New Outfit and Onesie for Bea 🐝

Hello! My name is Bea. I am a BII Sasha studio doll.  Mommy has given me a beautiful onesie to wear because I came without any under garments.  Plus, Mommy gave me a wonderful school girl outfit to wear.   I hope you enjoy seeing these photos.

My onesie was knitted by Rosie Laird. Mommy saw on Facebook that Rosie knitted a onesie for the 16 inch vinyl Sasha dolls. So she wrote to Rosie and asked her if she would knit a larger version for a studio doll like me! Rosie said yes, Mommy provided measurements, and look at the beautiful knitting I now have! Thank you Rosie! 🌹

The onesie is so very nice, and fits so very well, that Mommy ordered more of them for my studio sisters!

Next, I am so excited to share with you my beautiful school girl outfit hand made by Brigitte Schwitter.  Brigitte also made my socks and shoes.  I am on cloud nine! ❤️

Mommy does not know who previously owned me but she was told that my original studio outfit was a school girl outfit. So she wrote to Auntie Brigitte and she made me this fantastic outfit. Thank you Brigitte from our hearts. ❤️

Look at the beautiful sweater she knitted for me. ❤️

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

It fits perfectly!

I think I am ready to go back to school.  These fabulous shoes are made for walking!😊

Then, as a wonderful surprise, Mommy added her scarab bar pin which is so nice to wear.

I hope you enjoyed my new outfit from top to bottom! Thank you for visiting with me today.

Have a wonderful day and week to come.  Bye now!  ❤️



16 thoughts on “New Outfit and Onesie for Bea 🐝

  1. Hello Bea, What a lovely new outfit Mummy’s got for you! Auntie Rosie made such sweet underwear and Auntie Brigitte a lovely school outfit and mummy was very nice to let you wear her pretty brooch.
    You look so happy in your new clothes and all ready to keep warm for the coming winter.
    Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.
    Auntie Dee

  2. Gosh Ginger, Bea is such a sweet child. What a lucky one to have such a sweet onesie knitted by Rosie Laird. It’s so feminine. And the school girl ensemble by Bridget is amazing. I love the colors of the tartan. plus the knit sweater is very unique.

  3. What a perfect outfit for wonderful little Bea. The onsie is such a good idea, great for a Studio Doll and I always love to see the amazing work that Brigitte does, the next best thing to an original outfit.

    • Thank you Janet. Brigitte’s creations are just wonderful. Bea loves her school girl outfit. Plus she feels good underneath the outfit in her pretty and warm onesie by Rosie. We are very blessed with such talent and skill in our Sasha world. 🥰 xxx

  4. Oh my goodness Bea, don’t you look like the bees knees in your new outfit, underwear and mummy’s pretty broach!!! You’re going to be the prettiest little girl in your class at school for sure!!
    Big hugs xxx

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