Sweater Weather at Sasha Shangri-La

Hello there and good morning! Here at Sasha Shangri-La, we had our first frost yesterday and so we are embracing the beautiful Fall season and dressing colorfully and wearing our cardigan sweaters or affectionally called, our cardis for warmth.

It took a while to sort out the outfits but the outcome was worth it. Each girl is holding a favorite soft animal and sometimes they exchange animals among themselves.  It is very nice to share with others. 🙂

A few random photos taken of the girls indoors and as they were lined up.



Redheaded girls, Joy and Sylvia, both 1966 NP with early eye painting but different colors. ❤

Pretty blonde NP girls.  They each have their own, unique look.

A happy gathering of the early 1966 girls that share the same vintage.

The sweet 1967 girls in a row. 🙂

Chloe on the left was made in 1966 and Adeline on the right was made a year later. It is so nice to see the brunettes together to compare and contrast their features.  Later, after the day warmed up, we went outdoors to take a few photos.

It was such a beautiful day and this is Hope wearing a Ruthsdolls outfit with a warm cardi made by Mary Anne Getchell.  Her leather shoes and striped socks are made by Ruthsdolls.  Hope’s hair was cut very short at one time.  She has now been wonderfully rerooted by Pat Pellerito and I love her long hair. ❤

Next is Tilly wearing her favorite dress made by Lorraine Tyler. Her cardi was knitted by Mary Anne Getchell and her lime green leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

Next is my sweet Carney wearing a lovely dress made by Nikita. Her aqua sweater was knitted by Mary Anne Getchell and her peachy colored, leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

Lovely Ellen is wearing a floral dress by Molly. It has a nice, full sash that ties in the back to make a generous bow. She loves this dress very much and wore it often last Fall.  Her sweater also knitted by Mary Anne Getchell and her socks and leather shoes are from Ruthsdolls.  Did you notice her blue bird pin?

Adeline is wearing a whimsical, printed dress made in France. I love the ricrac trimming sewn on her rounded collar.  Those types of special touches really make for a special dress. Her pink leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen

Adeline once again because I love seeing her pretty face. ❤

Joy is wearing a pretty smocked dress made by Millie Dingham and a colorful cardi by Mary Anne.  Her shoes are by Ruthsdolls. It is hard to cover up the beautiful smocking on her dress but one must keep warm. 😉

Joy shown from a different view.  I love her blue eyes and very thick hair. ❤

Sylvia is wearing a dress by Jadzia and sweater by Mary Anne Getchell. Her lovely knitted socks are made by Gillian Nash and her chocolate brown, leather shoes are by Sashapotamus.

A diiferent view of Sylvia.  Her eyes are a very pretty brown color. 🙂

Chloe’s lovely sweater was knitted by Linda Simpson of the UK. Her dressed is tagged but has a photo of a watering can on the label and no name so I do not know the maker.  Chloe has very deep, blue eyes. ❤

Chloe’s olive green, leather shoes are by Sashapotamus.

The last photo is of the girls lined up once again and sending you hugs and sincere wishes for a beautiful week to come.  Thank you for stopping by and spending time with us. 🙂 xxx

18 thoughts on “Sweater Weather at Sasha Shangri-La

  1. You have a great selection of cardis Ginger, such lovely colours. Love the photo of them all lined up together. Love Joy and Chloe!!!!! Gill xxxxxx

    • Thank you Gill and I seem to be really drawn to cardis especially the multi-colored ones. I think it is because I wore them for years as a child with dresses and skirts. Very happy memories! 🙂 xxx

  2. EIGHT very pretty little maids in a row!
    Love how they have all been fitted out with a warm colourful ‘cardi’ (now that the lovely, long and extended summer has given way to the more cooler Autumn)…..and a little soft toy to hold. (I fully appreciate just how much of your time this takes!)

    What a magnificent NP collection with each one being so different and unique. (Unfortunately so many of mine have been now sold on as it was always slightly easier for me to move on one NP than try to find quite a few other dolls to meet the equivalent in cash.).

    I know that one mustn’t have favourites BUT if I just had to choose one ‘to have and to hold from this day forward etc…..’ I’d pick Ellen (followed by Adeline!)

    Thanks for this Sasha treat!

    • Hi Kendal and yes, there is eight, I must admit. Certainly, I must be at an end with NP acquistions! Thank you so much for the kind compliments about them. I agree they each are unique and endearing too.

      I really love dressing them and photographing them too but it takes time to work it all out. I know you understand considering the many beautiful photos you have shared on your blog. I never tire of seeing your beauties. 🙂

      I know we should not show favorites, but I do have my favorites too and I think that most of us do. It makes the Sasha world go around nicely. 🙂 xxx

  3. They all look adorable holding their favourite soft toy and wearing their lovely colourful cardigans and pretty dresses. What a treat. Very sensible as well to start thinking of dressing for the cooler weather… My girls all changed some time ago, but then we had some lovely warm weather. It is now cold though and the heating has just been put on!

    • Thank you Lorraine! We just put our heat on too this past weekend. It is very cool and rainy today so indoors we will stay. I am glad you liked the cardis, dresses and toys. Great fun changing their outfits! 🙂 xxx

  4. Gorgeous girls in gorgeous coloured cardis! Love love love the line up photo’s, there is something so nice about seeing a row of these wonderful dolls standing in a row in lovely clothing.
    And what a row of girls! all so individual and unique! I love Joy and her outfit, the blues in each item complementing the next and also Adeline, I love her and her french printed dress, I could go on ! your girls are a lovely warming sight on a cold Autumn evening! 🙂 xxx

    • Oh thank you Dee! I love the dolls in a row too. It is fun to line them up and dress them seasonally. I try to be super careful too so they will not fall down. It does happen every now and then but it usually occurs when they are in the grass so it’s not a hard landing. So happy you enjoyed the girls in their cardis on a crisp Fall day! 🙂 xxx

  5. Your lovely girls all look so happy to have such cuddly, warm cardies! I love the ones that have a variety of colors in them – so cheerful.

    • Hi Janet and thank you! I agree the colorful cardis are very cheery and warm. I would love to have a colorful cardi for myself one day. Until then, I will enjoy the pretty, knitted creations for the Sashas. 🙂 xxx

  6. The girls do look lovely and toasty warm in their cardis Ginger!! It’s funny because today was hotter again here today and although I went out in jeans, I still had my sandals on and no sleeves….it really was too hot for jeans!! I hope it stays like this as long as possible and that we have a mild winter. So all of my dolls are still wearing summer clothes…..maybe I’ll not have to change them into warm weather gear at all! I certainly don’t have enough cardigans to go around, that’s for sure!!! If they complain about the cold then I will have to put them near the heater instead 😉
    Bighugs Sharon xx

    • Hi Sharon! Your weather is very different than ours. With you still wearing sandals and sleeveless tops, I think you must leave your dolls in their summer clothes or they will be too hot! 😉

      I hope your cold weather will hold off for a long time. Thank you for the lovely comments. My girls are staying warm. 🙂 xxx

  7. Hi Ginger a sensational line up of NPs in their lovely cardis. i especially like the eye style of the 1967 girls. An NP is definitely on my wish list.

  8. I love them all Ginger, the way you have matched all the little cardigans with the dresses, the girls look so happy to all have their own individual style.

    • Thank you Janet! The Fall is truly here and the leaves are changing colors now. It is near the “peak” season here in the mountains. The peak season is the most beautiful time to see the stunning, Fall-colored leaves here in the mountains. It is a very happy time! 🙂 xxx

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