Please Welcome Bea 🐝

I would like to introduce the first arrival and newest addition to the Sasha Shangri-La family for 2019.  Her name is Beatrice and we call her Bea.  Bea is a BII Sasha studio doll.  B means her body is made of cloth and II is her face mold number.  Bea had been redressed when she arrived and so I dressed her in this beautiful Ruth’s dolls outfit and added a childhood, scarab bar pin.

She loves this dear little troll doll which is my sole remaining childhood doll and this sweet Steiff lamb just happily follows her around.  🐑

Bea has very unique and special eye painting.

Please take a closer look at Bea’s eyes.  Sasha has used sgraffito but differently than just the tip of her brush. It looks like she used a stiff piece of fabric that created a textured pattern in her eyes. You can also see that she used the tip of her brush too.   Amazing!


A closer view.

This is another photo showing better her painting in both eyes. Please look at Bea’s eyes up close to see the textured background.  I think it gives her eyes depth and interest.

Bea has really won my heart.  I love everything about her.

Look, Suzanne has come over to welcome her new sister Bea.

“Hello Bea! I am so happy to see you. My name is Suzanne. I think we look a lot each other. Just like sisters.”

“Hi Suzanne. It is wonderful to see you. I was hoping my new family would be nice like you. I am a little nervous.”

“Don’t you worry Bea. I will take care of you and introduce you to your new family and show you around the farm when the weather improves.”

“Oh thank you Suzanne. I feel so much better with you by my side.”

It looks like the two girls have quickly forged a sisterly bond. I love seeing them together.

Suzanne and Bea. ❤️

Loving sisters together.

Bea is a very happy little girl. 😊

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Bea and thank you for visiting with us today.

Bea, Suzanne, and I are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the weekend ahead.

I am hoping we have some sunny days soon.  The photos are so nice when taken outdoors.

❤️❤️❤️ Cow Creek hugs coming your way ❤️❤️❤️



21 thoughts on “Please Welcome Bea 🐝

  1. Welcome Bea, you will love your new home.
    Ginger she is gorgeous you must be very happy to be able to add her to your cow creek family.
    Her dress is lovely and also her little pin, lamb and tiny troll.

    What a lovely start to the year over there in Cow Creek, thank you for sharing her with us 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Dee! I am thrilled to have Bea here in the Sasha family. I had bought the Ruth’s dolls dress a couple of years ago for another studio doll but it did not suit her so I tucked it away. I was so happy it looks nice on her. I have a pinafore too but thought the dress alone was nice for now. ❤️ xxx

  2. Bea is just beautiful, Ginger. I love how your girls wear jewelry from your family or childhood. It’s a lovely way to enjoy them still. I had a troll doll too. I haven’t seen one in many years! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Peggy. My childhood dolls were all given away except for this troll doll which hid in the back of a drawer. I am so glad to have it and he looks at home with the Sasha dolls.

      I loved wearing jewelry to school in junior high and high schools and I have kept most of it for sentimental reasons. It makes me smile to see pieces on the dolls. ❤️ xxx

  3. I am so happy to see Bea settling in, what thrills me the most is seeing her beside Susanne as, there is Susanne with her dark brown opaque eyes and then Bea with her semi translucent eye treatment, made by pressing a course weave fabric onto the eye paint whilst wet and lifting it off to create that amazing pattern. It’s like Sasha created the girls at a similar time, looked at Bea and thought to try something different to soften and lighten her eyes. Then with that lighter eye came the lighter lips and now how different do they look? Bea is an amazing and unique doll, I have never seen that treatment before and it delights me!

    • Thank you so much Janet and I am happy you liked the post. Thank you too for the wonderful explanation of Sasha’s artistic techniques. I appreciate your artistic eye as always. Putting Suzanne with Bea seemed good to do to help with seeing the differences more than the similarities of the pair. Plus, it is good for Bea to have a special sister. I feel very privileged that Bea is here and what an amazing girl she is. ❤️ xxx

  4. IMO this is one of your best and most interesting posts EVER!!!
    It is amazing to see these two sister dolls together, their family likenesses (face mould/hair colouring) is a joy to behold… but then, we have the fantastic contrast/differences in their eye paintings to compare and learn all about (aided of course with Janet’s knowledgeable help.)

    Until now my favourite of Sasha’s studio face moulds have always been the mould III, then I, BUT now, having seen these two here, I’m definitely adding mould II to my list. (I’ve yet to be convinced to fall in love with mould IV!)

    You couldn’t have chosen a better coloured dress for Bea! It was just MADE for her to wear with her colouring. BTW did she come to you with any of her original clothing as I’d be interested in knowing just what colour she had worn when Sasha painted her? Could it have been that brown/white check dress that we see her wearing in one of the above photos?

    I have to admit that I’m a little green with envy about this charming studio girl…(and not just because of her name which holds delightful memories for me!)

    Thanks girls for your good wishes for the coming week… AND thank you Ginger for this truly delightful post.

    • Thank you Kendal for your lovely comments. I really appreciate the support for Bea’s blog post. I thought I would wait for some sunshine to take photos outdoors but that might takes months here since we have had rain and snow daily for quite a long time. So I turned on all the lights possible in the room and hoped everyone would understand the shadows and darker photos.

      Bea came in a very cute brown checked dress made by Thu Cuc Faes and she did not have any of her original clothing. The only background I have on the dear girl is that she is thought to have once been a school girl. Knowing this, I have asked Brigitte if she would make her a school girl outfit and she kindly agreed. I think I will pick it up in May at the SCW (which I am so excited to be able to come this year).

      I am making a similar journey as you with picking favorite face molds for the studio dolls. Mold III has always been my first choice with its classic, strong and beautiful profile. Then Mold I was next as a favorite which is the mold of Abby, Addy, and Brigitte and the course dolls. Now though with Bea joining the family, I have taken a step back in looking at the dolls. She has taken me to the moon and back and so I am very smitten with her II face mold and it is now at the top of list.

      Her Ruth’s dolls outfit was just meant to be there for her. I asked Ruth to make it a couple of years ago thinking it would be nice for Brigitte to wear. I put it on her and it did nothing for her coloring so I tucked it away. I have a vinyl size dress by Ruth using that beautiful fabric and just loved it. Two years or so later, Bea arrives and Ruth’s dress is just perfect for her. I added my grandmother’s bar pin given to me early in life, my only remaining childhood doll (troll) and an affectionate lamb to guard her as she makes her way around the farm. Bea only needed a sister to keep her company and Suzanne volunteered. They are inseparable now. ❤ xxx

  5. Thanks so much for your excellent story of Bea’s arrival at Cow Creek. I look forward to more photos when outdoor picture taking becomes possible!! Your posts welcoming new Sasha dolls to your family is delightful and informative. You provide such a pleasure both to read the text and to see the photos. Keep waxing so eloquent.!!

    • Thank you SusanLK. I am happy you enjoyed the Bea post. I really appreciate your encouragement too. I am looking forward to taking photos outdoors and writing future posts about our beloved Sasha dolls. ❤️ xxx

  6. She’s amazing, with eyes that are as exquisite as they are unique. She and Suzanne are wonderful sisters – both similar, but also with their own distinct personalities.

  7. Gosh Ginger! You are right about these two. They look very similar. Them having the same hair color really draws a person in to take a closer look. Although there are significant differences too. Both are amazing and true treasures to behold. Well done on the choice of dress for Bea too, as it really coordinates with her amazing eyes. Congrats for adding Bea into the fold at Cow Creek.

    • Thank you Cathy. I am glad you like Bea and seeing her and her sister Suzanne’s similarities and their differences. I was so lucky to adopt Bea and lucky that her dress was here waiting for her. It is perfect! She has met everyone now and is a very special member of our Sasha family. ❤️ xxx

  8. WOW, what a gorgeous girl Ginger, she’s beautiful and yes, her eyes are amazing, such detailing. I think the two girls look so lovely together, like real sisters and nice that Suzanna is just that little bit taller, making her the big sister to little Bea. Congratulations on such a lovely new addition to your family.
    Big hugs xxx

    • Thank you Sharon! I agree, Bea’s eyes are amazing. Sasha’s creative mind gave us so many unique and special works of art. It is wonderful to see her creations. Yes, Suzanne is taller than Bea and that does help her to be a wonderful big sister to Bea. Bea has met everyone now and has settled in beautifully. A very happy Sasha family! ❤️ xxx

  9. You certainly have a good eye when it comes to choosing Sasha dolls Ginger…and these two girls are no exception….they are super! I am sure there will be more good choices during the coming year 🙂

    • Hi Ronny and thank you! It is wonderful to “see” you here and you have been missed. I am glad you like Bea and Suzanne. They are having a great time making their Sasha rounds here on Cow Creek. ❤️ xxx

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