Welcome Home Shelly ❤️


In the previous post, I shared this photo of new additions to our Sasha family and explained that Cathy Himmel and I had exchanged dolls at the Sasha Festival in Cincinnati that resulted in Shelly returning home to Sasha Shangri-La. Shelly is shown here in the center wearing her original outfit.  She is a BIV studio doll.

Shelly, BIV studio girl

Shelly came home with me after the Cincinnati Festival and Cathy sent with her a beautiful red studio dress made by Ruth Hartley.  The dress was inspired by an original studio dress made of fabric from Trudi’s Pajamas. How nice is that!  I love the way fabric and materials were recycled in Sasha’s studio.

Next, you see a photo of the original studio dress shown in the book “Sasha-Puppen Sasha Dolls” by Stefan Biffiger.

However, we still needed bloomers, socks and shoes to go with the red dress and so I contacted Ruth and she made them up quickly to complete this wonderful studio outfit.

Here is Shelly wearing her version of the red dress.

The bloomers are a wide white and red check, knitted stripy socks, and brown leather studio style shoes.  I am thrilled with this outfit!

It is perfect for Shelly.

Shelly up close.

You can see Shelly has a bracelet on both wrists.

Her identification bracelet was made by Beth, Cathy’s daughter at the Rochester Festival.

On her left wrist is her Sasha tag.

Beautiful Shelly.

A lovely book of inspiration gifted by a dear friend. Shelly and I are reading it together.

Shelly selected a lovely knitted shawl for herself and it was made by Diane Duke.

Shelly in her shawl.  This will come in handy very soon as we approach Fall.

A beautiful way to stay warm.

I especially love this photo of Shelly.

Close up photos of Shelly.

Thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed the post.  Shelly and I are sending you happy wishes for a wonderful week to come. 🥰 xxx

A Waterlogue image of Shelly. ❤️

12 thoughts on “Welcome Home Shelly ❤️

  1. That’s a lovely welcome home, she looks like she’s observing everything going on around her. The shawl completes her outfit beautifully, can’t believe autumn is not far away now, Viv.

    • Thank you Viv! I can hardly believe Fall is fast approaching. Our stores have Halloween decorations out and school is starting soon. Where did the summer go? It was very hot outside when I dressed Shelly in her pretty wool socks and shawl but she was a real trooper! No complaints. 😊 xxx

  2. Shelly is beautiful Ginger and it’s so lovely that you and Cathy could come to an arrangement for her to come back home to you again. I love her red dress and it suits her perfectly.
    I hope you all at Sasha Shangri La have a lovely week ahead and that autumn doesn’t come too quickly for you, even if Shelly is already ready for it in her pretty knitted shawl!
    Big hugs xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. Yes, we are very fortunate to make our exchange and both of us are very happy which is so nice.
      I agree, the red dress does suit her. A wonderful color for Shelly. It is still in the upper 80’s here so no Fall weather yet but it won’t be long. Have a great week! 😊 xxx

  3. She’s gorgeous Ginger and you’ve dressed her so beautifully. Very honoured that you’ve added my shawl to her outfit! Xx

    • Thank you Diane. It is such fun to dress them especially when you find that special outfit for them. I love your shawls and the girls snatched them up quickly after the Festival. I have told them that we will share. 😉 xxx

  4. Gosh Ginger Shelly looks so amazing and so happy to be back at Cow Creek. There is so much to do there and plenty of company to keep her entertained. I especially adore the fact that you have completed this ensemble. It’s perfect for this very special girl.

    • Thank you Cathy. Yes Shelly has lovingly reunited with her Cow Creek family and met her new family too. Ruth was very kind and she completed the work quickly. I really appreciate her responsiveness and all of her lovely Sasha creations. 🥰 xxx

  5. Ginger I loved this post about Shelly . She’s got a unique look to her face that is so appealing.
    Her red dress is just wonderful on her and the pants and socks finishing the photo style off.
    But the Diane Dukes shawl is just perfection ! I love how it give the studio outfit a lift and finishes it to another level, the detail of the pattern and the little heart button and gathered end opposite so nice!
    I have loved looking at every photo on this post and especially the full length followed by the back view, it’s one of those posts that’s made me smile and feel happy, so many thanks xxx

    • Thank you Dee. I am glad you like Shelly’s post. I agree that Diane’s shawl is just perfect for her! I love the extra touches we give our dolls to really make their outfits special. The shawl is just a beautiful and unique addition.

      I am smiling myself as I read your comments. I am thrilled the post was a happy one and I really appreciate you Dee. 🥰 xxx

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