Carly Is Welcomed to Sasha Shangri-La



This delicate little girl named Carlotta came in July wearing her very warm brown corduroy dress. So….

Time to lighten up!!!  First, Carlotta is now nick-named Carly and second; Carly is redressed in a summer dress made by Molly and white leather sandals that were made by Jean Jensen. 🙂

Just for now, I swept Carly’s fringe back with the matching headband.  Her handmade cloth doll was her welcoming gift. 🙂

Carly is a 1967 Trendon NP girl with pretty blue eyes and blonde hair. 🙂

A close view of Carly. ❤    Oh happy day…my sister Ellen has arrived! 🙂

The very sweet Ellen is wearing a lovely dress made by Frances Tricket. ❤

Ellen is a 1966-67 Trendon girl. I love her beautiful eyes. ❤

Ellen’s pink leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen. 🙂

A closer view of dear Ellen. ❤

How nice that Ellen and Pearl are the welcoming sisters for Carly’s arrival.  They adore their new sister. ❤

Sisters three!!!   It is interesting to see how unique each Sasha is and I think they are each lovely in their own special way. ❤

A very hot day but these girls are staying cool in their summer frocks. 🙂

Welcome dear Carly! We love you! ❤

A final photo of the sisters. We wish you all a very happy and blessed month of August!  Thank you for visiting us and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 xxx

p.s. A watercolor from a computer application for you. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Carly Is Welcomed to Sasha Shangri-La

  1. Carlotta is gorgeous Ginger ! and she looks so happy with her sisters Ellen and Pearl, a true magnificent threesome!
    I love their pink dresses and matching shoes and socks, along with Pearl in blue they make a lovely summer palette.
    You must be very happy Carly a beautiful faced girl :)xxx

  2. Whilst I try very hard NOT to have any favourites amongst all these beautifully pretty Sasha girls I can’t help myself singling out Ellen here as being my very favourite.
    I am always very taken with the wider faced girls as it is but here I just adore this eye painting. (It is very similar to one of my girls and a short time ago Steve, having admired mine, has manage to get one too.)
    Charlotte/Carly is another super addition to your ever growing Sasha family. (I can hardly keep up with ALL these new additions! It seems that no sooner have I welcomed the latest one on your blogspot than another immediately appears.)
    (BTW Ellen’s pink flecked socks look really sweet with that dress.)

    • Thank you Kendal and I love Ellen’s eye painting too. I was fortunate to find her on Shelly’s site a couple of years ago. Carly was bought from her previous owner who lives in Germany. I was lucky to find her too. 🙂

      You are so right, we have had a lot of additions to the family here on the farm. A lot of them have been a result of my eyes opening up to the wonderful world of Sasha repainting. With the remarkable and talented artists in our Sasha world, we now see tired waifs transform into very special and beautiful dolls that are available to us, They add a wonderfully unique facet to our Sasha collections that I am finding to be irresistable. ❤ xxx

  3. Welcome Carly, you are in very good company with your lovely sisters and I love you toy dolly, how cute she is. It is wonderful to see Ellen again too, what a beauty and I just adore her dress.

  4. Hello lovely Ellen! So glad youve had a warm welcome from your sisters and a toy and wonderful clothes from your new Mommy! Really nice to meet you! Love from Aunty Sarah and your cousins in England! Xxx

    • Hi Auntie Sarah and thank you for writing to me! I am so happy to be here with my new sisters and it is so much fun to try on new outfits together. 🙂 I am sending you much love and hugs and also sending the same to my lovely cousins in England! ❤ xxx

  5. Another beautiful addition to your Sasha family Ginger, and what a pretty one too! I think she fits in really well with her sisters and they look very happy to have her there too.
    They are all dressed beautifully too, nice and cool in their summer dresses, so that they don’t get too hot.
    Big hugs xx

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