Emily joins Sasha Shangri-La

This blue eyed brunette is Emily and she has recently joined us here at Sasha Shangri-La. Emily is a bit different because most brunette Sashas made at the factory in the 1970’s were brown eyed.  I like to think that examples of factory “errors” are really “happy mistakes”. :).  Sasha owners are certainly happy to find the unique dolls.  Emily is also fortunate because she has non-falling hair.

Emily came wearing this lovely floral printed dress and nice knitted socks. I added the olive green leather shoes by Sashapotamus.

I like her pretty dress with matching pants.

Emily has very nice and full hair.

Emily wearing a beautiful smocked creation made by Millie Dingham. I was fortunate to find this dress with matching pant at this year’s festival in Phoenix.

The back of Millie’s dresses are as lovely as the front of the dresses! :). I changed Emily’s socks to a softer color but left her olive green shoes on her. I hope you like the combination.

A closer view of the wonderful smocking on the front of the floral printed dress.

A closer view of the smocking on the back of the dress. There are snaps under the three tiny buttons and the ribbon sash that ties is very pretty.  The dress was easy to put on Emily. 🙂

A closer view of sweet Emily.

Emily looking relaxed here and we are hoping to go outdoors soon. We are looking for a sunny day! Have a great weekend! Hugs from Emily to you. 🙂 xxx

12 thoughts on “Emily joins Sasha Shangri-La

  1. I do like these blue eyed Brunette ‘error’s ‘ although I do wonder if someone in the factory had a blue eyed brunette girl at home and ‘accidentally’ made a wrong batch!!
    Emily looks lovely in both the Passion for Sasha dress and also the lovely smocked Millie Dingham dress. She looks nice and early with her puddle eyes.
    Thanks for sharing her with us Ginger. 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Dee! I wondered about that too! There may be a few more “mistakes” out there to be found that were actually made “accidently” on purpose! I really like thinking about the possibilities. Thank you so much for identifying Emily’s dress maker as a Passion for Sasha. It is nice to recognize these talented dress makers. 🙂 xxx

  2. Oh where DO you find all your wonderful dolls from Ginger?! Another gorgeous special girl who looks beautiful in her dresses. The dress by Millie is course absolutely delightful as is all her work.

  3. These 1973/4 Sasha girls have very the distinctive features of this era with their much larger, softly sprayed eyes (sometimes with hand-finishing on the iris’) and larger pupils which are sometimes called ‘Puddle’ eyes..

    Emily also displays the feature of the slightly larger left eye which I had started to look into as an article for the Sasha World Magazine where it was suggested that it was to do with the way that the eye mask was incorrectly held.

    She too has the coarser,straighter hair with the fringe being cut from straight from the crown and which when combined together unfortunately has more of a tendency to stick up that the earlier 70’s dolls with their separate fringe rooting holes.

    It has been said that there were two groups of the brunette haired/ blue eyed dolls made. The first was a mistake when in 1973 fifty of these girls were mistakenly rooted with brunette instead of the original intended blonde after a ‘high’ weekend and the second was in the following year when seventy-five dolls, with the first Tampa-printed blue eyes. were given the brunette hair as an experiment ….but which was later discarded.

    When I first started collecting Sashas these rare brunette haired/blue eyed dolls were well sought after and always went for a very high price being considered a factory mistake, so I can see just how thrilled you are to have the delightful Emily in your collection and wish you many happy playtimes together.

    PS. I too agree with Denise that the dress that she came is is a Passion for Sasha outfit.

    • Thank you Kendal for the information about these girls. I had not read about the left eye size due to the incorrect holding of the mask. Wonderful to know!

      Thank you too for confirming the dress maker. The previous owner did not remember and once Dee put a name to the dress, I could see the similarity. I am learning a lot today about Sashas! 🙂 xxx

  4. Emily is gorgeous. Her new outfit is really lovely and the colours suit her so well. I believe her white socks in her original outfit were knitted by me. Gill xx

    • Hi Gill! Wow, How nice that you knitted Emily’s white socks! It must be really special to be looking at photos and discover something that you have made! They are wonderful socks! Thank you for the lovely comments. 🙂 xxx

  5. Hi Ginger lucky you to have a blue eyed brunette and such a pretty girl too. i agree that her dress is a passion for sasha dress too.xxx

  6. What a lovely girl Ginger, congrats on her safe arrival. I thought she was a puddle eyes girl, and noticed too that one iris was slightly larger than the other…my brunette brown puddle eyes girl has the same, as does her brother. The brunette with blue eyes is a lovely combination though, isn’t it! She’s very sweet!!!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thanks Sharon! I agree, Emily is a very sweet girl. So nice to have her here and she has found her twin brother, Duncan Hans. They are having a great time playing and catching up. 😉 xxx

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