It’s Me, Gracie! Happy New Year to You!

Hi everyone out there in Sasha blog land! This is me, Gracie! I am so happy and just had to share my joy with you.  Lookie! I am wearing a new hand knitted, lovely outfit that Mummy gave to me at Christmas. Don’t you just love it?  It was made by the very talented Diane Duke and Mummy met her at the Sasha doll festival last summer  and bought surprises from her to give to us as Christmas presents! 🙂

Mummy told me to cover up my legs because it is terribly cold outside and it is Winter but I think I am just fine like I am and I feel very warm in my sweet Gracie heart. ❤

Lookie, I am outside now right beside the front door. It really is very, very cold out here!!!!   Brrrrrrrrr…..but I am fine.  I have my teddy to cuddle with me and my wonderful hat to keep my Gracie head very warm. 🙂

Oh, how nice, a birdie has stopped by to say hello.  What a dear little scarf!   Oh, no!   The birdie told me to go indoors right away and that I might freeze to death or at least catch a cold if I stay outdoors! 😦

Well, I came back indoors quickly and I am really, very cold now especially in my Gracie legs.   My big sister Rena greeted me right away and she is asking me to sit down and get warm. She is wearing a Christmas present too that she received from Mummy and it is also made by Diane Duke. ❤

It sure feels nice to sit down. Rena just told me that she always wears long pants in the winter because it is so cold and by staying warm, you stay well. Rena is my newer, big sister that was born in Germany in 2001. 🙂

Rena is a very kind hearted sister.  She gently touched my shoulder and told me that she cares for me and that she prays that I will always be well.  I told her that she sounded just like Mummy and she said that her heart is with me and that her love is with me too. ❤

Rena asked me if I was warming up yet.  I touched her with my warm and toasty toes. 🙂

I told her that I was feeling just a little bit cold but only in my Gracie legs.  Rena said she knew just the perfect thing to do to help my legs to warm up!

Then, she showed me my blue overalls and said, “Dear Gracie, please put these on so that I will know that you will be warm and that you will be well.   Please know that Mummy will be so very happy that you are warm and well.” 🙂

Then Rena got up holding my lovely blue overalls made by Thu Cuc Faes and laid them gently over me to help me warm up. 🙂

Guess what???   I put my overalls on all by myself!   No one helped me though Rena offered to help me and I said let me try to do it myself.  And I did it!   I am such a big girl! 🙂

I am so very happy to be next to my big sister Rena. My heart feels so happy when she is near to me.  And my legs feel nice and warm too. ❤

Lookie everyone!  I am such a big girl and one day I, Gracie, will be as tall as my Rena!   She promised me that when that day comes, she will gift to me her sweater and hat made by Diane so that I will always remember her with love and feel close to her when I wear it—–like getting a big Rena hug all of the time.  I do love Rena with all my heart and I am so glad that she is here. ❤

Quiet, I can hear Rena’s sweet heart beating so strong that it sounds like a big drum.  It sounds wonderful to me! ❤

Wow wee, it is so special to be loved and having the love of a sister is a most treasured possession. ❤

Well, it is time for me to go to bed now and so I to say goodbye from me, Gracie and from my loving sister, Rena.  We want to extend heart-felt and happy wishes from all of us here at Sasha Shangri-La straight to you.  We want you to have a wonderful weekend and week to come.  The biggest ever hugs are coming too! 🙂 xxx

18 thoughts on “It’s Me, Gracie! Happy New Year to You!

    • Thank you so much Ronnie. It seems that when I spend time with Gracie, my mind and heart connect and then the story comes into view. I did not have a sister growing up and have always wanted that special bond. Gracie is truly a wonderful baby sister to all of us here. I am so happy that you enjoyed this Gracie post. ❤ xxx

  1. The girls do look gorgeous in their new knitted outfits, so patriotic too 🙂 And what a great idea of Rena’s to get the overalls ready for Gracie to wear, thus helping to keep her little bare legs warm. I was going to suggest some tights but the overalls are so pretty that they look perfect with her outfit.
    It’s lovely to see the siblings getting on so well too, what a dear pair they are!
    Big hugs and lots of love to you Ginger and your lovely Sasha family 🙂
    Sharon xxx

    • Hi Sharon and thank you! I thought about tights too and I think Gracie will be trying some tights very soon. She is such a little scamp that I think she would wear nothing at all if Mummy allowed her to stay in the buff. LOL, it would be more economical to do so! But, I do think Gracie will stay indoors now and will not go outdoors unless she is warmly dressed. A loving lesson learned. 🙂

      Everyone gets along very well here and some members have special bonds though. Thank you too for the lovely hugs. Sending you hugs and much love! ❤ xxx

  2. Your little tot, Gracie’s wardrobe seems to be increasing very rapidly indeed (almost on a daily basis) but whom couldn’t resist this delightfully loving little soul.
    Great idea to be able to add the co-ordinating dungarees when her little legs get chilly.

    I like to see family members dressed similarly on occasions.A nice caring family look.
    When I was teaching ‘in the olden days when I was young’ and before our school uniform was introduced there was a family (who had fourteen children in the end) whose six eldest attending our Primary school used to all come dressed in the same coloured clothing. One day they would be all in navy, the next in brown or grey etc. It was so sweet to see them all dressed like this.
    I’m sorry to hear that you missed/mss out having a sister but these very loving and caring sisterly posts must make up for this in some way..

    • Thank you Kendal! Gracie is just the dearest and thankfully can wear some baby/toddler clothing especially knitted items that have a bit of “give” to them. She is all warm now and no worse for wear. 🙂

      My grandmother wore her work outfits, mainly women’s dress suits, or dresses with coordinating jackets, and had them assigned to days of the week. She saved much time because she had outfits and accessories all planned for the week and would lay out each day’s outfit the night before. She never spoke of this and it was just my observation. I so admired her planning and organization skills and to me it was similar to wearing a uniform because it was fixed or pre-determined. I imagine the large family of children in your school were well organized too down to the socks, shoes and lunches! Wonderful family activities!

      I do think that writing about the dolls and their sisterly adventures is indeed very near and dear to my heart and it helps me to revisit my childhood and what might have been. ❤ xxx

  3. How adorable those little American flag knits are, Diane has done a lovely job. I am so pleased to see Gracie took Rena’s advice and donned her overalls, much better for such a chilly climate. Rena is lovely Ginger and she looks to be a very kind, big sister for Gracie.

    • Hi Janet! I was happy to find those knits at the festival last summer. I love the bright colors and the red, white, and blue always look great together. Diane was so nice to bring her knitting for us to see. 🙂

      Rena is a happy surprise and I had wanted a Yamka for quite a while so it was nice to find her. She has been great to dress with her darker coloring and she is just the sweetest sister possible! Thank you for the lovely comments. 🙂 xxx

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