Babies, Babies, and more Babies

Photographing on an overcast day, I just took a few photos before the sky opened up and buckets of rain began to pour and it poured for quite a while too. We made it back inside just in time!

I am sharing a few more Festival finds in this post.  First, the unusual lavender Steiff  bear came home with me and I was happy to find him. Bears are just nice to cuddle.  Next, this Curly headed brunette baby charmed me from JoAnn Staricha’s sales table. I initially resisted but at the end of the sales’ room time, she was still there and so I happily adopted her.  She was wearing a long white dress and her purple dotted bow, so I redressed her in a purple dress, made by Sheila Foery.  I added her socks and white leather JJ shoes.

Please meet Baby Jo.  Baby Jo and bear are sitting in a favorite old chair placed on the new patio that Rick made just before my return from my overseas.

Hi there Baby Jo. ❤️

You have previously met Baby Don Don when Dawn Law curled his hair last year. He was excited because he went to the Festival.  I also added a blanket made by Granny Peggy which greatly improved the appearance of this old chair. 😊

Hi Baby Don Don! ❤️

Here is Baby Don Don modeling a new protoype outfit that Diane Duke made for the Festival. The display of Diane’s’ knitwear was amazing!


Next, please meet a dear, sweet little imp named Baby Sheila.  She is a waif with a bald head but Sheila Foery had great plans to make her a wonderful wig which she stitched Saturday night during the festivities. Baby Sheila came to me completely transformed  Sunday morning. How special she is. ❤️

Hello little sweetie. 💕

This little girl was an auction win. I won 3 auctions which consisted of this Baby and two outfits. This baby was donated by Peggy Livingston and her complete outfit was donated by Janet Myhill-Dabbs.  She is adorable!


Please meet “Baby”.  Baby also came with the cutest felt doll with yarn hair. What a darling pair. ❤️

A sweet group of babies! 💕💕💕💕

Baby Gracie also went to the Festival and is wearing a new romper made by Diane Duke.  Gracie had a wonderful time and reunited with a group of studio bebes and also reunited with the lovely ladies attending the Festival.  This Bebe is one of Gracie’s new friends and she is also wearing a new romper made by Diane. ❤️

Baby Sheila hugging Curly, her best baby friend. 😊

Babies Sheila, Jo and Gracie on the last day of the Festival during the calling of the helpers.

All the babies and I want to thank you for visiting with us. We hope you have a great day and weekend to come. 😊 xxx



22 thoughts on “Babies, Babies, and more Babies

  1. Those pics certainly brought a smile here on a wet afternoon back home in England. Your babies are gorgeous Ginger xx

  2. You know just how much I have always loved the Sasha babies so you can imagine how thrilled i was to see this post on all those little charmers!

    I know Gracie and Curly well, having met them both in the past. I think baby Shelia reminds me a little of my baby Anis…except of course for the hair colour and the longer length. I like her lovely little pink wrap-a-around ‘onesie’ outfit.’

    Babies Jo and Don Don look adorable with their curly hair and which they so obviously inherited from their mummy’s genes.
    Lucky you winning the ‘Baby’ CAF raffle as well. She looks such a little poppet in that JMD outfit.

    Great Steiff lilac Bear. Reminds me that I used to collect the LOW (1500 and below) limited MIB Steiff Bears and especially loved the unusually coloured (pink, bright green, bright blue, pale silver grey) bears. Alas all gone now due to the downsizing to a smaller, retirement bungalow and a huge increase in Sasha Dolls demanding their sitting and standing spaces.

    Many thanks indeed for this delightful baby centred post. It’s good to have you back blogging as I have missed you being here since the beginning of May!

    • Thank you Kendal so much. I had not blogged for a very long time and I missed posting though the first one was tough to do as you know. Now, I feel like I can do some posting…one post at a time and the Festival is a good subject to share.

      I know you love the babies and I have loved your many, lovely baby posts over the years. Acquiring these babies was not planned but just seemed to work out that way. I think I needed the babies more than they needed me! Of course, Gracie was thrilled to add to the baby population here on Cow Creek.

      My Steiff collection is very small so it is nice to add a bigger sized bear and I love the lavender color. Sashas look great with bears, don’t they?

      Also, “Baby” was an auction item not a raffle and I won her during the auction The talented JMD really outdid herself with the outfit and the felt doll too. So very sweet. ❤️ xxx

  3. Sasha Babies and Bears, what a wonderful combination. Love your purple bear too. I have several purple bears, although not a Steiff! He is lovely. Sweet post.

  4. What a fabulous baby haul from the festival! All of them so sweet and gorgeous. I love Baby Shelia’s mass of pink hair!
    I love the purple bear too , a perfect size for hugging 🙂
    And what a lovely photo of you looking all elegant and slim at the end with baby Grace.
    Thanks for sharing these new additions to Cow Creek with us 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Dee, it was a great baby haul! How fun it was to find them during the Festival. I don’t think I have any photos of me taken with Gracie so I was glad to see this one. Thank you for the lovely compliment too. The weight has steadily come off for over a year now but it surprised people who had not seen me lately. I do feel healthier. ❤️ xxx

  5. I have loved looking at the new babies joining the clan at Shangri La. I especially liked reading their little journeys to you and really loved Baby Sheila’s story most of all. I can imagine the recreation in Sheila’s room the night before, Baby Julip send her love ❤

    • Thank you Janet and so nice to hear from you and that you enjoyed the post! I only just am coming around to posting again since before the SCW. Sheila was a star to sew-up the pink wig in time for me to adopt her on Festival Sunday. What a special Lady she is! Baby Sheila sends her love to Baby Julip! ❤️ xxx

  6. Love your babies and their cool outfits, but the last photo has me singing – ‘You must have been a beautiful baby’!

    • Thank you Rosie,! I am glad you liked the post and you are so kind! My Mom always told me that I was a beautiful baby. I think that all Moms should say that to their children and say it many times. Today, memories of my sweet Mom’s voice bring me a lot of comfort. ❤️ xxx

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