Today, the snow is falling and I have the luxury of staying at home. My first thought was to post to the blog and that I must focus on my dear, sweet Gwennie.  Gwennie was my first Sasha and she is a studio doll.  Her body type is B, her face type is III, and she is an early girl from the 1940’s. She is not quite 20 inches in height.

When I first saw Gwennie, I was immediately drawn to her beautiful face and her lovely hair.  I can remember when my hair was this color and length and imagine that was certainly some of her appeal in that she felt familiar to me.  I purchased her from Marie Morgan and Gwennie made her journey across the pond in safety and in good time.


The next grouping of photos will show Gwennie in her one-piece under clothing with ric-rac trimming and close ups of her face and body. It has been my experience that these type of images are not often seen outside of the good Sasha books and, since most of us that love Sasha dolls are visual, I am hoping these photos will please the viewers. I should mention that Gwennie’s head and shoulder plate are made of gypsum which is a plaster reinforced with fiber. Her head is quite heavy and pivots easily. Her body is made of cloth with jointed arms and legs that move with ease. The type B bodies are not marked or signed. The stuffing is wood chips and is also called excelsior. You will observe that Gwennie was played with and has sewn repairs and thinning of her fabric in places. I can see the wood chips in one small hole. Wood produces a tannic acid which, over time, will wear down the fabric fibers. I think Gwennie’s fabric is worn by play, exposure to the air, and by her stuffing within.


These photos show more of Gwennie’s face, type III. You will notice both of her ears have suffered some dings and paint loss on the upper and outer lobes. Her wig is human hair and she is a redhead. I love her fluid eye painting and strong brows. I never tire of looking at her 🙂



Gwennie came to me wearing this lovely sage green smocked dress with pant, one-piece under clothing, knitted socks, and leather shoes. Her clothing is not tagged but it fits her very well. Her dress has faded over time and you can see her pants are darker in color. I am looking for a tagged, smocked Sasha dress for Gwennie and so far, I have not found one. I was very fortunate to find a fabulous duffle coat which looks so nice on Gwennie and fits her very well. Here are a few photos of her clothing and the tag on her coat.






Last year at the Sasha Festival, I met Dawn Law and we shared various Sasha doll stories. I showed her Gwennie’s photo and learned that Dawn had previously owned Gwennie. I was thrilled to learn this piece of Gwennie’s history.

One last short story about Gwennie happened at the cell phone store not long ago. I have Gwennie’s photo as my screen saver on the phone. I gave the young man working there my phone to see if he could help me with a glitch. He went to the back of the store and came out later to return my repaired cell phone. I thanked him and as I turned to leave, he said “Oh, your daughter is very pretty.” I said “Thank you” with a big smile–Gwennie is very pretty indeed 🙂


16 thoughts on “Gwennie

  1. What richness, Ginger, thank you. I loved learning about Gwennie and seeing such wonderful photographs of her. She is a very pretty daughter!

  2. Gwennie is gorgeous Ginger no wonder you love her and what a greta first sasha to own.
    All the information about Gwennie and the photo’s of all the details of doll and clothes is so interesting to read and see.
    Thank you for sharing her story with us.

  3. Gwennie is really lovely. She looks great in her green duffle coat, the colour compliments her gorgeous red hair and beautiful blue eyes. It was so lovely to read her story and the man in the shop was right, your daughter is very pretty! Gill

  4. I always knew that I had seen this gorgeous Studio Doll somewhere before AND now I know where, …. at both Marie Morgan’s and Dawn Law’s homes! Small world!
    My very first Studio doll had a B body but with a style I face and all original tagged clothing..
    Owning a studio doll that had it’s facial features painted by Sasha herself is a very wonderful ly honoured and proud feeling.
    Gwennie is a truly beautiful looking doll and love the colour of her smocked dress with her hair. How lucky too to have been able to purchase this labelled Duffle coat to ‘top’ it all.
    Thanks for sharing her with us here..

    • Oh my Kendal, it is just wonderful that you have seen Gwennie at both Marie and Dawn’s homes!!! I love knowing where she has been and thinking of others that have shared her history!!! It is like pieces of a puzzle that are coming together. Gwennie has a lot to say 😉

      I hope to own a C body Studio one day but must save up a bit and then, of course, find one. I would love to see your first Studio doll one day and I am sure she is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by and sharing lovely comments 🙂

  5. Wonderful post about the beautiful Gwennie Ginger and it is so nice to read about her history and to see her body and clothing. She has obviously been well loved and enjoyed and I think that is part of what makes her even more special.

    Grinning at the comment at the phone store!

    • Thank you Lorraine!!! She has been well loved and I have joined her group of admirers too. I treat her carefully as with all the dolls but she receives an even lighter hand. Thanks for stopping by and the very nice comments 🙂

  6. What a beautiful girl Gwennie is, Ginger, thank you so much for sharing her with us, she’s very precious. I love her face painting and her hair looks so lovely and soft.
    I too love to hear about a dolls history even if it is a regular vinyl Sasha or Gregor, and I often say that I wish previous owners of a doll kept a little booklet/diary of the doll and that it went with them each time they left for a new home. I’m hoping though that with the internet and blogs like yours that in the future, we will learn a bit more about our dolls as people recognise them!
    Big hugs, Sharon in Spain xx

  7. Hi Ginger Gwennie is a beautiful girl and you are so lucky to own a studio doll. Is there a story behind her name, ? thanks for sharing her with us Theresa x

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