12 thoughts on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 🍀

  1. And a very Happy St. Patrick’s day to you too Ginger, Tassie and all the other children at Sasha Shangri-La! I hope you have a great one!
    And a super weekend too of course!

  2. Happy St. Pat’s to you, Ginger. I never did thank you for your Sasha Christmas card. I do have every Sasha hand made card and photo card I’ve ever received in a large notebook, where I put yours for safe keeping. We had two deaths in immediate family one week before the 25th and the week before that a plumbing disaster that took 7 days to fix. Consequently I didn’t get around to writing cards. I hope your Christmas was joyful.

    • Hi Anne. So nice to hear from you. I am happy you liked your Christmas card and what a great idea to keep our Sasha cards in a notebook.

      I am sorry to learn of your family losses. It is so painful and difficult to lose a loved one and especially so during the holidays.

      Thank you for the lovely Christmas wishes and we did have a joyful Christmas that was so nice as we added a new member to our family. Our son Luke married Mollie in early December. So we feel very blessed.😊 xxx

  3. Happy St Patrick’s Day Tassie and everyone at the farm. That is such a darling outfit you are wearing little cutie ❤

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