Sweater Weather is Better

A lovely cool day and it is a perfect time to wear our sweaters.  Annie, Finn, and Rae decided to dress in Sashapotamus t-shirts and pants and I asked them to wear a sweater to keep them warm. 🙂

All three are wearing Ruthsdolls leather boots. Look!   Finn’s puppy Fetch is outdoors to have fun too! 🙂

Finn is a 1967 Trendon NP with platinum hair. His red sweater was knitted by Diane Duke. 🙂

Finn is much loved here at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤

Annie is an early Gotz girl made in 1965. She has lovely gold eyes and no mold lines on her torso. Her hair is very nice and we decided to give her a ponytail today. 🙂

Annie up close. 🙂

Another close up photo of sweet Annie. ❤

Rae selected a purple outfit for today. Rae is an early Gotz girl, made in 1965, with lovely golden eyes and there are no mold lines on her body. 🙂

I decided to braid Rae’s hair. Her hair is so lovely. It is very long and silky.  I love to braid hair! 🙂

A close up of dear Rae. ❤

Annie and Rae arrived at Sasha Shangri-La together and this helped them to feel close to each other. They are almost twin sisters though not identical. ❤

Next, we went to the front porch to look at the Fall seasonal decorations. Annie really likes the “BOO”” wreath on the front door. 🙂

Finn decided to say hello to Mr. Pumpkinhead who was sitting by a Fall cornucopia. 🙂

Rae also said hello to Mr. Pumpkinhead. He is a happy fellow! 😉

Annie gave her kind regards to the gourdy guy and he really liked spending time with the happy trio! 🙂

The scarecrow wreath and grapevine pumpkin attracted Finn and the girls because they have fairy lights. Though they shine best at night, you can see the lights during the day. They notice a lady sitting next to the table and they wonder who she is!

Oh my, it is Mrs. Pumpkinhead looking very happy holding her festive Fall companions. 🙂

A happy day for these three dear children. 🙂

Annie and Rae beside the lighted pumpkin. 🙂

A few waterlogue photos for you to enjoy. Dear Rae and I thank you for visiting with us! 🙂

The lovely Annie and I are sending you happy hugs! 🙂 xxx

Annie, Finn, and Rae all wish you a happy week to come and that you will enjoy the Fall days. 🙂

p.s. “BOO”

18 thoughts on “Sweater Weather is Better

  1. What a Great post! I love all three of Them , Finn, Rae and Annie in their lovely warm sweaters. The girls matching cords looks great with their sweaters too!.
    Love the Fall decorations, especially the wonderful wreath with the pumpkin man seating on! and the light pumpkin, in fact I love all of it but that wreath is just perfect!
    Great waterlogues of the children too.
    A lovely autumnal post full of glorious colour, many thanks Ginger :)xxx

    • Hi Dee and thank you! I have really enjoyed mixing and matching the cords, tees and sweaters plus the boots. Finn was still in shorts and sandals so it was time. Great fun! 🙂

      I am so happy you enjoyed seeing the Fall porch decorations! The scarecrow wreath was made by a very talented lady where I work and I was lucky to snatch it up! 🙂

      The waterlogues are just the best and so fun to do! Happy Sunday! ❤ xxx

  2. Three lovely kids and nicely dressed for the cooling weather. I particularly like Rae’s face, she really appeals to me although they are really all very pretty kids. (although I’m sure Finn might object to being referred to as ‘pretty’!!!!)
    Your autumn decorations are very attractive Ginger, I like how American people tend to decorate their environment for the different seasons, not something we see here in Spain or, as far as I recall, in the UK either. I think it is an American thing more than anything, though I could be wrong! I just recall that when we were in the US for our holidays back before we came to live over here, there were always different things available for decorating at different times of the year!
    I hope you have a lovely week ahead 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you for the lovely comments. I think Finn is pretty too! So we just won’t tell him and it will be our secret! Finn is wearing a pair of your stripy socks though we can’t see them, they are there! I lust love dressing Sashas from top to bottom. ❤

      Yes, here in the states we decorate for the seasons and some people really, really get in to it! I like decorating and my attempts are more on a small scale but that suits me fine since I spend a lot of time at work and that along with the dolls does take most of my free time. ❤

      Thank you for the good week's wishes too. Big hugs coming your way! 🙂 xxx

  3. Love your beautiful girls and outfits especially the pink trousers!! Adore Finn and he must meet his twin Billy! Your happy Halloween home is so delightful Ginger. Beautiful everything. Love Sarah and her Sasha Rabble xx

    • Hi Sarah! I am glad you love the girls too. Yes, Finn must meet your Billy one day soon! We will take lots of photos of them together when that day comes and even more of you and me! 🙂

      The Fall and Halloween decorations are fun to do! Though my sons are grown, I can tell they like them too! Thank you dear Sarah and much love to you! ❤ xxx

  4. I loved going through your very festive photos Ginger! Annie, Finn and Rae are very nicely dressed for the changing of the season. All of your autumn decorations on the porch are wonderful, especially Mrs Pumpkinhead holding her festive companions. And I always enjoy your Waterlogue enhanced pics.

    • Hi Cathy and thank you for the lovely comments. I am glad you enjoyed the Fall decorations. It is fun to decorate around the house for Fall and I love the colors and the cooler weather. Finn, Annie and Rae love it too! 🙂 xxx

  5. What a wonderful post Ginger, Annie, Finn, and Rae must be getting very excited at the thought of Trick a Treating and all those candies. I love the decorations about your porch and Mrs Pumkinhead is just lovely. Boo to you too ❤

    • Thank you Janet and yes, we are full of Fall excitement here on the Farm. Mrs. Pumpkinhead and her companions are so glad to see daylight this year! I am embarassed to admit that the container she was stored in was pushed to the side in the attic and went unnoticed for a few years…yikes, too much in the attic! At least she is found now and being noticed too! 🙂 xxx

      • I am so glad you found her Ginger, she looks none the worse for her long sleep though and glad to be enjoying the farm with her little chums.

      • Yes, thank you Janet, I am glad to rediscover her too! the good news is that I am now determined to work on that over-crowded attic and also to place Mrs. Pumpkinhead and company in a better location where she is sure to be seen next year! 🙂

  6. Wishing you a Happy Fall Ginger
    I love your decorations, I’m sure your kids enjoyed exploring them. It’s lovely to ring the changes with something different. 🙂

    • Hi Rosie!! Thank you for the lovely Fall wishes. I think this week’s temperatures in our area will not leave the upper 60 degree range and one morning is supposed to be a low of 28 degrees! So a frost is in our immediate forecast….lovely for us…frost on the pumpkins plus the kids are sure to be lively in the crisp air. 🙂 xxx

  7. How absolutely lovely these three look, just like little modern day children in their jeans., cords, cardigans and T shirts and each with his/own colour scheme!
    Had a little extra smile at your handsome Finn in his ‘Made in England’ Sashapotamus top. Perfect for him here standing in the middle of these two beautiful yellow-eyed Gotz lasses.
    I do so love the yellow eyed girls especially as at the moment My Brood is minus one, the two that were here having been now regetfully moved on to their new parents and homes.

    Lovely to think of these two girls having arrived at yours together and kept that special bond between them ever since. Always great to add a little bit of past history into the mix!

    Shall look forward to the mention of my ex Billy hopefully meeting up with Finn next year! They should make a very handsome pair!

    Apart from at Christmas time I guess that the UK doesn’t really decorate the outside of their homes as such…. could it perhaps be that we don’t usually have outside open porches on the front of our houses…. although having said that my mother always went to town at Halloween, attractively decorating her fully glassed inside porch with a four-five foot witch and her broom, spiders and cobwebs, bats and ghosts and candle-lit carved out pumpkins for the visiting grandchildren and the neighbouring young children.
    My very favourite decoration of yours is that wonderful willow shaped pumpkin with its shining little internal lights. I love Willow sculptures.

    Finally many thanks to Annie, Rae and Finn for their much appreciated October good wishes.

    • Hi Kendal and thank you for the lovely comments. Annie and Rae have gotten very close since arriving together and in the same box! What a joy that was to open up and find them inside and already the closest of sisters. They stay together too on the shelve plus play together, a happy pair! 🙂

      I am enjoying the collecting of separates from Sashapotamus and the mixing and matching to make different outfits. I, too, like Finn’s t-shirt, “Made in England” and that is one shirt his Gotz siblings will not want to wear but Finn won’t give it up either! 😉

      Decorating for Fall and especially Halloween has grown in the USA over the years. Some people really go all out with thousands of lights and many displays of large, scarey creatures but my efforts are much smaller scaled and right for us I think. When I was young, only a pumpkin or two was purchased to make a jack-o-lantern. Your mother’s decorations sound like great fun for Halloween and I bet the children just loved it! My Granny decorated the mantel and the dining room table with Fall arrangements that were changed each season. Christmas of course was always well decorated both indoors and outdoors and by most every family in our neighborhood. It was so lovely to see as a child and I still love to see Christmas decorations and lights even today!

      I am hoping that Finn and Billy will meet next year and am already excited about that prospect. It is wonderful to have a special trip to look forward to in the future and to be able to finally meet the very special Sasha people that I am fond of already. How wonderful! 🙂 xxx

  8. They look great in their warmer clothes with the Fall decorations, everything looks cosy and autumnal.
    In the UK we call sweaters like this which have buttons up the front ‘cardigans’ with sweaters being a pullover or jersey – originating from Jersey in the Channel Islands, or a Guernsey if you’re from the next biggest Channel Island. Sometimes it is called a jumper, whereas I know in the USA a jumper is a dress with straps. It is fascinating how different uses of words evolve in different English speaking countries.

    • Hi Doll Mum and thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the post and I appreciate the information about the use of the word sweater, pullover, etc. It is very interesting! Here where I was raised, we use “sweater” as the main word and then there are types of sweaters. A cardigan is a sweater that buttons or opens up the front of the sweater. A pullover is a sweater that you pull over your head to put it on. You are correct, a jumper here is not a sweater at all but it can be a skirt with straps or a sleeveless dress that you wear a blouse or top underneath. I had several jumpers in school that were v-neck dresses that were generously cut and I wore blouses or turtleneck tops underneath with tights. Happy memories there! 🙂 xxx

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