2015 A Happy New Year —It’s a Baby!

What better way to start a new year than by introducing a new baby?  This sweet baby girl is Avania and she has been wonderfully repainted by Kelly Wenarsky.  Avania began as a 1980’s baby and she now has newly painted and beautiful eyes, freckles, and a great Monique gold synthetic mohair wig with a great blending of colors.  Precious baby girl and I am ver happy to adopt Avania, my first Kelly repaint. 🙂

Avania is signed and dated on her left foot. She came to Sasha Shangri-La wearing this cute outfit made by Alexissophie. 🙂

She also came with her very own snugglie, a terry cloth bunny with a white cotton tail of course!

Val is welcoming Avania and she just loves her new baby sister. 🙂

Val is explaining to Avania that there are other sister and brothers too that she will be meeting soon and that each and every one will love her!  Avania is so happy to know she is loved! ❤

Jean can’t resist babies and so she also reaches out to Avania with great love and affection. ❤

We love you baby sister, dear Avania!! ❤

Avania is feeling very happy to be be with her loving sisters, Val and Jean.  She loves them too!  Avania sends her love to you too and She sends her big baby hugs and she wishes for you to have the bestest year in 2015 possible! 🙂 xxx

15 thoughts on “2015 A Happy New Year —It’s a Baby!

  1. Christmas is such a special time to receive a new baby into the fold. A simply delightful name you have given to her too. (Don’t know where everyone manages to find these unusual names.)
    Much love and happiness to you both.

    • Thank you Kendal, I was very lucky to adopt this baby. She was named by Kelly and I liked the name too and so, I kept it! I hope to post more of the babies in 2015. Gracie will be very happy to see more of the babies! ❤ xxx

  2. Ah Hah! you’re the one who beat me to her!!! She’s lovely and will have such a good time at your house!! I own several of Kelly’s repaints and will at some point, have one of her babies. I’ll enjoy seeing Avania with your group at Sasha Shangri-La!! That’s a pretty wonderful place to live!

    • Yes Carol, it was me! I have missed out on Kelly’s dolls before and finally was first in line! I have admired your dolls very much on facebook and I hope you adopt a baby soon! Thank you for the kind comments about Sasha Shangri-La. It is a very special Sasha place for me. 🙂 xxx

  3. What a pretty new baby Avania is Ginger 🙂 Kelly did make a lovely job of customising her….and a very nice outfit too. A very attractive addition to your already gorgeous dolly family 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  4. I have recently come across your blog and how very pleased am I to have done so!
    Love you new baby, she’s adorable, congratulations x

  5. What an adorable baby Ginger! Congrats on getting your very first Kelly re-paint. Avania is sweet with those lovely brown eyes that seem to draw you in, and of course those freckles too!! I am very happy that you have a new baby. I didn’t even know you were expecting!

    • Hi Cathy! Thank you for the lovely comments for baby Avania. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since she was adopted. I must show her again soon on the blog. She is a sweetie pie. 🙂 xxx

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