❤️ Boys will be Boys ❤️


It is boy’s day today and we are beginning with a sweet shorts boy, Quinn.  He is wearing a beautiful sweater and matching hat knitted by Diane Duke.  All the knitted wear shown today on the boys was made by Diane. ❤️


Quinn with his puppy.  His trousers were made by Gotz and his brown leather boots were made by Ruthsdolls.


Quinn. ❤️


This dear boy is a 1968 brunette with delightful eyes that have radiating irises.  His name is Brodie. ❤️


Brodie with his puppy and wearing black corduroy trousers with black leather boots made by Jean Jensen (JJ).


Brodie, my dear boy. ❤️


Ryder the lone early Gotz boy here at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤️


Ryder with his puppy.  He wears nice demin trousers and colorful checked trainers. ❤️


Gus a handsome repaint by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. ❤️


Gus with his stuffed horse.  His jeans were found at Sashapotamus on the Etsy site and his red leather shoes were made by Boneka.


Gus. ❤️


This handsome boy is a 1967 brunette NP with non-falling hair.  His name is Bronson. ❤️


Bronson with his puppy.  He wears off white trousers and red leather JJ boots. ❤️


Bronson. ❤️


This is Drew a 1968 brunette boy with very nice eyes. ❤️


Drew with his puppy.  His jeans with leather knee patches were made by Pinestreet Studios and the maker of his blue leather boots is unknown.

imageThis is Nico a 1967 brunette NP. ❤️


Nico with his puppy.  His navy trousers have a herringbone pattern and the maker is unknown.  His blue leather boots were made by JJ. ❤️

imageThis is a 1970’s brunette boy named Mike. ❤️


Mike’s puppy ran away while I was taking photos but we found him later in the day. 😉  Mike is wearing burgundy corduroy trousers and purple leather boots by Ruthsdolls.

imageAnother view of Mike. ❤️


This is a 1970’s blonde boy named Joey. ❤️

imageJoey with his puppy.  He is wearing brown trousers and brown leather boots by Ruthsdolls.

imageThis fabulous boy is a repaint by Cassie Rogers and Cassie also dyed his hair a wonderful strawberry blonde color. ❤️


Max with his sock monkey.  He is wearing terrific jeans from Sashapotamus and brown leather boots Cassie found on the Internet. What a boy!

imageMore of Max. ❤️


Love you Max. ❤️


This is dear Duncan a 1970’s brunette boy with blue eyes. Duncan came from the factory with his rare eye color. ❤️


Duncan with his bear.  He wears a wonderful outfit that I won at auction during the 2016 Sasha Festival in Rochester.  The cardigan was knitted by Diane, the trousers were made by Judith of Dolly Doodles and his golden leather shoes were made by Noreen.  I love this outfit!


Duncan. ❤️


This wee boy is Johnny a Gotz toddler. ❤️

imageJohnny with his stuffed pony.  He wears green trousers made by Sharon Humphreys and black and white saddle oxfords. ❤️


Last and by no means least is my dear Finn a 1967 blonde NP. ❤️

imageFinn with his puppy Fetch.  Finn wears green corduroy trousers with tan suede JJ boots.


Love you Finn. ❤️


Beautiful design and colors. ❤️

imageThank you for visiting with us today.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing these thirteen boys in their colorful outfits.


We all wish you a wonderful weekend and a happy week to come. 😊 xxx

imageA waterlogue image of Max for you to see. ❤️

16 thoughts on “❤️ Boys will be Boys ❤️

  1. What a truly FANTASTIC post! Love each and everyone of your boys and most impressed by their Diane Duke jumpers! (Shan’t be letting any of my Brood see this post as don’t want then getting any Halloween or jumper ideas!)
    Wishing you all over there a very happy Halloween! (Although being a Roman Catholic and so don’t celebrate this event I do buy a huge tin of Cadbury’s Celebrations and tip them into a black cauldron to treat all those little and not so little front door visitors)

    • Hi Kendal and thank you! I am glad you liked the post. So often our boys are left out and it is nice to feature them and to show them in vivid colors is especially nice!

      This time of year your brood would especially want a cardigan or two to help keep warm! Plus carving a pumpkin is fun for all. 🙂

      Halloween with trick or treaters visiting falls on the 31st this year. We buy treats every year and have yet to have one visitor out here on the farm. We are just too far out in the country. I still hope for one to come by though.I love to decorate and enjoy the Fall season. Great fun! 🙂 xxx

  2. Such gorgeous boys and so stylishly dressed, ready for autumn walks at the farm. I especially love Max and Finn’s poppy sweaters. 🙂 xxx

  3. Oh gosh, Ginger – did I do all those?! Thank you so much for bringing them all together. I have never seen so many of them all together in one place – they are only ever here in ones or twos. Tell your lads they look so handsome and a credit to you. Xx

    • Hi Diane and thank you! I will tell the boys how handsome they look and it was no small task getting them all together, dressed and getting them to stand still for the photo! I love your knits, as you know, and it is nice to have colorful and well made clothing for the boys too! 🙂 xxx

  4. What a beautiful and colourful post. How amazing to see all of these Diane mini Kaffe knits in one place, they all look so splendid together. I love that the boys haven’t shied away from pink either and Finn, I secretly love the colours of your cardi the best xxx

    • Thank you Janet. I am so glad you enjoyed the post. Once I laid out Diane’s knits to try on the boys, they all were so excited and they all wanted to wear a sweater no matter the color! So I grabbed the pink and purple sweaters too. Secretly my favorite colors are in Finn’s cardigan and I think that is why Finn is wearing it! ❤️ xxx

  5. What a fabulous group of beautifully dresses boys Ginger. I love every single one. Those gorgeous colours all together in the group photo would brighten any winters day.
    That’snot to say the the single shots don’t also.
    Diane’s Kaffe sweaters are wonderful and so full of colour and your handsome boys look perfect, every single one!
    Many thanks for sharing this vibrant post o this cold late autumn day, it will keep me warm and smiling every time I see it 🙂 xxxx

    • Hi Dee! Thank you for the lovely comments, I love the Kaffe sweaters too. Each one is a delight and putting them all together was great fun! The boys cooperated too and were so happy to go outdoors in the nice weather. We love the cooler autumn days. I hope you are enjoying your time post CnS and that your construction project is still moving along well. 🙂 xxx

  6. Oh my goodness ! Every single boy has a wonderful and unique sweater to wear and don ‘t they deserve it. You have a very handsome band of boys and, if they’re not listening…if they are please cover their ears…I think Max and Finn look the most handsome in theirs, just because I love those colours and they suit them so well :))

    • Thank you for the lovely comments and please excuse my tardy response. I do so appreciate you taking the time to share a thought or two. I seem to be chronically late on blog commenting in recent months. I am retiring from work next month and hopefully I will improve my timeliness in the new year.

      I love the colors too on Max and Finn and they look so handsome too. I love this time of year so very much. 🙂 xxx

  7. WOW what a gorgeous bunch of boys you have there Ginger, and all so beautifully dressed in their knitwear by Diane 🙂 I suspect that there won’t be any moans of “I’m cold mummy!” when the winter sets in where you live, not with their cosy jumpers and hats anyway!
    Big hugs xxx

    • Thank you so much Sharon and I am glad you enjoyed the post of my boys. Their knitwear is so wonderful and very warm too so you are correct, no moans about being cold from the boys on Cow Creek! 😉

      Please forgive my tardy response. I really hope to improve the timing of my blog commenting in the upcoming months. Time is flying by! Sending you very Big Hugs! 🙂 XXX

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