Blair and Sloan in Summer Sasha Shifts

Today I thought I would take a few photos outdoors of the two wrap dresses that I was so fortunate to win at the Festival as a helper drawing. I have called this type of dress a “shift” since I was a little girl.  The printed yellow shift was made by Sally Cristopher.  It was exciting to win but it was even more exciting that I was sitting next to Sally when they called my number!  She explained the pattern she used had been a part of a Ted Menten challenge some time ago on the Sasha Mart. I remembered that challenge and was amazed at the many submissions Ted received and the great variety of outfits that were created. These two shifts are just wonderful because they are pretty, they are easy to put on (snaps in the back), they have clean, simple lines that are perfect for summer, and they are both reversable!   So, I really won 4 different shifts!

This is Blair, a pale faced 1968 Gotz brunette Sasha and she is wearing the pretty shift made by Sally. It is a yellow printed cotton and has a lovely floral design. The shift is tagged and also came with matching pants. Blair’s brown leather sandals are by Jean Jensen.

Next is Sloan, a pale faced 1968 Gotz Blonde Sasha. Sloan is wearing the second shift that is not labeled so the maker is unknown. The striped fabric has large, faded red stripes with the smaller green and white stripes. It gives a look of water color painting.  Sloan’s white leather sandals are by Jean Jensen.

Another look at the girls.  Most of our lillies have been eaten by the resident deer population.

Blair looking so confident in her carefree outfit.  Both girls have their wrist tags that I hope you will not notice very much.

Sloan is a most determined little girl and she is sure to go far in life!

I came indoors to take a few more photos. The sky became cloudy and it looked like we might get some rain. A full view of Sloan and Blair together.

A back view of their shifts. Both girls have pretty, thick hair. When I adopted Blair,
I sent her to Pat Pellerito for a spa treatment and Pat wrote that her hair was the thickest hair she had seen. She styled it beautifully as you see here.  I love her hair!

A close-up photo of Sloan and Blair.  I love the shape of their chins which gives them an impish charm.

These two have become best friends and they came to Sasha Shangri-La within a month of each other. They both came in complete, original brown corduroy dresses with white aprons and brown leather shoes. I have safely stored their outfits for another day.

This photo gives a peek at the fabric on the backside of each shift.

A close-up view of the fabrics.

A final photo of Sloan and Blair waving to you and sending hugs and happy wishes for a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Blair and Sloan in Summer Sasha Shifts

  1. Lovely outfits you won there Ginger on your two pretty girls. The shift dresses are quite different with the ties that come round the front. Great idea that they are fully reversible.

    • Thanks Sarah! I stumbled upon the larger format. I had looked everywhere and tried several things and the photos remained small. Then when I posted the last post, I looked over to the right side of the screen when I was uploading the photos and there it was….a place to select the photo size! Better late than never! I like it so much better too! xxxxx

  2. Hi Ginger i love the shift dresses as well as Blair and Sloane. The dresses are lovely colours and are very unique with the ties to the front xxxx

  3. Very fitting that these two pale skinned Gotz girls who arrived at yours at a similar time and become such firm friends should wear these similar pinafores,.both won in the helper’s raffles.
    Good choice of colours for each girl. Love the fact that they are reversible giving four different looks.

    Great names for these two. Wish that I could think of some smart and unusual names for mine.

    I hadn’t realised that you were unaware of the photo sizing on your blog posts. I used to do mine in this size when I first started blogging but added a note to remind people that they could double click if they wanted to make them larger…. as I have been doing here..

    Thank you girls for your good wishes for the weekend. Enjoy yours too.

    • Thanks Kendal. I keep a list of names on the computer and when I think or hear of of a name that I like, I add it to the list. It has been helpful to have the list as a resource but it does have to ” feel” right too and fit the doll.

      Yes, I guess the smaller sized photo must be the template size and I do like the larger sized photos on your blog much better. I was really happy to find the magic button to enlarge the photos. It is so easy when you know how!

      I am happy you enjoyed the post too. It was nice to show the Gotz girls :). xxx

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