A Colorful and Happy Christmas Eve

A very happy Christmas Eve greetings from Ebo, a handsome Shelly repaint, Whitney, a gorgeous Sarah reroot, and Polly, a lovely Nikki repaint. 🙂

Both girls are wearing festive holiday frocks made by Lorraine Tyler. Whitney’s turquoise leather shoes were made by Sarah Williams and Polly’s orange leather shoes were made by an unknown maker.

Ebo’s outfit was made by Joan Wilson and his black leather boots were made by Jean Jensen.

A closer view of Whitney.  I added a turquoise ribbon to her lovely hair. ❤

Polly came wearing this wig though styled differently. I thought a nice side braid would be pretty with a red bow. 🙂

Sending you hugs and happy wishes that you have a wonderful Christmas Eve! Christmas is only a day away. 🙂 xxx

10 thoughts on “A Colorful and Happy Christmas Eve

  1. They do indeed look wonderfully colourful and festive. Three interesting and unique dolls who it is a pleasure to see. Much excitement amongst the Sasha and Gregors here! It is Christmas Eve! 🙂 Very best wishes for a lovely day tomorrow.

    • Hi Dee! Yes, it was very exciting, colorful and action packed! I love the music which is various hits from the 1970’s! My son was surprised that I knew all the words to the songs! It came back immediately, like riding a bike! 🙂

      Merry Christmas Dee, I think it is now officially Christmas where you are!!! ❤ xxx Ho Ho Ho!!!! ❤ xxx

  2. Lovely threesome Ginger, I hope they found some super things left for them under the Christmas tree by Santa 🙂 And that you and your family had a great day too 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Hi Sharon! We had a wonderful Christmas! I hope you and your family did too though I know you were not feeling well. I hope that you are fully recovered now and enjoying yourself during the holiday! Sending big hugs to you! XXX

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