Out Back with Quinn


Quinn went with Dad outside to play. Well, Quinn is playing and Dad is working but they are spending “quality” time together :). Quinn jumped in Dad’s ATV which we affectionally call ‘Ole Blue.


Quinn sits patiently and is so excited to go with Dad.


“I am buckled in Dad, I will be safe, let’s go!”


After a long and bumpy ride, Quinn and Dad reach the cabin he built way out back on the farm.

Quinn stops on the porch steps but only for a minute.


Next, Quinn runs to the picnic area and climbs up. Quinn is like most boys and loves to play with sticks šŸ™‚


What next Quinn?


Quinn found a giant woodpecker in the tree!


“Look Dad, It’s me, Quinn!”


Quinn pauses by a sensitive fern.


Next he climbs up on top of a bird house.


“Oh my, what a fantastic hole! I wonder what’s living in here?” Quinn wonders but no one was home, thank goodness!


One last climb before Dad says it’s time to go.


Quinn sends a big hug to everyone as well as his happy wishes for a great week! šŸ™‚ xx

11 thoughts on “Out Back with Quinn

  1. Looks like Quinn had a great time out and about with his Dad on the farm.
    He was very good and put on his seat belt without Dad having to remind him.
    Hope you all have a lovely week as well !
    hugs Dee xx

  2. Always a pleasure to see any ‘Lads and dads time’ and great to see Finn out and about enjoying and exploring everything in sight whilst his dad is keeping a watchful eye that he comes to no harm.
    This post so reminds me of my childhood (although without the father’s watchful eye as he was always at work running his business) but luckily we came to no harm and are all still here..
    Have a wonderful Sasha filled week.

    • Thank you Theresa, yes it is a wonderful life living on a farm. We do not have animals since we both work full time but our neighbors have horses, cows, chickens, roosters, guineas, donkeys, burros, goats, ducks, etc. i think we might be getting a mini horse one day soon. A lot to look forward to and to feel very blessed šŸ™‚ xx

  3. What a fantastic place for Quinn to play. Great to know that Dad is happy to take him out with him – yay for Sasha Dads!
    Your cabin is wonderful – do you stay in it or just visit for BBQs ?

    • Hi Rosie and thank you for the lovely comments. I just visit the cabin for cook outs or a secret reading place but Dad stays overnight from time to time. No electricity and an outhouse too–paradise for my DH šŸ™‚ xx

  4. Ginger you live in such a lovely place there, it must be wonderful for Quinn to have had that special time with his dad! And to ride in Ole Blue too! Great fun! I do love that little cabin too, what a super little ‘hide out’!!
    Have a great week yourself!
    Sending big hugs, Sharon xxx

  5. Oh thank you Sharon! Ole Blue has a lot of fans here at Sasha Shangri-La. All of the boys want to ride in it and so we are taking turns. The girls want to ride too, or at least some of them do šŸ˜‰ big hugs for you! XX

  6. Wonderful post Ginger and reminds me of growing up on a farm, we used to spend lots of time in the bush, making dens, damming streams, climbing trees and fishing down at the creek – a wonderful time indeed. We never had a cabin though! Hope to have some land again one day…I have seen just what I want while in NZ! Always good to have a dream.

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