Mummy is Home but Puny

Hi, Jessie here and my Mummy was gone all week for her work.  When she returned home last night she was very tired and she also brought home a bad cold!  That is why I look so sad today. I wany Mummy to get better soon!

Mummy wanted me to say hello to everyone and that she will be back reading your wonderful blogs soon and commenting too!  She said she missed that special reading time very much. Have a great Sasha week and I am sending big hugs to you!   I am going to give Mummy my teddy to cuddle and I hope that will help her to feel better. 🙂 xxx

10 thoughts on “Mummy is Home but Puny

  1. I hope Mummy feels better soon Jessie, look after her for us and wish her well. There are lots of cold and illness going around at the moment, so look after all your brothers and sisters too.
    Big hugs Auntie Dee xx

  2. Thanks Jessie for letting us know about your ‘poorly’ mummy so that we can send her ‘get well’ wishes.
    I’m sure that with her now being back home and you letting her cuddle your teddy will most certainly help her start to get better. Make sure that she’s gets plenty of rest and hot drinks as that will help too.
    You’re loooking really lovely and snug in your new outfit. Just perfect for this time of the year.
    Thanks too for the good wishes for the coming week.

  3. Awww Ginger, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not well but hope that with a bit of TLC from Jessie and her teddy bear it won’t be long before you’re feeling great again and can come and play with us here in Blogger Land 🙂
    sending big hugs xxxx

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