19 thoughts on “Have a Beautiful Week From Claire!

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Sasha dolls! Claire is amazing! I dream of having a studio doll some day…so it’s great to be able to see a doll as beautiful as Claire is!

  2. I immediately knew that I had seen your most attractive Studio BIII Doll, Claire, somewhere before and then after reading Brigitte’s comment I realised that I have even met and held her,,,,,, although some years ago now when i used to visit Marie several times a year ‘in the olden days when I was younger.’
    My BI doll, blonde hair/green eyes called Erin, that I bought from Marie, had that style of dress on too but in a slightly lighter shade of tartan and I loved it. Will look out a photo of her and forward to you as she is now living in the US too.
    Wishing you all over there a great week as well.

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