A New Girl Arrives at Sasha Shangi-La

A new arrival at Sasha Shangri-La!  This sweet girl came from Shelly’s site dressed as you see here in Shelly’s photo. 🙂

I redressed this sweet girl and put a pretty headband in her hair. 🙂

The dress, shoes and socks are made by Ruthsdolls and the maker of the knitted bolero is unknown.  She likes her new outfit. 🙂

I love her sweet expression. 🙂

A closer view for you to see. What is her name ???

A dear little teddy was given to her to help her feel better with the transition to a new home. 🙂

Pretty, silky blonde hair. 🙂

Hello there little one!  Wonder what her name is??? 🙂

I just had to ask her what her name is and she sat down to think about the answer.  She is a shy girl. 🙂

She got very close and softly whispered her name in my ear. What a dear little girl! ❤

She sat down again and looked more at ease now. I think she is feeling more at home here on the farm since I now know her name. 🙂

Please allow me to introduce Diana, a 1965/66 Gotz girl with amber eyes and the newest member of the Sasha Shangri-La family.  We have welcomed her here on the farm with open arms. ❤

Diana and I both thank you kindly for visiting us at Sasha Shangri-La. We both are sending your hugs and happy wishes for today and the weekend to come! 🙂 xxx

16 thoughts on “A New Girl Arrives at Sasha Shangi-La

  1. What a sweet little girl Diana is Ginger, I’m sure she’ll be very happy with you all at Sasha Shangri-la!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Hello Diana! You’ve been lucky to get a great new home and new Mommy! How pretty you look in all your new things! Settle in well. Love Auntie Sarah in England x

    • Hi Auntie Sarah! Thank you for the very kind words. I love it here and am getting to know my brothers and sisters very well. We are going to play outdoors today! Have a happy day! ❤ xxx

  3. Diana is such a beauty Ginger, I love her wistful expression. You have dressed her perfectly and I’m glad she is settling in now xx

  4. Welcome Diana ,another beautiful girl joins Sasha Shangi La family. It’s lovely to see Sasha’s or Gregor’s arriving at their new homes and being photographed and changed and all those photo’s shared.
    So thank you for sharing Diana with us Ginger, she’s a darling :)xxx

  5. I’m always very interested in eventually seeing just who adopts the dolls on Sashadolluk!
    So another box ticked here on seeing your really lovely Gotz yellow-eyed with lashes lass, Diana.

    From looking at her new outfit I think that I’m right in saying that my girls have a very similar Ruthsdoll’s dress in the same material but their’s has a white lace trimmed collar (purchased from Ruth’s sales table at the 2015 CnS) though we haven’t got the shoes and socks to match.

    Perfect colouring to the little knitted bolero to go over the dress (plus enhancing her eye colour) as an extra layer of warmth to combat this somewhat chilly spell that we are now experiencing after those beautifully sunny two past weeks..

    Enjoy yourselves and thanks for the Bank Holiday weekend’s wishes.

    • Thank you Kendal for the lovely comments. I am glad you enjoyed seeing Diana and it is nice to follow a doll’s journeys from Shelly’s site to their new homes when we are lucky enough to find out! I lreally like the dress fabric very much with the tiny flowers and pretty colors. I will look out for your dress on your blog. 🙂

      Our weather is warming up though our mornings are still crisp. I love the sunshine and longer evenings with daylight. Plus I am fully restored health wise which gives me a greater appreciation of the beauty outdoors. Enjoy your Bank Holiday! ❤ xxx

  6. She’s so beautiful. I love her wonderful expression. Congratulations on your new adoptee! xxx Verity-Kate

    • Hello Verity-Kate!!! Thank you for writing to me and so happy you love Diana! We are having some Sasha family changes here with some dear ones being adopted and other dear ones arriving new into the family fold. Happy days are here and feeling fine! ❤ xxx

    • Hi Ronnie, so very nice to hear from you!!! I really hate to disappoint though but I just GOTZ to do it this time! 😉 My next post is 100% Trendon and I hope you will enjoy it.

      I am also going to render an accounting of my dolls for 2015 to see where I am number-wise. I have a feeling that 12 may be tough to meet and easy to exceed!!! ❤ xxx

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