Rena Revisited

I wanted to feature Rena on her own. She is a ballerina at heart, is light of foot, and loves to dance. 🙂

I have shown these photos before and hope you will enjoy seeing them again. This beautiful ballerina outfit was made by Ruth Briggs. I cannot imagine being able to create such a lovely outfit that fits so perfectly. I love it. ❤

Rena was “Yamka” but was quickly renamed Rena, the ballerina. She was very, very happy in her ballet outfit and did not want to change outfits at first.

A lovely white bag with daisy closures keeps Rena’s ballet outfit safe and easy to find. 🙂

Rena thanked me for her clothing and shoes. She freely shared that life is much improved outside of her long held tube home.  She said that her heart was filling with much love for all of her brothers and sisters here at Sasha Shangri-La and especially for Gracie. ❤

Rena up close.  I love her eye painting and her jet black hair too.  Her knitted sweater and hat were skillfully made by Diane Duke. 🙂

A full length photo of Rena.

A last photo of Rena. I hope you enjoyed getting to know her better. Thank you for visiting us.  Have a wonderful weekend and week to come! 🙂 xxx

8 thoughts on “Rena Revisited

  1. Hi Rena
    I bet you love being out of your tube and dancing about. It’s nice to put away your dancing clothes for a while and wrap up warm so that you can enjoy the winter fun along with your brothers and Sisters and little Gracie 🙂 xx

    • Hi Auntie Dee! So nice to hear from you and you are so right, I feel free as a bird!!! :). I am very thankful to have lovely, warm clothes to wear too. I am still getting to know everyone here but Gracie has my heart. ❤ xxx

  2. The 2001 limited to 500 Gotz Yamkas was a lovely addition to their range using Sasha’s Studio Doll as their model. I rather regret selling mine as it was great to own a black haired Sasha 42cm girl apart from the 1966/67 Frido Gingham girls.
    (Their only other Gotz black haired dolls were the two boy Eskimos, Allan and baby Alex and the little Chinese baby girl, Like.)

    Rena is a very attractive looking girl with the darker brown, outlined eyes (which I think must have been lncluded in the later numbers…..or have they been enhanced since?) Mine had the paler eyes with no outer boarder lines.

    I like how you have tied or secured her hair to the sides so that it doesn’t fall onto her face.
    (Will try to find a photo of my ex-Yamka and forward it on to you so that you can see the eye painting differences.)

    • Hi Kendal and thank you for sending the lovely photo of your ex-Yamka. She is very beautiful and looks softer than Rena. Their eyes are very different and it reminds me of my two toddler twin Ionas and each one having very different eye painting. I still have not found that additional information about the production time frames and possible different painting styles. I do think it makes sense that this may have happened because we see that is the case in other Sasha doll productions where Sasha’s eyes tell the time frames they were painted.

      Rena is #379 so closer to the end of production. I don’t think her eyes are enhanced but it could be since she has been owned by others. Her eyes do look original to me. Was your Yamka an earlier number?

      I, too, love the black hair and I am glad there are other dolls that have it besides the early girls even if it is just 500. It is very striking and contrasts nicely with the blonde and redheaded girls when they are together. Yamka was a long time coming but she was worth the wait! 🙂 xxx

  3. Rena is such a pretty girl that it was lovely to see her featured again on her own 🙂 I think her hair is paricularly nice and dark….and her eyes are very pretty too. I’m glad to see her again and like her in her new warm cosy sweater and hat by Diane 🙂
    Big hugs SHaron xxx

    • Thank you Sharon! I am glad you liked seeing her again and so soon too. Sometimes that sweet Gracie does steal the show so to speak. Rena is nice to show alone and apparently looks gorgeous in every outfit so far! Love her ❤

      I also wanted to give full acknowledgement to Ruth Briggs for making that gorgeous ballet outfit. Dear Kendal helped me immensely with the correct information. I always love hearing from you Sharon! ❤ xxx

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