🌷 Happy Easter 🌷

The newest family member in our Sasha Shangri-La family is the beautiful, repainted and bobbed hair girl named Robin. I adopted Robin from Shelly’s site and contacted EC to confirm that this dear one previously belonged to her. And yes, she had been in her Sasha family and her name is Robin.  Robin was beautifully repainted by Shelly.   She came in this lovely school girl outfit by Ruthsdolls and I added the navy leather JJ shoes.  The bunny was waiting just for Robin and Robin was just in time for Easter. 💐

The lovely Robin. 💐

Sweet bunny with an Easter egg. 💐

Amazing eyes by Shelly. 💐

Welcome to Sasha Shangri-La dear Robin. 💐

So very beautiful.💐


This pretty waif girl was an eBay find that had been rerooted in a lovely auburn color and given a bobbed cut.  After arriving here, her eyes were beautifully repainted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs.  Janet added her adorable freckles too. 💐

I found this pretty white and pink dress and a sweet bunny of her own to play with. 💐

Her name is Elizabeth but she is called Betsy. 💐

Betsy’s dusty pink suede shoes were made by Jean Jensen. What a dear little girl. 💐

Beautiful Betsy.  💐

The two girls together at Easter. 💐

I just love beautiful, repainted Sasha dolls.

Robin and Betsy both thank you for visiting with us today.

They are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a blessed Easter and a wonderful week to come.  💐

🌷 Happy Easter 🌷

A few Waterlogue images to enjoy. 💐

18 thoughts on “🌷 Happy Easter 🌷

  1. Dearest Ginger!
    Robin and Betsy look like they are becoming fast friends. I know they will be so happy at Sasha Shangri-La! Happy Easter to you, Robin and Betsy, and all of your Sasha family! Xxxx❤️

  2. I SO LOVE to know where the dolls on Sashadolluk end up via these later posts etc.
    Another two delightful additions to your collection.
    Particularly adore Betsy’s dress!
    Happy Easter.xx

    • Thank you Kendal. It is nice to see where the dolls on Shelly’s site go and I think a lot of them go back and forth across the Pond. Well traveled and well loved Sasha dolls. ❤️ xxx

  3. What a lovely post Ginger, how lovely to see Betsy with her new friend Robin. They just look so sweet together, the perfect little friends. Happy Easter everyone at Shangri-La xxx

    • Thank you Janet. They both are very special girls. We had a great Easter here at Sasha Shangri-La visiting with family and friends. The Easter bunny visited too…yummy candies! ❤️ xxx

  4. Two Sweet Unique girls to join the Cow Creek Crew. And a lovely time to arrive!
    Both Betsy and Robin look happy to have arrived at such a fun place and to have a sweet gift of a cuddly toy waiting to make them feel welcome.
    Happy Easter Ginger and The Cow Creek Crew 🙂 xxxx

    • Thanks Dee! Betsy and Robin are right at home now and I am still amazed to see how very different our Sasha dolls are in appearance due to the talented artists that love these waifs and transform them. It was a great Easter! ❤️ xxx

  5. Lovely girls Ginger…I did admire Robin on Shelly’s site….she is indeed lucky to end up with you! Much love to you and your family xx

  6. Oh my goodness Ginger, I am soooo behind that I didn’t see this lovely Easter post! I hope you had a really good Easter with your family. Robin and Betsy are two beautifully repainted girls, each with such pretty eyes….and dressed in gorgeous outfits. I love their bunnies too. What lucky girls to have found their way to live at Sasha Shangri-La!!!

    • Hi Sharon and thank you for lovely Easter greeting. We had a happy Easter. I am glad you like the new girls. It seems that I get behind regularly on blog posting and comments. We are having a beautiful day today so maybe I can get some outdoor photos. Sending you big hugs! 😊 xxx

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