I took a few extra photos the day of the big snow when Sarah and Hazel went sledding outdoors. I included in the photo the lovely Amber who is wearing a dress made by Frances Tricket and holding her cute bunny. πŸ™‚

A closer view of these Gotz sisters. πŸ™‚

I am getting very attached to Amber. Β  I think she is a 1966 girl andΒ I was so fortunate to buy her from her original Mom. That is as close asΒ I will ever be able to get to having a childhood Sasha doll. Β She is my oldest Gotz Sasha and a real treasure. πŸ™‚

Please notice the extra special detailing on her collar. The material feels like a raw silk. Β Just a gorgeous dress in every way. πŸ™‚

Amber up close again. πŸ™‚

A last Amber photo for you to see.   Have a beautiful weekend! ❀ xxx

13 thoughts on “Amber

  1. Are you better Ginger? Fully better I mean? Hope so.

    Your girls are lovely, I’ve just recently taken a liking to no navels, so far I’m staying away as I feel they’re too dangerous for me to even attempt ‘just one’ x

    • Hi Louise and thank you for the lovely comments. I have taken to the no navels too and was not able to stop with one. :). I am much better but not 100% yet. I am taking another round of meds and hope it will knock it out this time. Thanks for asking! πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. As most of you know I’ve always loved the Gotz Dolls so a ‘super-duper’ post for me today.

    Amber is the perfect name for this doll with these coloured eyes and red hair. I always think that the Gotz yellow eyed girls (with or without the lashes) have such a lovely warm look to them.

    Her Frances Tricket dress is just beautiful and the embroidered detail on the collar is exquiste…. working with silk is ‘an art in itself!’ (My wedding dress was made from wild silk and that was so fine and delicate so hard to sew and work with all those metres of material cascading everywhere.)

    I was very taken by your choice of her shoes and knitted socks to bring out the darker colour in the dress’ pattern…. plus the way the red strip in the socks looks like the shoes have a bar across. Very clever indeed!

    Enjoy your day girls!
    PS Pleased to hear that YOU are on the mend from that ‘nasty’ invading virus.

    • Hi Kendal and thank you for the lovely comments. I really love the warm, amber colored eyes too. The Gotz dolls seem to grow more and more in my affection. I had only a few Gotz dolls but the additions last year of Amber and the no navels have helped me to grow in this area of collecting. Isn’t it nice to have so many choices of dolls to love and collect? ❀

      I am so happy you like the Frances Tricket dress and its embroidery. I would love to see a photo someday of your beautiful silk wedding dress! I loved my wedding dress too and it is most certainly the prettiest dress that I have ever worn.

      So glad you liked Amber's socks. I did think of the stripe looking like a shoe strap and am happy you saw that too. I am over the moon for the hand knitted socks!!!

      Thank you too for the kind well wishes. It is a beautiful day here today! πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Ronnie, I bought her last year but I must confess that I just received a redheaded no navel yesterday in the mail and she is wonderful! I have lost track of my number of dolls for 2015. Help!!! I will show the new girl next as soon as I take the photos. But, I will have photos of an English girl too in that post. I just didn’t have an English girl photo ready for this post but I had hoped you would bear with me! ;). Have a great weekend and give Cookie a hug from me!!!! πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. She’s so astonishingly pretty! What a beautiful collection of photos. Congratulations on your 100th post too!

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