2016 Sasha Festival Helpers – a Quick Post

A quick post of the helpers. There are 80 more helper items not shown here because they ran out of room. So, after the helpers are called tonight, the remaining helper items will be put out for us to try and win!  I hope you don’t mind these quick posts! 🙂




8 thoughts on “2016 Sasha Festival Helpers – a Quick Post

  1. what a wonderful range of gifts for the helpers raffle. People in the Sasha World are so generous and kind. Looks like they’ll be a lot of happy people when these are won. Thanks for keeping us in the picture Ginger : ) xx

  2. The helpers were certainly wonderful this year! Number 101 was my absolute favorite. Unfortunately my number was not the winner, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. I was lucky enough to win five items so I’m not complaining. I really appreciate the generosity of all those who contributed.

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