Dungaree Times Three

This dear girl is Marcie, a Gotz no navel wearing her dungarees outfit. We were able to go outdoors the other day after the fog lifted and the dew dried. ❤

Marcie has a sweet little kitty to love. ❤

I think Marcie looks a bit lonely, don’t you? 😦

Well, hello there Heidi! It is so nice to see you! 🙂

Heidi is wearing a nice Ruthsdolls dungaree outfit. Heidi is a repaint by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. ❤

I think I see a foot there beside you Heidi, is that sweet Marcie? 🙂

Yes Mommy, it is me, Marcie and isn’t it nice that Heidi is here to play with me? 🙂

Yes Marcie, it is always a nice sight to see you and Heidi and especially nice to be outdoors! 🙂

My oh my, how lucky we are that Mimi has decided to join us! 🙂

Hi Mimi! Mimi’s dungarees were made by Wilma Robard and her dotted leather shoes were made by Paula of 4 Angels. Marcie is so happy to see Mimi! 🙂

Mimi up close. ❤

I wanted to photograph Mimi’s little ponytail curl, seen at her back hairline, because I forgot to do so when she was introduced. 🙂

Mimi, Marcie, and Heidi, dunagrees times three. ❤

Mimi loves her sisters very much. ❤

How happy we all are this day and our hearts are full of sisterly love. ❤

Lastly, a waterlogue image to share with you. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and are able to hug a Sasha or two. Thank you for visiting us here at Sasha Shangri-La. 🙂 xxx

13 thoughts on “Dungaree Times Three

  1. Awww sweet dungarees girls Ginger! I think the girls will have a lovely time playing together in the garden! Love those pink flowered dungaress!
    Have a lovely weekend Ginger 🙂

    • Hi Sharon and thank you! It was fun to be outdoors and Fall is in the air. The past two days have been in the 80’s which is much better than the previous week of scorching 90’s! Thank you for the lovely wishes! 🙂 xxx

  2. Mimi, Marcie and Heidi look like they are going to have a great weekend playing in the garden with each other. Love their clothes but especially Mimi’s Pink floral dungarees! We to are lucky to have a pair of Paula’s spotted pink shoes! The girls are still fighting over who gets to wear them first! 🙂
    Sisterly love is a wonderful thing 🙂 I hope all at Sasha Shangri La have a lovely warm and family weekend :)xxx

    • Thank you Dee! I felt fortubate to get those pink spotted shoes. I have a feeling they will be worn eventually by all of the girls here on the farm. They are a big hit but Mimi got to them first. She sends her love to you! ❤ xxx

  3. This was quite a surprise as from the title I was expecting to see three Frido Dungaree girls! Just goes to show what thought did!

    I already recognise and know Mimi and Heidi but is Marcie quite a new recuit as can’t remember seeing her before?…. although with SO many new dolls of late arriving to live with you I might easily have missed her introductory post.

    Can I ask you who Heidie was before Janet customised her? Was she a Gregor blonde Denims with added long hair? If so a truly beautiful outcome!

    I love Marcie’s wider face and quite unusual for a No-navel doll. Also like the red hair/blue eye combination.

    Enjoy yourselves girls out in the garden and sunshine as it unfortunately won’t be too long now until you’re mainly stuck indoors with the Winter months not too far away.
    Thanks for the good wishes and I’ll go and do as you suggest and go and hug a Sasha/ baby or two. (The Gregor lads aren’t keen on this so will give them a miss.)

    • Hello Kendal and I too did think of the traditional Trendon dungarees girls when I titled this post but I thought to give it a bit of a stretch for fun. 🙂

      Marcie was adopted from Ellen Church earlier in the year and I have posted her before but it has been a while now. I shared a few of Ellen’s photos too. Ellen so beautifully dressed Marcie in pinafores and sweaters and it was a delight to see her in the very best. Also, you may remember Marcie’s “birthmark” which was made when taken from the mold. Mimi has one too! ❤

      Heidi was a 69/70 blonde gingham girl needing TLC and she had been here quite a while before going to Janet's for her make over. So Heidi had the long blonde hair that makes for a nice ponytail. 🙂

      I am happy you enjoyed the post. Today is overcast so far but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny! 🙂 xxx

  4. Hello Marcie, Mimi and Heidi, you all look so cute in your dungarees. I was like Kendal in expecting Frido Dungarees, what a lovely surprise to see these little girls at play instead. ❤

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