29 thoughts on “Happy Birthday From Finn and the Sasha Shangri-La Family

  1. Ginger, it’s your birthday! Oh you kept that quiet, have the happiest of days my dear friend. Finn looks lovely in his new jumper and what a dear, sweet man your Rick is xxxx ❤

    • Hi Janet! Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! Finn so loves your knitted gift to him and I think the colors are just perfect for him! Rick okayed his sweet photo to be on the blog. He wears his winter beard which I love so much. It was a bright red when we first met and now it is a sagely gray. I am so blessed. ❤ xxx

      • I do so love the idea of the ‘winter beard’, my husband Billy grows a winter stubble, mostly over the Christmas break! I do hope you had the best of days yesterday Ginger and that you are still filled with the glow of your special day. ❤ xxx

  2. ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND*** Wishing you the best birthday! Enjoy your day and spend it with your wonderful Sasha clan and your dear husband. I love the puppy in his pocket!!

    • Thank you dear Cathy! I am certain to have a most wonderful day here with my family and also by receiving the lovely birthday wishes from my Sasha friends that I hold so near and dear to my heart. ❤ xxx

    • Hi Ellen and thank you so much for the happy birthday greeting! I am glad you liked the photo of Rick and Finn. Rick kindly offered to give him a lift to prevent Finn’s boots from getting wet after a sprinkle. What a guy! ❤ xxx

  3. ‘The Sasha Brood and I’ wish you a very happy and fantastic birthday celebrating with your family and friends… and not forgetting all those gorgeous Sasha Dolls of yours.
    BTW a super gesture and photo of Rick, Finn and Fetch.

    • Oh thank you Kendal for the kind birthday wishes! Rick is quite the guy to give his okay to be shown on the blog giving Finn a lift to share the Sasha’s birthday greetings. Finn is his very favorite I think but we won’t tell the others here on the farm. ;). Have a great day! ❤ xxx

  4. A great big happy birthday hug to you comes from California. Enjoy your blessed day! If I could sign I’d call you on the phone…Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ginger, Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Your in Sasha

    I hope you have had a wonderful day with your family, human and Sasha both 🙂
    What a lovely husband to help Finn and the others send you their birthday greetings 🙂
    A husband who accepts your Sasha love is a perfect husband.
    many happy returns
    Love Dee xxxxx

    • A wonderful birthday song Dee! I can imagine you singing it. 🙂 I have had a fantastic birthday. A very special day. Yes, I agree with you…Rick is a perfect husband. I am very blessed! ❤ xxx

  6. Awww how sweet is that Ginger?! I hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday with lots of surprises and maybe a nice bit of birthday cake too?
    Your husband is brilliant to help Finn like that with his greetings for you!
    Big hugs xxxxxx

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