Thankful for Life

This lovely photo of a pair of course dolls taken by Shelly caught my eye and my love for cloth dolls rose up within me and I wrote to Shelly and asked to adopt the sweet, redheaded child. 🙂

She arrived quickly and wonderfully wrapped. Her green checked dress was waiting for her here at Sasha Shangri-La. A soft bunny was waiting too. I love this beautiful girl. She whispered to me that her name is Erin.

If you look closely, you will see a dear little paint mark on Erin’s neck. This is her birthmark which is proof that she was born! 😉

A waterlogue image of Erin. Welcome home pretty girl. 🙂


HELP!!!! Mommy, please help me!!!! I am stuck and can’t get out!!!! Help!!!!  [more to come….]


Note: A quick post for today. My dear husband was hit in his truck on the interstate last Thursday. He is fine though suffered trauma to his neck. We are very blessed that his truck protected him from the vehicle that ran into the rear end at a high speed. This is the week of Thanksgiving here in the States and I am indeed giving thanks daily for life and for our many blessings. ❤

Thank you for visiting. Have a beautiful day! 🙂 xxx

20 thoughts on “Thankful for Life

  1. My hopes are that you dear husband has suffered no lasting effects form his accident Ginger, my thoughts and best wishes are with you all. Thank you for telling us about Erin, such a dear girl and I love that she has a birth mark! I can’t wait to see what is going to happen to Bottle baby though, very intriguing! ❤ HAPPY THANKSGIVING ❤

    • Thank you Janet. We appreciate your best wishes for us. I am very hopeful too that his neck trauma is only temporary. I am happy you enjoyed seeing Erin. That bit of stray paint really makes for a special mark. I was so happy to see it especially since I have a birthmark too! The bottle baby will be coming back soon. What a scamp he is! 😉 xxx

      • My hopes are with you that all is temporary too dear friend. As for Little Scamp, how did he manage to get in there, was he a seed that grew maybe? He reminds me of a Ship in the Bottle. xxx

  2. Oh my goodness Ginger, I’m very sorry to hear that your dear husband had an accident, but also very glad to hear that he is not too badly injured, although I’m sure he is in a lot of discomfort which I hope will pass quickly. Big hugs to him…
    As for your sweet new girl Erin, she is very pretty and will fit in well with your other course girls. And what a nice name she has already 🙂
    I’m a little concerned about the baby though….I hope he can breathe inside the bottle! 😉
    Sending big hugs to you and yours Ginger
    Sharon xxxx

    • Thank you Sharon for the well wishes for Rick! I will pass them along. ❤

      Erin was a nice surprise and we are happy she is here with us! About the baby….I better check on his air supply though from the sounds of his constant yelling for "HELP", I am thinking his baby lungs are not only well supplied with air, but also have quite a large capacity to yell loudly and he is yelling his baby head off!!! 😉 xxx

  3. Thank goodness your lovely husband was not seriously hurt ! Trucks etc can be fixed but people are to precious to us and it’s such a worry when these things happen.

    I saw those two lovely girl’s appear on Shelly’s and wondered who’d snapped up that red haired darling and now I know. Erin will fit real in at Sasha Shangri La and looks so cosy in her new dress and with her new bunny.

    Now what’s that little baby up to in the bottle ? He’s looking very smart in his lovely outfit but I do hope someone helps him escape soon before he gets upset ! Mind you he did manage to get himself in, so maybe he’ll manage to get himself out…
    big hugs Dee :)xxxx

    • Thank you Dee, we are very thankful that Rick is okay! Erin has fit in very well and right now Abby (A1 studio with yarn hair) is staying by her side. Being a great big sister! 🙂 xxx

      That baby has a mind of his own! I think he will get out soon. He has a guardian angel looking out for him. ❤ xxx

  4. Oh how awful for your husband, thank goodness he is okay but it must have given you both a nasty shock. I hope you both recover soon (him from his injuries and shock, you from the big fright).
    Your new girl is very lovely, it must have been hard not to have brought the other course doll home too! And that baby looks full of mischief!

    • Thank you DollMum, you are exactly right, we have been in shock especially me. I have been cleaning around the house to stay busy since I am on vacation this week for Thanksgiving break. It seems to help and doesn’t require a lot of thought just physical work.

      It was very difficult not to adopt both girls and, in fact, I did try to adopt both of the girls to include the brunette but I asked for 30 days to pay in full and the seller did not want to wait for the money. So, I had to choose and Erin was my first pick. I hope she finds a good home soon!

      That baby boy is a handful and seems to find trouble where ever he goes! What a boy! 🙂 xxx

  5. Gosh I’m so glad you got Erin, Ginger! I also inquired about this delightful Course girl, but was a little to late. I was deflated, but it just wasn’t meant to be for me. I’m happy she is with you. She also caught my eye.

    Uh oh!! I hope the wee baby isn’t stuck in the bottle very long. I can her his cry for help. On another note I adore his knit. It must be one from Diane?

    I am sorry to hear that your hubby was hit while driving. I hope he doesn’t suffer any ill effects from being struck from behind. I just got word that our son who was driving with his wife two babies and my daughter was hit from behind on the MA interstate. It doesn’t sound like anyone was hurt. But will know more when the arrive.

  6. Thank you Cathy, we are very fortunate that Rick is okay. I hope your son, his lovely family, and your daughter are okay. How awful for them! I know you must be concerned and I hope they arrive soon! I hope your Thanksgiving gathering is very blessed. ❤

    The course doll, Erin is a treasure and we both have soft spots for them, don't we? I was very lucky to be first this time. 🙂

    You are correct, the baby boy's outfit was made by the talented Diane Duke. I love her knits! The baby is fine now but what will happen next? What a boy he is! 🙂 xxx

  7. First up, I am so glad your husband wasn’t seriously hurt, but please keep an eye on him and any problems he may have as they are not always obvious immediately!

    Secondly love your new member – loving Course dolls as well she looks like she will be the perfect compliment and addition to your family.

    Had to laugh at the baby in the bottle!

    • Thank you Lorraine, I will keep an eye on him. We are very blessed. So glad you like Erin and I know you love the course dolls very much. They are very special dolls. 🙂

      The baby in the bottle was quite a surprise! He is certainly a handful and all boy! More to come! 🙂 xxx

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and all of your Sasha kids. I’m glad your husband wasn’t seriously hurt. These unexpected near misses give pause for thought and thanks.

    • Hi Anne! Thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving greetings! We all here at Sasha Shangri-La send to you and to your family the happiest of Thanksgiving tidings. We will have special prayers of thanks to voice tomorrow at our Thanksgiving table. ❤ xxx

  9. So pleased and very thankful to hear that your husband survived that awful accident with only minor injuries of neck whiplash….although we know how painful that can be and which can also lead to future back problems…. so hopefully his medical staff will keep a good eye on him over the next month or so.
    Hope that you too are coping with the shock but at least you have your new latest and beautiful Course doll, Erin, to cuddle up for comfort. .(My first BI Studio Doll was named Erin, due to her green eyes.)
    Looks like you have a ‘right inquisitive/exploring little scamp’ there (though not sure as to what the ‘message in the bottle’ is all about as he certainly looks well dressed and healthy enough at the moment!)
    I’d like to join you and your family, if I you wouldn’t mind,,in your Thanks-giving prayers in gratitude for Rick’s lucky escape from the car accident..

    • Hi Kendal! Thank you for joining us in a thankful prayer this Thanksgiving. Rick is indeed very lucky and his narrow escape really underscores our Thanksgiving prayers today. 🙂

      Thank you too for the lovely comments for Erin. She has become very close to Abby and the course dolls too. I really love the course dolls. ❤

      Yes, that baby is very well dressed in Diane Duke's knitted creation and he really found himself in a pickle being stuck in a bottle. More to come with that wild child! 🙂 xxx

  10. Hi Ginger,I must tell you how much I look forward to seeing your posts.  I enjoy the stories that you put with the pictures so much.  You are very creative in your posing and writing.  It is wonderful to see the expressions on the dolls.  You have made me much more aware of the various looks on different Sasha’s.  Thank you!Millie

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