A Loving Tribute to Jen


Gracie and I want to send a loving tribute to Jen, maker of the Alexissofie clothing.  Jen has recently lost a battle with cancer and she will be greatly missed by our extended Sasha family around the world.

Gracie loves her pretty dress made by Jen. We want to send our love and our prayers to Jen and her family and friends.  Thank you for bringing beauty into our lives. 💐

Early Boys Rising Early


The boys insisted on going outdoors early today before the rains came and poured and poured.   We dressed in summer clothes and sandals, rounded up our puppies, and grabbed our camera.  We heard the thunder rumbling in the distance and even felt its  vibrations under our feet as the dark clouds rolled over our blue skies.  We managed to dodge the raindrops and snap a few photos before dashing indoors.

Most of you know Finn, a 1967 Frido NP boy.  The year 1967 was the only year for NP boy production and the boys do not have eyelashes.  The 1967 girls do have lashes.

This brunette boy is Bronson. He is a 1967 NP and luckily, he has non-falling hair.

This handsome lad is Ferris. He is a 1967 NP boy with very different eyes than those belonging to Finn.  Both blonde boys have all platinum hair.  During that year, the blonde boys were either all platinum blonde or all a darker, golden blonde.

Here are the 1967 NP boys living at Sasha Shangri-La.

I am very fond of these lads.

Close up photos of these dear lads.  I like to see the eye painting up close.

Bronson’s eyes and brows are very bold and nice.

My beloved Finn…so sweet.

More close up photos.

Bronson is wearing a navy gilet by Dollydoodles, colorful  shorts by Lorraine Tyler, and navy leather sandals by Jean Jensen. His pup is Woody, a carved wooden dog.

Finn is holding his favorite pup named Fetch.  Finn is wearing a Sashapotamus t-shirt, a Levi denim vest, wonderful flag shorts by Lorraine Tyler, and light blue leather Birkenstocks  by Marti Murphy.

Now, we have Ferris wearing a t-shirt by Sashapotamus (yes, Ferris is extremely intelligent and loves chemistry), fabulous black cargo shorts by Sharon Humphreys, and gold leather sandals by Jean Jensen.  His blonde puppy is very clingy and we called him Fido.

Finn, Bronson, Ferris, and I thank you for visiting with us and we hope you enjoyed this post.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for today and the week to come.

Bye bye from all of us here on Cow Creek!

A Waterlogue image of the boys.


A Sunny Day at Sasha Shangri-La


This beautiful summer farm girl has come to live here at Sasha Shangri-La.  She is beautifully painted and outfitted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs.

This pretty one told me her name is Sunny.

Hello there Sunny.  This is a quick post to introduce you.

Sunny loves flowers and she helped to arrange this mason jar of sunflower and daisies.

A few more photos of our farm girl here on the farm.

A beautiful day today on Cow Creek.

Sunny wants to thank you for visiting with us.

We both hope you all have a wonderful week.

A sweet wave goodbye from Sunny.

Note: A peek at Sunny’s foot with her pedigree.

A Waterlogue image to enjoy.

Sunny standing with her sister, Gertie.

I “Gotz” to Come Clean


I am happy to say that these four lovely and all blonde ladies are now part of the Sasha family here at Sasha Shangri-La.  As Sasha enthusiasts can see, each one is different from the other and they each arrived over the past year. No excuses for my delays.  I just failed to properly introduce them upon their arrival.  Though, I have to say, I have really enjoyed each one very much. So, let us begin with introductions.

This slate eyed beauty has beautiful and luscious hair.  Her name is Holly.

Next is a very special button nose or no nose girl with beautiful ochre eyes.  Her name is Ellie.

This amazing slate eyed girl has a fantastic pout about her.   Her name is Hayley.

Lastly, is a pale faced slate eyed girl that is very feminine even with her contrasting bold brows.  Her name is Emma.

They arrived wearing their original outfits.  I wanted to introduce them as they came before safely storing their clothing and beginning to redress them.  What fun that will be!

Holly is wearing brown cord farm pants and white blouse, white sandals and a green duffle coat.  Ellie and Hayley are both wearing a brown cord dress and brown leather shoes.  Hayley has her original blue threaded wrist tag which dates her as an early production girl.  Emma is wearing a navy and white checked dress with navy leather shoes.  It is always nice to have original outfits for our Sasha dolls.

A couple of close up photos of sweet Emma.

Close up photos of Hayley and her dreamy eyes.

Close up photos of Ellie and her beautiful expressions.

More photos of Holly, Ellie, Hayley, and Emma.


Hayley’s eyes.

Emma’s eyes.

Ellie’s eyes.

Holly’s eyes.

Thank you for visiting with us today as I catch up with the residents of Cow Creek.  My photos were taken indoors due to reoccurring rain storms in recent days with alternating high temperatures. It is better to stay inside for now.  I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a wonderful day and week to come.

Pretty Waterlogue images to enjoy.









A Sasha Doll Fan in the Family


During her visits, my beautiful daughter-in-law Mollie really loved spending time with dolls and especially the Sasha dolls here at Sasha Shangri-La.  Her favorites were the babies which was a nice surprise.  So this past Christmas, Santa gifted her a brunette Sasha baby and she named her Trixie.  She took these photos of baby Trixie.

A warmer coat for Trixie to wear this past winter plus a sweet bear friend to keep her company.  This special panda bear was made by the very talented Janet Myhill-Dabbs and  was given to Mollie by our family as a Christmas present along with Trixie.

Baby Trixie this Spring sitting with loving hands of support.


We recently celebrated Mollie’s birthday with a cookie cake and sweet panda bears on top since she loves pandas.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner out. Plus the opening of presents and one of these presents was……..

A very sweet black Sasha baby plus a hand made panda outfit that fits perfectly.  The outfit was made by a lady living in the Ukraine and found on eBay.  The original Cara outfit has been stored in the box.  What a dear baby! No name yet but soon I expect.

Later, Mollie took photos of the babies together.  I am so happy that she loves dolls and also loves Sasha dolls.  I am hoping she will be able to attend a Festival sometime soon.  Isn’t it nice to see another generation loving our treasured Sasha dolls?

Thank you for visiting with us today. I hope you enjoyed this short post and that you have a great week ahead.

A Waterlogue image of Trixie for you to enjoy.



Pearl after the Storm


It has been too hot to go outdoors to take photographs for several days. Today, a downpour of rain happened and as soon as it was over, I went outside to take the photos in a much cooler environment though humid.  You may notice a golden hue to some of the photos caused by the sun’s rays pushing through the clouds and mist just after the storm.

This is Pearl and she is happy to wear a new, lovely dress made by Fanny Boiten earlier this year. It fits her perfectly and I love the color with Pearl’s red hair.

Pearl is a graphic eyed NP girl probably made in the later part of 1966 at the Trendon factory in England.

Very nice trimming on her dress and I love the rose print of the fabric.

Pearl is holding a sweet dolly and wearing great shoes made by Marti Murphy.

A few photos of pretty Pearl.

A close up photo of Pearl.

Pearl and I thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed this post.  We also hope you have a wonderful week to come.

Pearl says stay cool everyone!

The following Waterlogue images are for you to enjoy. The first two are the same photo but using a different coloring option. The second two images are also of the same photo using different coloring options.

Additions from the Sasha Festival


Finally, I have photos of the new goodies brought home from the 2018 Sasha Festival held in Minnesota.  The first photos were taken indoors due to the extreme heat we are experiencing here at Sasha Shangri-La. These first photos were of items that I had set aside due to our having some overnight guests. I was able to find these quickly but alas, I could not find the rest of the items set aside until today. I had checked just about everywhere 2-3 times and finally gave up and retreated to my little prayer space to seek some peace and to ask for help in finding the lost treasures. While sitting there, I happened to look down and there was a large birthday tote bag that I saved from Ricks birthday party on June 29th. I looked under the tissue paper, and there the lost items were hiding very well in plain sight.  Answered prayer for my forgetful mind. I hope I am not the only one who misplaces things!

Experiencing great relief, I wasted no time and went straight outdoors to take the remaining photos plus a few extra shots. It was already hot and in the upper 80’s just before noon.

Here we go!

The first round of photos taken indoors:

A baby nest made by Granny Peggy.

A beautiful shawl made by Diane Duke.

The Festival  luncheon gift wrapped in this nice felt bag.

Adorable outfit inside the bag with suede moccasins.

Front and back of the amazing Festival outfit received at dinner Saturday night.

A lovely gift given by the Minnesota ladies to those who were a hostess during the festival.

Gifts given by our table hostess, Frances.  The shorts and striped bloomers were gifts in registration packets.

I bought the dress from Frances and bought the boy’s romper suit made by Sheila.

This beautiful, studio size Christmas dress and the gorgeous sweater set below were gifts from dear friends.

I purchased two pair of Marti’s Birkenstocks and I really like these colors.

A sock purchase plus I received another mug rug below made by Frances.

The second round of photos:


I won three auctions and this is the first.

Finn is modeling my big auction win and I understand they added up all the monies to be $15,000.00 for children’s charities before the corporate matches. Wonderful! This remarkable sweater and hat were designed and made by Diane Duke, the perfect navy pants were made by Judith of Dollydoodles and the outstanding leather boots were made by Noreen. What a great outfit!  Finn will never want to change outfits ever again and he managed to smile with temperatures in the high 80’s while modeling! Fetch was brave too!

Please see the extraordinary details on Finn’s boots. The block design is even on the inside of each boot as well as the outside. Amazing! Noreen even included an extra set of ties in the shoe box. I am so happy with this win.

My second auction win is an amazing knitted sweater made by Catherine French. Catherine donated 5 sweaters and so there was a Dutch auction for them. It began with everyone standing that wants a sweater and the auctioneer begins with a starting bid and then increases the bids. People sit down when they no longer want to bid any higher and auctioneer continues until there are only 5 people remain standing. The sweaters were all different and the ladies that were organizing the auctions wins selected the sweaters so there was no room for debates.  I loved all 5 sweaters so was very happy with this nautical styled one.  Here are some close up photos of this remarkable knitted treasure.

My third auction win is a nice group of items. It caught my eye due to the red leather sandals.  I think they are from the Gotz girl named Lilly and nice to have for girls or boys.

Purchases from the sales room are seen in the following three photos.

Baby outfit.

Fun outfit.

Baby coats.

Festival readings and ID lantern.

A great Festival parting gift.  It is wonderful to experience the generosity of Sasha collectors. What a special group of ladies in Minnesota!

This is Morgen, a very special Gotz girl who was painted by Sasha herself.  I wanted to show her in this pretty smocked frock made by Millie Dingham and pink leather sandals found on Shelly’s site (maker unknown). Morgen holds a pale pink Steiff bear.  I just love Morgen and so I have taken a lot of photos of her. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

It was a little windy so please excuse stray hair.

A very sweet girl.

Millie even smocks the back of the dress.

Extra touches like lace trimming is so nice to see.

Morgen and Finn both thank you for visiting with us today.

Back in the air conditioned house, we find sweet Gracie snuggled in between Ben and Gigi and she sends her love to you all. She said we were crazy and absolutely nuts to go outdoors in such hot weather especially wearing knitted clothing. She loves her new sweater coat that was a Festival helper win and she insists it is a dress and one too hot to wear outside in July. So Gracie will stay snuggled up indoors with her brother and sister.

“Love to you all” said Gracie.

“Bye bye” said Gracie. “Have a great day and week to come” XXX


A few Waterlogue images for you to see.


Day Three 2018 Sasha Festival-Craft Workshops, Random photos



There were three craft workshops yesterday to include making slippers (both boy and girl selections), a fishing pole, and a making a baby white bird.   I did not attend them and took that time to rest. But Laura Ward did attend and she kindly took these photos to show the wonderfully talented ladies working away with their hands.  I have seen photos of the completed projects on Facebook and I hope you are able to see them there.  They were very, very nice.

I hope you enjoy seeing the people at work and maybe you will see a friend.  The green bags against the far wall are that day’s helper bags.


Next are random photos taken by Peggy Livingston and she kindly shared them with me.

So nice to see Diane Duke. She brought her new NP red headed boy named David.  He is amazing!

I always love seeing Sheila who so kindly welcomed me in the the Sasha world years ago now.

What a fantastic time I had at the 2018 Sasha Festival.  It was wonderful to see such lovely and dear friends.  I am at the airport gate waiting for departure and already I am feeling very happy thinking of the past few wonderful days in Minnesota. I can hardly wait until next year’s Festival in Cincinnati  Ohio.

Have a great day!


Day Three 2018 Sasha Festival


Good morning! I am waking up this lovely Sunday morning and feeling so very blessed.

These first photos are of wonderful display scenes that were left for us to take photos of our Sasha dolls. They have a backdrop of seasonal variations of beautiful Minnesota landscapes and nice props. Finn and Gracie both volunteered for this fun time that I enjoyed too.

Finn and Sammie playing in the leaves.

Finn playing in the snow with his sled and snowmen. His new outfit was perfect for this scene.

Gracie relaxing at the lake.

Gracie loves the Fall leaves.  Her necklace was from the sales room. Sadly we did not find her a dress but she loves her necklace.

A fun stage scene and doll stands were provided which promoted Gracie to dance for us.

Norvell’s beautiful doll plays with Gracie.


Photos of the gathering in the ballroom for the fantastic dinner meal. Beautiful dolls everywhere.

Virginia Myers’ most beautiful doll and outfit.

After eating, we viewed a wonderful movie showing the lovely girl touring the Sasha factory in England and having her Gregor made by the lovely people working there. Brenda Walton was interviewed and photos of Sasha dolls were shared. A great presentation.

A guest speaker talking about Minnesota authors and I especially enjoyed learning more about Laura Ingalls because I so loved the TV series “The little house on the Prairie “.

The Festival gift is a fabulous Sherpa lined coat with hood and wooden toggles. I will take better photos later.  What a wonderful gift and all of them were made by the very talented JoAnn Staricha.



The four raffle offerings are full of great Sasha items.

Last night ended with helper drawings which were so nice to generate funds for the next year’s Festival.  And, guess what we won?

A fantastic knitted dress coat for Gracie! She is over the moon that she did get her dress after all.  She said it was because she had been a very good girl. I have to agree.

Today I leave early in order to catch the flight hone. I will take photos but I will miss the second round of helper drawings and the raffle drawings. It could not be helped though in order to get home today.  I have had the very best time and this Festival has been a tremendous success. I am so thankful to all of the Minnesota team that worked so hard to provide us a happy time with friends and Sasha dolls.

I hope you have a great day!

Day Two 2018 Sasha Festival


Photos of the “Dress a Sasha” entries. There are some additional entries but they were not assembled yet.

* No photo editing like cropping, brightening, ordering, etc.

Lovely bebe dressed in a lovely Diane Duke creation.

Hi everyone! It’s me, Gracie. Auntie Elizabeth is so happy to see me. I am happy too! What fun we are having!


CFA auction items. I am sorry they are not in order but I think they are all here. There were 99 items. (Actually 100 items if you count the last minute entry of “Spend the night with Curly”.  I think it raised $35.00!  I will share later how much was raised when we know the figures.  For the children!

Display dolls beautifully dressed and arranged.

Luncheon gathering photos. Penny and Gracie having the best time. Each table had a terrific centerpiece with its own Lake designation and the attributes of that lake on the poster. Brilliant!

Luncheon gift.


Curly visited with Baby Sheila. A very happy reunion.

Marti Murphy was the auctioneer and she wore a great Minnesota Viking hat during a couple of Minnesota themed auction items. So funny and she was just fantastic!

Lastly, a quick photo of Finn wearing his winning auction item donated by Diane, Noreen, and Judith. Amazing detailed work of love. We are so happy!  I will show this in detail and better later.

Going to get ready for today’s fun adventures. Have a great day!  Sasha hugs!