Please Meet Hazel

I am so happy to introduce the beautiful Hazel, a blonde Gotz no navel with brown eyes. Hazel has joined the family here at Sasha Shangri-La coming from her previous loving home with Ellen Church.

Some time ago, a lovely and talented friend, Fanny Boiten, agreed to make this gorgeous outfit that you see Hazel modeling. I have enjoyed seeing Fanny’s photos of her Sasha dolls posted on facebook and especially liked seeing their beautiful outfits which Fanny creates with a keen eye for color, texture, and fashion.

The smart wool hat fits Hazel perfectly. ❤

Hazel has very nice and full, silky hair. She is the second no navel girl to join the Sasha Shangri-La family with Sarah, a blonde, blue eyed girl, being the first. Hazel is near mint in condition and her nature is kind and giving.  Her sister, Sarah was a bit timid at first when she met Hazel because Sarah has a few scrapes and rubs and her hair is unruly at times.

But all is very well here due to the great affection that has grown between Hazel and Sarah.  Sarah’s receipt of unconditional love from Hazel has now created a strong sisterly bond.  Hazel and Sarah spend much time together and Hazel says often to Sarah that sisters must always stick together!  Sarah was cheering her sister along while I was taking photos. 🙂

Straight from the pumpkin patch this morning, Hazel observes the bright orange pumpkin and she and her little dolly stop to smile for the camera. 🙂

Hazel has a very sweet, elfish-like charm that is endearing. It was love at first sight for me! Her wonderful leather shoes are from Sashapotamus.

An indoor photo of Hazel carrying her dolly in a basket. I wasn’t sure about the weather with a very dark and overcast morning here on the farm. Fortunately, it did not rain and we were able to go outdoors later.

Hazel up close. 🙂

A nice side view of her beautiful outfit. 🙂

A last outdoor photo of sweet Hazel. 🙂

This is the outfit Hazel wore to her new home. This photo and the remaining photos were taken by Ellen Church and I asked her if I might show them on the blog. Ellen was very happy to share with you and I thought you might like to see Hazel in a few other outfits.

Hazel looking smart in her woolen delights!  Ellen knitted the wonderful bunny hat and Karen Warnaka made the fabulous coat.  When Hazel arrived at Sasha Shangri-La, she brought with her the coat and hat which I dearly love and it was such a splendid surprise!  Hazel will stay warm and look great this winter! 🙂

I think Hazel looks very pretty in lavender.

Another very smart outfit modeled by Hazel and dressed by Ellen.  What a great color!  Thank you all for visiting us at Sasha Shangri-La.  I hope you have enjoyed meeting Hazel and seeing her in lovely fashions.  Hazel and I are sending you big hugs and we wish you a beautiful week to come! 🙂 xxx

12 thoughts on “Please Meet Hazel

  1. What a delightful Gotz No-navel Hazel is! Her outfit is just the perfect colour to go with her name and the month when the leaves are starting to turn into their Autumnal colours.

    Loved the way you describe the differences in the conditions between Sarah and the ‘minty’ Hazel. Beautifully put with no offence directed at Sarah (mind you, if you’re anything like me, we all have such extra soft spots for the waifs.)
    So pleased to read that they are now two loving and supportive sisters ready to enjoy life and take on any challenges that it might throw at them together.

    Great freshly harvested pumpkin reminding us that Halloween will soon be upon us. How the months (and years for me!) are flying by!
    Many thanks Hazel for your good wishes for the coming week. We wish you and your sister the same.

    • Thank you Kendal and I agree that it is special to kick off the beautiful Fall season with the beautiful Hazel dressed in lovely Fall colors. Hazel came with her name in place and, when she arrived, she quickly affirmed that she was Hazel which was fully expected. 🙂

      We have been blessed for the past two years with unplanted pumpkins sprouting up on the north side of the house. What a treat that has been! The time is indeed passing so quickly. I hope we can all enjoy this remarkable time of the year! 🙂 xxx

  2. She looks very fashionable in all her beautiful outfits, which of course are suitable for all seasons of the year. The lovely dress, apron and hat Fanny made being very appropriate for Autumn, which of course is now upon us.

    How wonderful she has her woollen duffle coat to wear for winter, that will certainly help keep her warm when the ground is covered with snow.

    Loving the pumpkin – so many uses for it! Yum.

    • Thank you Lorraine! Fall is definitely here in West Virginia with our expected high temperatures today to be in the 60’s. The Fall delights all of the senses! I love feeling the cool, crisp air, hearing the leaves fall and toss in the wind and seeing the beautiful colors appear among the trees.

      The deer have changed color now from a golden buckskin to a duller, grayish brown. The bucks have departed from the does and are gathering their strength and independence for the upcoming rut. The Ruby Throated hummingbirds have left us to migrate to the Yucatan peninsula, far away. I will miss them but we have wonderful birds that stay here year round.

      As much as I relish the Spring, I must admit that Fall is my favorite season. I am an Autumn bride plus I was born in the Fall. Your pumpkin comment immediately brought to my mind the goodness and sweet aromas of warm pumpkin bread and roasted pumpkin seeds. Yummy indeed! 🙂 xxx

  3. Thank you for giving Hazel such a fine welcome! It makes it much easier to have Hazel adopted when I know what a caring new family she has. The no navel girls do have their own sweet personalities and elfin like charm. Her fall outfit suits her to a T and so perfect for the fall season, too. I can see that Hazel is very happy on your lovely farm! Ellen

    • Oh thank you Ellen! So very nice to hear from you and our dear Hazel sends her love to you as does Jimmy! I am happy you like her new outfit.

      Hazel is a beautiful girl and she really photographs well. I appreciate the photos you shared with us very much. I will take very good care of her and she is among loving brothers and sisters here at Sasha Shangri-La. 🙂 xxx

  4. What a beautiful No Navel girl Hazel is. Sarah must be so happy to have a close sister like Hazel to help her overcome her shyness.
    Fanny’s autumn outfit suits Hazel perfectly and she looks just right for going outside to select a pumpkin for the coming festival.

    How wonderful to have received her lovely winter coat and hat to help her feel at home and warm for the colder weather now coming.

    This could be the start of a very slippery slope Ginger, the No navel girls are very addictive with their elfin faces and sweet look.
    Welcome to the No navel fan club 🙂 can you believe that there are some people out there who do not see the loveliness of these girls.

    I look forward to seeing Hazel and Sarah enjoying their new sisterhood at Sasha Shangri- La.:)xxx

    • Thank you Dee! Sarah is very happy now that Hazel has joined her. It seems that Hazel is just the perfect sister and Sarah is indeed coming out of her shyness. Amazing what love and affection will do. 🙂

      The coat and hat are beautiful and I am looking forward to future dress ups with the girls to show off their pretty outerwear! 🙂

      Yes, I was fully aware of this slippery slope having really enjoyed seeing your stunning no navel girls and Gill’s too. Plus seeing Ellen’s girls so smartly dressed each season, well, it was too hard to resist! Seeing those sweet little faces and gorgeous thick hair was just too tempting and I had to come along for the no navel ride! 😉

      We will be trying to keep the pace with a weekly post! It is easier now that the weather has cooled and going outdoors is a pleasure! 🙂 xxx

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