Baby Sends Love to You ❤️

My name is Baby and it is snowing ❄️ today at Sasha Shangri-La here on Cow Creek.  As I sit on the window sill and see such a snowy scene, my heart sends love to you. ❤️

Mommy told me that love knows no boundaries. So, up and above the snow clouds my love is soaring your way.  ❤️

As the beautiful snow gathers to cover up the familiar sights on Cow Creek, love is coming to you. ❤️

I think you can see the snow flakes falling in this last photo and I hope you can feel my heartfelt love.  Thank you for visiting today and I hope you have a happy day and week to come. ❤️ xxx



Mommy gently reminded me to thank Janet Myhill-Dabbs for my beautiful eyes that look out on the world so big, my blue felt shoes that keep my feet toasty warm, and my Dollie that touches my heart.  Also, I want to thank Karen Warnaka for making this most beautiful dress that reminds me of our happy life outdoors here on Cow Creek. ❤️


18 thoughts on “Baby Sends Love to You ❤️

  1. Oh what a sweet little thing she is, sending all her love to the readers of your blog Ginger!! Hello little Baby, aren’t you a lovely little girl! I like your pretty eyes and your nice new dress and shoes, aren’t you the lucky one!
    Now I hope you’ll not be tempted to go outside in the snow unless your mummy is with you and you’re very well wrapped up, because although the snow might look really pretty, covering everything as it does, it would also cover you and that wouldn’t be very nice at all!!

    • Hello Auntie Sharon! Mommy said maybe we would play in the snow later after it stops falling. I have a warm coat to wear and nice hat and gloves too. I promise I will just watch the snow from indoors until Mommy is ready to go out. I am a very lucky one!
      Hugs to you! ❤️ XXX

  2. What a pretty little one…Janet has certainly worked her magic on her eyes…great job!
    Snow looks beautiful where you are Ginger, I am hoping we don’t get any over here!!

    • Thanks Ronny. Yes, she has lovely eyes. It is still snowing here and now the flakes are even bigger and falling faster. I am glad I am retired and don’t have to think about navigating these roads. ❤️ xxx

  3. Sasha Shangri-La looks beautiful today in the snow. Thank you, Baby, for sending love across the cold and snowy miles to warm our hearts. ❤️

  4. A million thanks dear little baby for sending us all your sweetest love wrapped in the softest snowflakes. They are much appreciated as we here, on the Cheshire Plains haven’t been lucky enough to have had any snow for the last few years.

    • You are very welcome Auntie Kendal. We had about 6 inches of lovely snow yesterday. Now it is very cold at 6 degrees. I hope the sun rises soon here because it makes everything brighter and warmer. ❤️ xxx

  5. Thank you Baby for all the love you are sending about the world! I love the photos of your winter wonderland and am glad you are toasty warm, enough to wear that beautiful dress ❤

  6. Baby, I’m glad you’re cosily inside while wearing your pretty short sleeved smocked dress as it looks VERY cold outside at the moment where you live. Lots of love to you and your family from across the pond (where it isn’t snowing).

  7. Goodness Baby What a lot of snow you have there! Thank goodness you are in a nice warm place in your lovely dress and boots.
    You stay inside and enjoy some play time with Mum and the other dolls at Cow Creek , the snow will pass and then you can get out for some very fresh air! 🙂 xx

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