🌹Ella Rose 🌹


Hello. My name is Ella Rose.  I am very, very shy girl.  I came to live here at Sasha Shangri-La  last October in 2015.  Mommy finally convinced me to be photographed. I am nervous. I was repainted by Kelly Wenarsky and came home to Mommy in this outfit.  Mommy added these leather shoes made by Monica Jarpey. ❤️


Mommy said I have pretty eyes and freckles.  Mommy gave me my tiny piggies and I love them. ❤️


Mommy has been very busy lately. She asked me to share with you that we had a wonderful Thanksgiving here on Cow Creek.  Also, Mommy is retiring from her work next month. There are a lot of farewells for Mommy to say to her work friends. 😊


But…..the most exciting news is that Mommy’s son Luke is getting married next weekend.  Everyone is so happy about the wedding and there will be lots of family members visiting with us and lots of celebrating! 😊


Weddings really stir up things, don’t they? Everyone is very busy! 😊


But Mommy said it is a good and happy time and that we are all blessed. ❤️


Plus, we hope to decorate for Christmas sometime soon. Tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent and we all look forward to Christmas.  But for now, we are thinking mostly about the wedding. 😊


I hope you enjoyed your visit with me today.  I think it wasn’t too terribly difficult to speak for Mommy and I am feeling less nervous now.  I am a good girl, Mommy’s sweet Ella Rose. 🌹


Mommy gave me this tiny rag doll. I love my dolly. ❤️


We hope you have a lovely weekend and a lovely week to come.  Mommy wanted me to say that she will write again on the blog as soon as possible after the wedding. 😊 xxx


A couple of waterlogue images to enjoy. 🌹



9 thoughts on “🌹Ella Rose 🌹

  1. Hello Ella Rose, it’s lovely to meet you .thank you so much for updating us on all the wonderful goings on over there at Cow Creek. How wonderful that mummy,s son is getting married ,I bet everyone is very excited and going to,have a great day of family celebration.
    And how lovely that mummy is going to retire and get to spend more time with all her lovely Sasha Children and other doll families.
    You have done a great job .and I love your little pigtails and your lovely dress and shoes.
    Auntie Dee

    • Thank you Auntie Dee! You are most welcome and I think I like talking about the fun happening here. It was hard at first but it was easier as it went along. Your kind comments make me feel much better. I love my outfit too! Bye bye dear Auntie Dee. 😊 xxx

  2. Ella Rose is so special Ginger, what a stunning repaint by Kelly. I just love her serious expression, she looks like a worrier to me! You world seems to be changing all at once and I wish you the very best in the coming weeks dear friend. I will be thinking of you ❤

    • Thank you Janet. I love Ella Rose’s expression too. I do think she is a serious young lady. Thank you too for the lovely good wishes for the upcoming events. Things are really picking up and I am so excited about the wedding! ❤ xxx

  3. Ella Rose you are very pretty and your matching shoes and dress are beautiful. You did a great job being your momma’s spokesperson.
    Ginger – have a great week and I hope the wedding day is wonderful for everyone. Don’t forget, waterproof mascara and plenty of tissues! Roll on retirement – it is fabulous xxx

    • Thank you Tricia for the lovely wishes for the upcoming wedding. I will have waterproof mascara and loads and loads of tissues. A very happy time for all of us! I can hardly contemplate retirement now but next week, I will definitely be giving it a lot of thought! 🙂 xxx

  4. You have many exciting days ahead, Ginger, and I believe all will all be tied together like a beautiful Christmas bow. The memories will be retold many times in the future until they become family legends. Ella Rose, despite her nervousness, mastered her shyness, telling all of us of your happy tidings just ahead. She’s a beautiful young lady.

    • How lovely Anne to think of all the events working together to make a beautiful Christmas bow! The memories will live on and the Mullins family loves to tell stories and to share laughter and love. Thank you for reminding me of the special gifts that will stay with us. I am happy you like Ella Rose too. 🙂 xxx

  5. Goodness me, so many things happening at Cow Creek ! Firstly, hello there Ella Rose, you don’t need to be shy, you are a very lovely girl with the sweetest little piggies and everyone here is nice ! Mummy will have more time to play with you soon and I bet she can’t wait. All the best, Ginger for your new change of pace, I hope you get at least half of the things done that you’ve been ‘saving for retirement’ – I have a long list. And congratulations to Luke ! How exciting ! My daughter Emma is getting married two days after Christmas (entirely her idea !!) so I’ve been fiddling with her wedding shoes this morning and adjusting her dress. I hope Luke’s special day goes well and the weather is kind for photos ! xx

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