Festival Finds with Lucy and Jean

Please meet Lucy (left) and Jean (right) as we find them talking about the 2014 Sasha Festival. Lucy went to the Festival and really enjoyed meeting so many lovely people. She also was very excited to see so many things that were just for “Sasha”. She is sharing with her sister Jean the details of the events and that it was very exciting!

imageBoth girls are wearing new dresses found at the Festival. Lucy’s gray dotted dress was made by Pinestreet Studio and her socks and shoes are by Ruth’s dolls.

I love the fullness of the dress and it fits perfectly.

A bit closer for you to see πŸ™‚

You may have noticed that Lucy is unique in the face and hair. Emma Flood rerooted a Gregor doll some time ago and named her “Lucy”. I loved her full hair and side part and bought her from Emma. Once she arrived, I really loved her hair even more because it is so soft. I was not keen on her eyes though since they were Gregor eyes and did not seem pretty enough for Lucy.

Well, Lucy went to the Festival and her eyes were beautifully enhanced by Cassandra Rogers of Sashapotamus. I was so amazed at the transformation and Lucy now has very pretty eyes! Β I just love her new look! πŸ™‚

A close-up photo of sweet Lucy. πŸ™‚

Next for you to see Is Jean and she was waiting on me in a box when I returned from the Festival. She is a waif with delightful bobbed hair and missing her stringing and having playwear on her limbs. Her face and eyes are just beautiful and she has good lip paint. I think she may be a 1969-70 girl but would appreciate your thoughts about when she was made. I am very happy to add her to the family at Sasha Shangri-La.

I dressed her in a fabulous tea towel dress purchased in the sales room at the Festival and made by Marti Murphy. She is wearing wonderful socks made by Christine Durand and Christine donated them to the Festival as a tribute to Jean Jensen. I was lucky to win them and it is nice to be a part of Jean’s tribute and the auction funds raised all go to the children’s charities. Her shoes are made by Jean Jensen and they are an unusual color that goes well with the dress.

Once I dressed her in this outfit, she whispered to me that her name was Jean. πŸ™‚

Jean posing in her new outfit.

A close-up photo of pretty, petite Jean. πŸ™‚

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the post. I wanted to go outdoors to take photos but I am still a bit tired from the trip because I brought home a cold. Lucy, Jean and I wish you all a very wonderful week and send you happy Sasha hugs!!! πŸ™‚ xxx

14 thoughts on “Festival Finds with Lucy and Jean

  1. Oh! So sorry to hear that you have come back with a cold after having such a lovely time and Sasha SPEND at the Festival. Please get better very soon.

    Seeing the gorgeous Pinestreetstudio grey spot outfit I can’t wait to ask you then if Cindy Patrick was there AND did she have a sales table? If she was and I’d have known that I would have sent some money and asked you to buy me an outfit of hers!

    Super eye painting (and re-rooting- by Emma) by Cassandra on Lucy. Lucky you. BTW were you able to watch her eyes being painted?

    (Lorraine and Norvell very kindly bought me back a Marti-Murphy tea towel dress in this style from the 2013 festival. and I love it’s simple lines on Sasha.)

    • Good morning Kendal and thank you for commenting! I purchased the dress from Gayle Rotheim in the sales room. However, your question about Cindy Patrick caused me to look in the Directory of the Festival booklet since I do not think I have met her. Cindy’s name is listed. So, I then think was Cindy there or not or did I miss meeting her.

      Next, I was quite surprised to learn there were 35 sales tables in the sales room which was open for 2 hours. If you do the math, you have less than 3.5 minutes to view each table. I knew that I did not have time to visit each table so it is possible that I missed Cindy’s table if she attended. :(. I will ask Marti and Jackie about whether she was there or not. I would love to meet her. πŸ™‚

      I did get to watch Cassie paint but from a bit of a distance not wanting to add pressure. She is very skillful and she asked me questions up front and during her painting. Since Lucy had acceptable eyes, she enhanced them and gave her lovely brows too.

      It was a great time at the Festival. I plan to go to Texas next year! πŸ™‚

  2. Wonderful Ginger, the outfits are so pretty and suit your girls so well. I loved hearing about their tales of transformation too. They really are both in the best home now!

    • Hi Janet and thank you! Yes, they both have been transformed and it’s nice to model the Festival finds on them too. I look forward to photographing them more since the camera loves them! πŸ™‚

  3. Your two girls are very cute, I am rather partial to a Sasha with bobbed hair. Their dresses are really lovely. Great buys! 35 sales tables sounds fabulous but shame you only had two hours to shop. Hope you feel better very soon. Gill xx

  4. Both girls are very pretty Ginger and so are their outfits. Emma’s rerooting looks really nice and so do the eye enhancing by Cassandra, it’s great that you were able to get that done whilst you waited. I agree that 2 hours is not a lot of time to look around 35 stalls, I’d have needed at least twice that amount of time so that I could have had a good old browse. I like what you’ve come home with though, you did really well!
    Sorry to hear about your cold though, I hope that by now you’re over the worst of it and are on the mend!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • Hi Sharon! I am feeling better today after taking the antibiotic :). I think I did well with the purchases and will be showing them here in the next weeks. Thank you for stopping by to visit πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. Hi Ginger sorry to hear you have a cold, probably the change in temperature. Lucy is stunning and her outfit as well as Jeans are wonderful xx

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