Fun with Finn

Today was another cold, wet day and, for some of us living here at Sasha Shangri-La, cabin fever was the main course. My boy Finn is a true outdoors boy and he loves to play, fish, hunt, swim, hike, canoe ride, skate, bike, base ball, and just about any activity that takes place outside. Finn is very frisky today and the photos will show him having fun indoors.


Finn is wearing his new boxers and socks by Sharon. He scampered all around the house today in his boxers–what fun!


Finn loves his puppy, Fetch and he takes Fetch just about every where he goes.


Here we see Finn trying to convince Mommy that we should go outside and play. He wears his warm duffle coat but nothing underneath except his boxers. Mommy held firm and told him “Not today Finn”.


Finn then finds his monkey friends and asks them to play.


The monkeys just love Finn, especially the babies!


Then Finn hides from Mommy and I look for him but see only monkeys…


Then I hear several giggles that give Finn away—where is Finn? There he is, hiding with the monkeys 🙂


Finally, Finn is dressed warmly and he is a good boy!


I had a fun day with Finn here at Sasha Shangri-La though we were just monkeying around most of the time. It is nice to have days where that is perfectly okay to do! Have a wonderful week to everyone that reads this post!

Hugs from Finn and me to you 🙂

6 thoughts on “Fun with Finn

  1. Looks like Finn can be such fun ….but quite a handful at times like these!.
    I do especially like the Sasha/Gregor outdoor sporty types (reminds me of my earlier more youthful days.)
    Isn’t great when you take a day just pottering around in the house, comfortably and casually dressed, ‘just chilling’ with nothing particularly to do,…..and taking life as it comes, as Finn here seems to be doing.
    WE all need those kind of days from time to time!
    PS Smart collection of Monkeys!

  2. I love those kinds of days more and more Kendal as I near retirement from my work. They give me balance by allowing me to play. What a gift :). Speaking of gifts, I bought monkeys for quite a few years to give as gifts to a doll collector friend who just loved them–especially Steiff monkeys. Then one day a little monkey bought in advance as a birthday gift grabbed my heart and he just had to stay. I have added a few more since then….. 🙂

  3. Awww what a sweet fun loving boy young Finn is! I’m glad that he likes his boxers and socks enough that he doesn’t mind showing them off here on your blog! LOL….actually he’s a bit like my son who at 27 still wanders around the place like this and doesn’t care a bean who sees him!
    I love the collection of monkeys and the photos of Finn in the middle of them all are precious! I hope your weather improves soon so that Finn can get out and about again, there’s nothing worse than being an ‘outside’ sort of person and being cooped up indoors!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

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