Lovely Sasha Dolls


image The day we went outdoors to play in the snow, I took a few photos of Sarah and Hazel up close.   I thought I would post them today.  Hazel is wearing a wonderful coat made by Karen Warnaka.  Her fabulous hat was knitted by Ellen Church. They came with Hazel when I adopted her. 🙂

There is also a Trendon girl at the end to see for anyone that may prefer the English manufactured dolls. 😉 image Sarah is the blue eyed Sasha that I adopted from Shelly’s site.  Sweet Hazel is the brown eyed girl that I adopted from Ellen Church. ❤ image These dear girls are certainly growing on me and each time I dress and redress them, I grow fonder of their personalities. 🙂 image Sarah. 🙂 image Sarah’s sweater and hat were made by Mary Anne Getchell and found on Etsy. image Sarah is a bit of a waif. She has been played with, a lot, and her hair is dry in places and her fringe is in the process of being retrained. 🙂 image Sarah up close. ❤ image Hazel, a Gotz no navel with wonderful silky hair. 🙂 image The maker of Hazel’s outfit is unknown. Her nice suede boots were made by Jean Jensen. 🙂 image Hazel up close. 🙂 image Hazel in a full view. image Hazel up close again. 🙂 image This is a Shelly repaint of a 1980’s Trendon girl. I love her pretty eyes! ❤ image I named her Nancy.  She is wearing a Ruthsdolls outfit. 🙂 image Nancy has beautiful, non-falling hair. 🙂 image A last photo of the lovely Nancy.  Thank you for visiting us on the farm.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  Have a beautiful weekend and week to come! 🙂 xxx