A Very Happy Mother’s Day


I had a lovely Mother’s Day and Quinn with little Morris posed here to show Mom’s cards waiting to be opened. My dear husband told me my gift was a pink dogwood tree and it was waiting outside in the garden to be planted. I was so happy since I have wanted to plant a pink dogwood for several years now. I invisioned it wrapped in burlap and tied up with string. As you can see, it is standing tall in a plastic bucket. I am certain that I am dating myself with a burlap image in my mind 🙂



Quinn is standing tall and very excited about planting the tree. Since we had all gathered on Mother’s Day, we decided to make the planting a family event.


Look, there is Daddy waving at us to show a perfect site for the little tree.


My son, Tyler carried the tree over to where Daddy was standing.


Quinn standing by to help with digging.


Quinn can see that the hole will have to be pretty big!


Daddy plucked up the post hole diggers and started to work.


Tyler also helped with the digging.


And so did my son Luke. With so many strong arms, digging the hole was very quick!  Our dog Shelby supervised the entire operation.


Quinn was so excited and just had to look in the hole. He said “Wow, that sure is deep! Are there worms in there?”


Look Mom, it’s almost deeper than I am tall 🙂


Quinn wanted to stay in the hole and play.


Daddy finally convinces Quinn to jump from the hole and he plants the tree.


Quinn loves the new dogwood tree and so does Mom 🙂


A last photo of Quinn, with Dad working in the background, and we all had a really happy time planting a dogwood tree on Mother’s Day at Sasha Shangri-La 🙂

8 thoughts on “A Very Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Hi Ginger, wow you have a big garden,Quinn will be quite worn out running around in it. Glad you had a lovely mother’s day and your tree will remind you of it every year xx

  2. I think that giving and planting a tree on these special occasions is a wonderful way of always being there to remind us of that particular delightful time.
    We in our family now have some super trees representing some great celebrations over time.
    In fact, talking of trees, it was only yesterday that I went out and treated myself to two (and which will hopefully get planted next Tuesday) although basically these are to try to block out some of the neighbour’s surrounding houses and give myself a more secluded garden above the six foot fences.)
    Not sure though that the initial planting will involve any Gregors or male family members and definitely haven’t a hole making device like this, just a common garden spade.

    Pleased to hear that you had a fabulous Mother’s Day and were given just what you had wanted.

    • Thank you Kendal those post hole diggers have been a main tool for us. They are perfect for standing up fence posts. My husband bought this set a few years ago since the handles on the last diggers rotted. The new diggers have fiberglass handles which are supposed to last longer. I hope your tree planting goes well and also your computer repair! 🙂

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time on Mother’s day Ginger. I love trees and your pink dogwood looks like a lovely specimen.
    Quinn looked like he had a great time helping Dad, Tyler and Luke with the planting! It will be lovely to look over and see it grow with each passing year and remember the lovely day you had planting it.

    • I thought it looked nice and healthy too! I am very happy to add a pink dogwood. We have a lot of white dogwoods that grow naturally in the surrounding woods so a pink beauty in the front yard is very special. It does mean even more that the boys rallied around to make it happen–a loving gift 🙂

  4. Hi Ginger
    I’m so glad to hear that your Mothers Day went well and that you had this lovely tree as a present…and of course that your hubby and sons were kind enough to plant it out for you. You have an amazingly large garden….are those geese actually yours? Or do they just pop in on their way somewhere else? Either way, fantastic! A tree is a lovely longlasting gift…unless you’re not exactly green fingered like me!!! It will be lovely to see it in bloom and remember the day that you received it! I’m glad to see that Finn was there helping out too…..
    And finally I love your dog and isn’t he lucky to have such a big space to run around in!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thanks so much Sharon, we have a farm with land around the house and barns and out buildings. Most of the property is woodland with trees, shrubs and wild plants. The geese you see are yard art and we get to enjoy them all year! This will be our first pink dogwood so it will stand out. Lovely time 🙂 xxx

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