Please meet my Beautiful Ballerina


Just before the Festival, Mary Righos posted on Facebook for adoption a beautiful 1967 ballerina NP.  Here are a few of the photos that Mary shared on Facebook. I was struck by her beauty plus I really like bobbed haircuts on our Sashas.

These wonderful photos really tempted me to adopt her but I resisted. Boy, I am ever so strong, do you agree?  😉  Mary also listed her briefly on eBay but I wrote to her and suggested that she bring her to the Festival and that she was certain to be adopted. I also offered my sales table to Mary.   So, Mary pulled her listing and brought her to the Festival to find a new home.

Sooooooo, here she is … so proudly displayed for sale on my sales table.   Isn’t she lovely?  This photo and the two Festival photos at the dinner table  were taken by Theresa O’Neill. Thank you Theresa!

Everyone walking by the table eyed this pretty girl and a couple of ladies asked about her but no offers were received.  The entire sales room time, I watched her and felt my affections growing and growing for of this pretty girl.  At the end, I could not resist her any longer and could not turn her back over to Mary.  It seemed meant to be and I had to adopt her! ❤️

Well, here I am and I immediately put this tea dress on her. Morgen was wearing it but I had redressed her in a new Frances Trickett outfit (another post).  I think it suits her well. I was so happy to have her join the family. She told me her name is Nora. ❤️

Saturday night dinner and Nora happily joins the lovely guests at the table. 😊

Can you see Nora just over my shoulder?

We are now home and I took a few photos of Nora on the back porch. 😊

Beautiful Nora ❤️

The tea towel dress has bottles of spices displayed on it to include two ” ginger” bottles. The dress was a gift a few years ago from Nancy Collins. I really love this outfit.

Nora and I thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post and we hope you have a beautiful day and week to come. ❤️ xxx

A waterlogue image for you to see. ❤️