Knock, Knock….

Knock, Knock…….


Who’s there?


Wow wee!!!   So much beautiful hair!


The lovely Sarah Williams has diligently worked her “magic” on this beautiful girl ❤


And out of the random chaos of hugh masses of hair, comes beauty and order and perfection!


Please meet Whitney.   She has about 155 plaits. 🙂

Whitney is wearing a beautiful outfit also fashioned by Sarah. I love her turquoise leather shoes. ❤


Whitney brought with her a gorgeous coat and beret.

I absolutely love this color on Whitney!  I love this coat and beret too! ❤

A close view of Whitney. ❤

A full length view of Whitney in her beautiful new outfit. 🙂

A final photo of Whitney. I want to thank Sarah for allowing me to adopt Whitney.  Sarah also took these photos of Whitney and graciously allowed me to post them here today.

Whitney sends her hugs to you and well wishes for a beautiful week!

Thank you for stopping by Sasha Shangri-La. 🙂 xxx

24 thoughts on “Knock, Knock….

  1. Congratulations on Whitney Ginger, I am so pleased you have her. Sarah worked so hard on her and she is a real beauty! I am sure she will fit in really well with your family. Just love that colour on her as well – fantastic!

    • Thank you Lorraine! It is hard for me to imagine the time and talent that it took for Sarah to transform Whitney’s hair. She is just a delight and our Ebo already has a major crush on Whitney! 🙂 xxx

  2. She is breath taking Ginger and I met her at the Chat and Swap!! What an amazing amount of work Sarah has put in, I was so happy to see her before photo! Her outfit suits her so well, what a lovely addition to your family Ginger.

    • Hi Janet! I am happy you have met Whitney! When you see her in person, you just want to touch her plaits and I find that I just stare at her in awe. ❤

      Sarah kindly let me use her photos. I have been out of town during the past week and on travel for my job. I am really behind on my photographing. I hope to catch up on many things next week because I will be on holiday for our Thanksgiving week. Thank you so much! 🙂 xxx

  3. Sarah did an amazing job on Whitney , I cannot believe how much hair she had to plait but what a fabulous result for all that work. How lovely that she gets to live with your Sasha family Ginger, I know she’ll have a great time with all your clan. That turquoise coat and hat set are just perfect to set off her beautiful dark skin.
    Congratulations on adding her to your family :)xxx

    • Hi Dee and thank you for your kind comments! I am with you and cannot believe the amount of Whitney’s hair and the wonder of Sarah’s weaving to produce such splendid results! She is perfection to me and my first adoption from Sarah which is wonderful! 🙂 xxx

      p.s. I think my Ebo is smitten with Whitney, but we will see 😉

  4. Whitney is beautiful, Sarah did a great job of her new hair. She certainly needs her coat and hat in her new home in the USA, it is very chilly this side of the Atlantic at the moment (you are not the only one travelling about for your job, I am currently in Washington DC for a conference and was lucky enough to meet Norvell on Sunday).

    • Hi Anna! Thank you for the lovely comments about Whitney. I saw the American Girl store photo and that you were with Norvell in DC. How wonderful that you are visiting the USA and were able to visit with Norvell on Sunday. I hope you have a very nice time during your stay! 🙂 xxx

  5. Hi Ginger, Whitney is beautiful and all credit to Sarah, i can’t imagine how sore her fingers must have been with all those plaits. Well done on adding her to your Sasha family xx

    • Hi Theresa! Thank you for the lovely comments and the credit given for Sarah’s great achievements with plaits and with her sewing too!! I had not thought about the sore fingers but I bet you are correct because of the tedious requirements to tame all of that lovely hair. I just love her plaits! Well done Sarah!! 🙂 xxx

  6. Oh wow Ginger, she’s GORGEOUS!!! I also saw her at the CnS, and thought someone was going to be a very happy new dolly mum when she went to live with them, I’m so glad to hear that it was you!!! I love the outfit too, the colour is just perfect with her skin tone, she really is such a beautiful girl……welcome Whitney, we look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous face here on Ginger’s blog 🙂
    BIg hugs Sharon xxxx

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you so very much!!! I am thrileed that you love her too!!! It is very special that several of you have actually seen her in person and recently too.

      I love Sarah’s outfits and this is my first, Sarah-made coat and hat which is gorgeous! Whitney will be returning soon and thank you again!!! 🙂 xxx

  7. Oh just how lucky are you? We were amazed to see her at the CnS in all her beauty and magnificence.
    What a tremendous amount of work Sarah has put into those fabulous plaits. All of them so perfectly even. I’m so pleased that you got to buy her as this means that we shall still get to see her from time to time on your blogspot ….instead of her just being lost from our sight forever.

    • Hi Kendal, I am extremely lucky to nab this beauty! Yes, she will be returning soon. I was hoping to take photos but have been busy with work lately. Sarah was so nice to share these photos with us.

      Whitney was shipped in less than a week’s time which was very nice not having any shipping worries. I am really very smitten with her! 🙂 xxx

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