Hello It’s Me….Joanie ❤

The newest Sasha studio doll addition to Sasha Shangri-La is the sweetest of little girls named Joanie.  She is a pure delight and she sings daily which lifts me up especially now that I am home most of each day.

Joanie arrived in a green checked studio dress that is without a label but appears to be original. Gwennie immediately extended her sisterly love to Joanie.  Both girls have had some repairs in places on their lovely faces which is a sure sign that these older girls have been truly loved by others over the years. I am continuing their love story.  ❤


I took a few photos of Joanie when she arrived last Fall.


This pair of dear ones really brighten my day. 😊


Sisters forever. ❤

A nice photo of the pair and a waterlogue image too.

While the girls were modeling, sweet Joanie noticed that Gwennie’s dress was older and showed signs of wear. So she offered her dress to Gwennie! What a nice and generous gesture towards her sister. 😊


So pretty Gwennie tried on Joanie’s dress and I think it looks lovely on her. Do you agree?


You might remember that Gwennie was my first Sasha doll and I am very attached to her. I adopted her from Marie Morgan who was very kind and allowed me to pay for her by a layaway plan. Gwennie is a B-III studio doll. The B designates a cloth body and the III designates the type of face mold. Sasha designed four different face molds for her child dolls. ❤


Gwennie loves her dress very much but she immediately asked me to find a nice outfit for Joanie to wear so they both would have new outfits. 😊


I asked the very talented Janet Myhill-Dabbs to help us find an outfit. She found this wonderful studio-length, vintage dress that was among studio/course doll clothing she had acquired and it is perfect with Joanie’s green eyes. Janet knitted her cardigan and fabulous hat and made her lovely felt shoes. I added her onesie and her knitted socks and now Joanie has a new, fantastic and unique outfit. Janet suggested to put her braids up on each side which is a perfect enhancement to her pretty face and outfit. 🌹

Speaking of faces, Joanie’s face mold is a type I.  Since she has a cloth body, she is a B-I studio doll.


A close up view of the dress details. I love this fabric which is silk I believe and I really like the unusual fabric design . ❤


Lovely matching shoes and warm socks. 😊


The cardigan is very pretty and the hat is fantastic! I love the Pom Pom on the bottom. ❤


Joanie is very happy to have her new outfit. I was so touched by her kindness and generosity that I thought I would keep my eyes open for a Sasha studio outfit for Joanie. Guess what? I recently won an auction of a studio outfit and it arrived today in the mail! 😊

Here is a peek of Joanie’s outfit. She has not seen it yet. Do you think she will like it?  Let me know if I should surprise Joanie with this outfit and hat too. 🌹


The blue top is not tagged but is nicely made. 😊


Her dress tag. 🌹


Thank you for visiting with us today. Gertie has joined her sisters Joanie and Gwennie and we all want to send you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx

12 thoughts on “Hello It’s Me….Joanie ❤

  1. Welcome Joanie. It looks like you are settling well into your new home and Gwennie will be a lovely friend for you to share your clothes and toys with.
    Your new dress from Janet looks lovely with Mum’s lovely green cardie and hat. Maybe you’ll soon have another outfit to model for us. Gwennie looks very sweet wearing your checked dress, it’s lovely to be able to have someone to try and share clothes with.
    I bet Mum is going to have lots of fun with you both now she’s got more time to play 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Auntie Dee! Thank you for your kind words of welcome. I am very settled now and spend more st of my time with Gwennie. We have the very best times exchanging clothes and playing house. I am teaching Gwennie to sing songs with me. I love to sing!

      Mum is so happy now that she has more time with us at home. Everyone here on the farm is happy she is here and is spending more time with us. I hope to meet you one day Auntie Dee! 😊 xxx

  2. You’ve arrived at the perfect place, Joanie, with a very happy and generous family all ready-made for you. I know you’ll have lots of fun playing and sharing and singing with Gwennie and I think there are lots of other kids there you will become firm friends with very soon 🙂

  3. I can hardly keep up,with ALL the new DOLLS that seem to be arriving, both openly and secretly, at Sasha Shangri-La.
    Joannie, is another delightful Studio Doll member and how kind of her to almost immediately give up her Gingham dress to her friend as it obviously enhances her blue eyes more.
    So pleased to see that she was rewarded with not only one, but two lovely new outfits. (Looking forward to seeing her dressed in the second skirt outfit in one of your the next posts.)

    I particularly love the photos of these two friends standing on the wooden porch rail holding hands whilst carefully balancing. Their two face styles, 1 and 3 are my very favourites and I’m very partial to green eyes.
    Was thrilled to see Gertie join in with this post at the end so as to be able to add her good/happy wishes for a good weekend and following week.
    I hope that you are enjoying your new found freedom to play more with your dolls.
    Claisse/My Gertie and I send our love, hugs and happy wishes back.

    • Thank you Kendal. Yes, Joanie has been a bit of a secret the past few months. When I stood her next to Gwennie and saw how the checked dress really enhanced Gwennie’s eyes and face and hair, I knew it was best to change out their dresses. During that time Joanie has been great friends with Gwennie and Gertie and also little Gracie. Gracie is insisting that she be with Joanie on the post where we show her new outfit. I think that Is a great idea. 😊

      I am glad you like the porch rail photos. Even though the studio dolls were on nice doll stands, I was still nervous that a strong wind might top them over. Silly I know but it does get windy around here at times so I was very careful and paid attention to the wind while photographing the dolls. I like being able to take photos outdoors.

      I am enjoying my time so very much and have slowly started to take on projects around the house. Rick is already noticing a few nice improvements around the house and at meal times too. He has been the main chef our entire marriage because he always arrived at home before me. So it is time to repay the favor plus I love cooking and baking which makes it much nicer to do. Gertie sends special love and hugs to you and Clarise. ❤❤ xxx

  4. I am so glad that Joanie and Gwennie are such good friends, such pretty little early girls, so full of character. I love the first few photos of Joanie with her arms up, embracing her new home! I am so glad she loves her outfit, I love that look of ‘Hand me down’ dresses, where they are a little big and ready to grow in to! The new outfit is just wonderful, what a treasure to have for her more formal appearances!

    • Thank you Janet. I love the very pretty hand me down look too. Joanie’s outfit is very dear and she loves it! It will be fun to see how she will look in her new outfit. I think I will lower her plaits for the next photos. 😊 xxx

  5. Welcome to the lovely little Joanie, what a great addition to your Sasha family. I love the green colour on her, it suits her perfectly. I think these two are going to be firm friends and special sisters. I think she will also love the new outfit that you’ve got as a surprise for her. It will look very special on her too 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • Thank you Sharon. Green is Joanie’s best color I think though she loves her new outfit too which has only a little bit of dark green. It is nice to mix and match outfits and see what best suits the girls. We really enjoy it! Big hugs to you!! 😊XXX

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