Drew and Hope in the 2014 Sasha Festival Outfits

Drew and Hope were not able to go to the Festival in Phoenix this year so they are the perfect choices to model the wonderful outfits that were gifted to those in attendance. We do try and share the fun here at Sasha Shangri-La so those who did not go to Phoenix do get to pick out outfits to model.

Here is Drew and I really loves this look! The shirt and shorts fit perfectly and the leather sandals are just wonderful.

A closer view of Drew’s shirt.

An even closer view of the fabrics. The black lines that separate the different fabrics are ribbons sewn in place–fabulous!

The inside of the shirt showing the Festival tag.

The backside of the shirt and the sandal bottoms with Marti Murphy’s signature stamp.

A photo of the pretty Hope in her full outfit. I really love this outfit–each piece is just perfect and so special. When I was young, I had a pair of these white leather boots and we called them “Go Go” boots or “Shindig” boots. I used to watch television and the dancers would wear these boots and dance the “Pony”, the “Swim”, the Jerk” and many other dances. I have many happy memories of these boots!

It is always nice to see the back view and this is especially true with this nice head scarf to see.

A photo of the outfit and its pieces. The leather boots were unmarked and they were easy to pull on too!

An inside view of the outfit that shows the Festival tag.

I was able to take a few photos of Hope and Drew outdoors before the weather turned rainy.

Hope without the scarf. I do like her better with the scarf though.

A photo of Drew outdoors.

I really like Drew in this outfit with his very dark hair.

A last photo of the pretty Hope for you to see.

A final photo of Drew. Thank you so much for stopping by Sasha Shangri-La. We all wish you a happy and healthy week to come! We are sending hugs too!! xxxx

10 thoughts on “Drew and Hope in the 2014 Sasha Festival Outfits

  1. These outfits really are the best aren’t they Ginger? Drew and Hope look wonderful in them. We were especially thrilled to get a boys outfit as they often miss out. Two of my ‘kids’ who didn’t attend the festival are wearing them as well πŸ™‚

  2. How nice that two,of the non festival attending dolls get to wear the festival outfits. Share and share alike is our motto here too!
    It was great to see that a Gregor and a baby Sasha got an outfit too as it’s usually the Sasha who gets to get the outfits! (Though the UK festival did the unisex track suit.)
    Fab dolls as usual!

    • Thank you Kendal! I will show the baby outfit soon. It is a very lovely tea towel dress and sweet little Gracie really wants to wear it but so do the other babies. We will sort it out soon! xx

  3. Drew and Hope look great in their new outfits. I particularly like Hope’s outfit, it’s very 1960’s. Like you I also had a pair of white boots just like these and the tights too! It’s very “Mod”! I do like Hope’s hair, it is soooo long! Love Drew’s sandals too! Love Gill x

    • Oh thank you Gill, I am so glad you liked the post and the outfits! I always wanted my hair to grow that long, like Hope’s, but it would not make it past my waist. Now it is short and easy, yeah! I am glad too that you have a boot memory—what a time that was! Love, Ginger xx

  4. Love their retro outfits and so nice that they are complete with boots and sandals. A lovely souvenir of your time at the festival. It’s nice that Drew and Hope get to wear them and show them off to everyone.
    Dee xx

  5. The kids look great in their new outfits from the Festival Ginger! It’s only fair that those that don’t get to go, can model the outfits….makes them feel that they’ve been there too! Hasn’t Hope got amazingly long hair, it’s very nice and pale too. The outside photos are great because they look so fresh and vibrant!
    Thanks for sharing Ginger…and have a great weekend yourself!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

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