Jessie and Lucy Model Two Tricia Jackson Handsewn Outfits

You may remember Jessie, a 1967 brunette Sasha NP with a side part, and non-falling hair cut into a sweet bob. I really like the bobbed hair cut on our Sasha dolls.


Jessie and I were on the front porch enjoying the beautiful weather. ❤


This beautiful outfit with the sailor collar was hand sewn by Tricia Jackson.  I love this outfit and everything about it.  The length is perfect to show the cutest of legs that our wonderful Sasha dolls enjoy.  Her sandals were made by Jean Jensen and I was very fortunate to buy them at the Sasha Festival in Rochester from Ellen Church. ❤


Jessie has perked up a bit lately since receiving her new dress and finally getting some attention from Mommy. 😉


The sun feels so good on our faces especially since the temperatures were in the 60’s which makes for a perfect day at Sasha Shangri-La. 🙂


Jessie basking in the warmth of the day. ❤


I realize I have totally missed the summer season by showing this lovely summer dress and sandals in October but I so wanted to share these outfits made by Tricia plus I did not want to wait until 2017.  So I hope you will not mind seeing them now.


Next, we have Lucy modeling this two piece outfit made by Tricia.  Her leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen.  This cute top and skirt are both reversible and allow you to mix and match 4 different outfits. 🙂


Dear Lucy was a Gregor waif at one time.  She was re-rooted by Emma Flood and her eyes were wonderfully repainted by Cassie Rogers. ❤


A peek at the other side of her white eyelet top.  I love the fabrics! ❤


Lucy up close. 🙂


A peek to see the other side of her skirt which is the lovely eyelet plus her matching pants. 🙂


Lucy enjoying the lovely day in her lovely outfit. ❤


Lucy up close. 🙂


A few photos of Jessie and Lucy together.


Sisters enjoying their outfits and their day together. 🙂


Thank you Auntie Tricia for our beautiful outfits. ❤


Jessie and Lucy both want to thank you for visiting with us today and they wish you a wonderful day and week to come. 🙂 xxx


A couple of waterlogue images for you to enjoy. ❤





19 thoughts on “Jessie and Lucy Model Two Tricia Jackson Handsewn Outfits

  1. They are lovely outfits by Tricia. I recognise the pattern for the dress with the sailor collar as I have that pattern myself, but the mix and match outfit is unfamiliar and very pretty. What lucky girls.

  2. You have a beautiful Sasha family, Ginger. I’m sure in the future you will continue to hear the beat of Sasha’s fists knocking at your door and yelling, “Let me in. I know you are there. I too want to become a resident here.

    • Hi Anne! I am sure you are correct! I love these dolls and it is a joy to adopt them and bring them into the family. I think I should slow down on Sasha purchases at times but then I see one that I would love to adopt and the idea of slowing down vanishes quickly. They are wonderful dolls! 🙂 xxx

  3. What very pretty outfits being worn by your gorgeous girls. Auntie Tricia is a star for making such nice clothes for them, they must be very happy….in fact I can see how happy they are, their little eyes are shining with happiness 🙂
    Big hugs to you Ginger xxxx

    • Hi Sharon and thank you. I think they look happy too. The weather is just fantastic and they are enjoying it very much. Trica’s outfits are very pretty on these bobbed hair girls. Big hugs back at you! 🙂 xxx

  4. Yes, I do remember your Jessie and she looks really lovely in her new sailor style dress by Tricia ..AND I also remember Lucy who had her eyes re-painted by Cassie (along with another doll if I’m remembering correctly?)
    I much prefer our Sasha Dolls with bobbed hair and Emma has re-rooted Lucy’s hair beautifully.
    What an excellent idea of Tricia’s to make that sweet little reversible skirt and top. Such fun with all that mixing and matching. I too have some of those JJ flipflops but haven’t seen the style of her blue sandals before this.
    I am very ‘taken’ with the US’s front and back porches/verandas idea. I’m supposing that our later patios and decking areas can be considered the equivalent of these…although ours are not usually covered with some form of protective roofing?.
    Thanks for this lovely post and please thank Jessie and Lucy for this weeks good wishes.

    • Hi Kendal and thank you for the lovely comments. I do have three other dolls repainted by Cassie. They are Tassie (redhead), Sammie (honey blonde) and Max a blonde Gregor with sandy-reddish blonde hair now. Lucy was the first though and Cassie painted her at the Sasha Festival in Phoenix. 🙂

      I really love the bobbed hair style too on our Sasha dolls and I wore it myself as did my Mother for many years. ❤️

      Both of our porches are covered which is nice for porch rocking, swinging, and just sitting outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. During the hot summer days there is precious little of porch time here on Cow Creek but it is a favorite practice in the Spring and Fall seasons. I hope to have more of this special time after I retire but I suspect that my days will be full with doing the things I have so wanted to do but could not do because of my job’s time demands. Some extra porch time will be one of those things on my list to do along with spending more time outdoors. 🙂 xxx

  5. Well, that was a lovely surprise to see my name in your post title! I’m pleased the girls like their outfits. Your porch is wonderful spot – and what Kendal doesn’t know about is the hot tub on the back porch – bliss!!! Have a lovely weekend Ginger x

    • Hi Tricia! We love your outfits! The styles, the colors, the fabrics, and the fit especially the lengths which show their pretty legs. ❤️

      Yes the hot tub is a real treat! Thank you for the lovely wishes. 🙂 xxx

  6. What a lovely post, it’s like visiting summer all over again. Jessie and Lucy look adorable in their Tricia outfits, she does such fine work, how wonderful to have two of these special outfits. It seems you have a pair of JJ shoes or sandals for every outfit Ginger, lucky dollies! ❤

    • Thank you Janet. It is like the time we spent togetger on the porches and with the dolls…a wonderful time!!! I love the JJ footwear and her outfits. I feel priviledged to have a nice collection. I shared emails with Jean and placed all the orders my coin purse would allow while she was here with us. I did not meet her in person and wish that I had known her better. So when I find a pair today, I consider myself to be very fortunate. ❤️ xxx

  7. WOW, Ginger! Both girls are amazing of course. It’s always a pleasure to see Sasha wearing anything no matter if it fits the season or not. Personally, I don’t concern myself with what Sasha is wearing year round. As long as she is happy. If she is happy, then I am happy. Thank you for sharing these two amazing summertime dresses when the weather is cooling off. It’s a breath of fresh air.

    • Thank you Cathy! I am glad you enjoyed seeing the summery outfits as we post our Fall/Halloween photos on your facebook group “Timeless Treasures”. ;). I am like you though with being very happy when the Sashas are happy! Aren’t these Fall days just wonderful lately? Heavenly. 🙂 xxx

  8. Jessie and Lucy both looks beautiful in their Tricia Jackson handmade clothes. Girls we love seeing summer clothes in Fall or any new clothes whenever you want to wear them as we know if you don’t use the straight away they can get forgotten.
    So you are a nice pair of sunbeams sending some some warmth 🙂 xxx

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