments. I am catching up on responding to comments on my blog and have started with the most recent comments and will work my way back. I am also trying to catch up with reading other Sasha blogs and their wonderful posts. In time, I hope to be “back in the saddle again”. 😉

      I have not seen such as studio dress as Abby’s either and I was so thrilled to bring it home after the SCW. Gwennie just did not fill it out properly. When Abby put it on, I felt like it was Cinderella finding her lost glass slipper….a perfect fit! ❤

      Dawn Law's A-I studio girl is so very pretty though I have seen her only in photos. She is blonde too but has a hemp wig I think and her outfit is an adorable brown check with a pinafore. A wonderful discovery for Dawn!

      So happy you liked the kilt girl, Abby. She was a happy find at the Sasha Festival and her Millie Dingham dress was a happy auction win. I will have to remember to change out her ribbons next time. You are correct, they were on her with her kilt outfit and looked so lovely. 🙂 xxx

      p.s. I have been reading your comments about having the new Windows 10 on your computer and I truly hope you are able to learn how to navigate it on your own. I too struggle with these "upgrades" and over time, I have learned the different and new ways of getting to the previous, same end result. It is frustrating and I am thinking of you often and wishing I could help. ❤

  5. I love this post so much, most especially the photos of the two Abbys together. I am so glad you kept the name Abby for your Kilt girl too and as Big Abby pointed out, they do have the same blond plaits. It was such a thrill for me to be there when we tried the Studio Dress on Abby and it fit her so perfectly! She has such a freshness about her now as if she is saying ‘finally I have my real dress on’. Little Abby has the most beautiful eyes, Ellen chose well with her and now you too dear Ginger. Her Millie dress is just lovely and perfect for that lovely WV weather ❤

    • Thank you Janet and thank you especially for Abby’s beautiful dress and for “seeing” that it was meant for her! It was very special that you were here when she tried it on and you fashioned her ribbons too! Yes, Abby is totally refreshed now!

      Little Abby is a delight and I love her eyes too. Her Millie dress is also a delight and a nice memory of the fun time we all had at the Sasha Festival. ❤ xxx

      • Lovely memories Ginger, the road trip, the lovely hotel at Sugar Creek, the buzz of the Festival and then the happy times spent at Shangri La Farm.

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