Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from “Patrick” Of Course

Arriving on Saint Patrick’s Day is “Patrick” a 1968 shorts boy found on Shelly’s site. He was so happy to arrive after a nearly two week trip across the Pond.  His Steiff bear was waiting anxiously for him and, when he learned that it was Saint Patrick’s Day, he wanted to send you very happy green wishes. 🍀🍀🍀

His shirt and shorts are very nice reproductions by Ruthsdolls and his handsome sweater and stripy socks were knitted by Christine Durand. His shoes are by Boneka.

Hello Patrick! We are thrilled that you are here with us!

I love his expressive eyes and great hair. A very sweet boy.

Patrick,and all of us here at Sasha Shangri-La, wish you a happy day and week to come.

Thank you for visiting with us today. 😊 xxx

A couple of Waterlogue images of Patrick. 🍀


23 thoughts on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from “Patrick” Of Course

  1. Happy St Pats…..and welcome to Patrick! I saw this gorgeous boy and am so happy you are his new mum!!
    Much love as always ❤

  2. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you, too, Patrick and to your mum and dad and everyone at Sasha
    Shangri-La! ☘️❤️☘️❤️☘️❤️☘️❤️☘️

  3. I too, like SS saw this charming boy for sale on Sashadolluk (and wondered/thought that he might well be an ex lad of EC’s.) I always enjoy accidentally finding out about where some of these beautiful dolls sold via there finally go to live.
    I’m so pleased that he has come to live with you and all your gang out there as he can be assured of a great fun and rural lifestyle.

    Clever idea for his name since it was around Saint Patricks Day that he arrived with youj.
    Adore his waterlogue photos. Most impressive.
    Have a great time together.

    • Thank you Kendal for the lovely comments. I thought he might be an ex lad of EC’s too but I am not certain. It was a sense I felt based on his dress and I thought I had seen his handsome face before. 😊

      Glad you like the Waterlogue images. We will have a great time here especially when it warms up a bit. ❤️ xxx

  4. What a wonderful St. Patty’s Day surprise. Patrick is a lovely redhead with those amazing NP type eyes. Congratulations to you Ginger.

  5. He is so handsome, I do love the early boys, especially the redheads. He clearly lves his teddy and im sure he’ll settle very quickly in WV. xx

  6. I am thrilled that it was you, Ginger, who bought my Oliver from Shelly. It was too bad that he had to travel all the way to and from England to find you! But, now he has joined your family and it makes me happy to know where his new home is. He is a very special boy with his NP eyes.

    • Oh thank you Ellen and I am thrilled too! Patrick will be Patrick Oliver now, a very nice name.

      I thought the same thing about his travels across the Pond and thought that he has probably traveled more than most of us…lucky boy.

      Hopefully the clean air, wooded hills, and the quiet here on Cow Creek will agree with him. He has plenty of room to play and to roam about though under Momma’s watchful eye. ❤️ xxx

    • I bought your blonde boy with the NP eyes you named Thomas….he certainly is a well travelled boy now lives in England!

      • I am so pleased to know where Thomas is and who his Mom is! It’s so lovely to know that you have him. It makes it easier to let a special doll go when we know where it is being loved.

  7. What a handsome boy and a great name too, a family name of mine! He is going to love living on Cow Creek, and he’ll have a good time with his new brothers and sisters I’m sure!
    Belated Happy St Patricks day to you Ginger 🙂
    With love and big hugs xxx

  8. Welcome Patrick , you have landed with a wonderful family at Cow Creek. What a handsome lad you are and I love your new little stieff bear.
    I see you made sure to wear a touch of the green in honour of St Patrick your namesake.
    You’ll be having lots of fun with your new family once the weather improves! 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Dee. I wondered if anyone would mention his not too subtle nod to Saint Patrick’s Day…it was his idea! Patrick sends his love to you, his cousin Robin and also to Casper since he is a big dog lover. ❤️ xxx

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