Happy Easter Greetings


I wanted to post a Happy Easter message to everyone! Above is Ellen, Finn, and Sylvia and they are dressed for Spring! Both of the girl’s dresses were made by Karen Warnaka. I love her dresses with the pretty fabrics and great smocking. Ellen is wearing pink shoes by Jean Jensen and Sylvia’s shoes are made by Ruthsdolls. Finn is wearing shorts made by Lorraine, striped socks by Sharon, and blue leather sandals by Jean Jensen. His top is unmarked.


Another photo showing Finn’s socks and sandals much better. The girls love holding their bunnies.


A photo taken from the side.


The lovely Ellen shown full length. She is probably a late 1966 or early 1967 girl.


Sylvia shown full length. She is a 1966 girl.


The trio shown again up close.


Finn with his basket of Easter egg chocolates with crunchies.


Finn is happy to share his Easter candy! He sends his love to you πŸ™‚


A final photo of sweet Finn as he joins me to wish you a Happy Easter! πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Happy Easter Greetings

  1. Happy Easter to all of the lovelies at Sasha Shangri-la! Finn, Sylvia and Ellen certainly look dressed and ready for Easter Sunday. Such inventive and creative seamstresses in our Sasha clique.


  2. A very Happy Easter to Finn, Ellen, Sylvia and the rest of your gorgeous Sasha/Gregor family Ginger. They all look so lovely in their Easter outfits and of course Finn is as handsome as ever.

  3. What a lovely threesome Ginger, and so nicely dressed, I love the smocked dresses being worn by your two pretty girls. I hope they enjoy their Easter eggs and that they save a bit of chocolate for their mum to enjoy too!
    Happy Easter to you and yours Ginger!
    Big hugs, Sharon in Spain xxx

  4. Handsome Finn with the very pretty girls, Ellen and,Sylvia, plus the basket of Easter eggs and cuddly bunnies all go to represent Easter to a ‘T’!
    A very happy Easter to you and all at Sasha Shangri-la .

  5. Happy Easter Ginger and the Sasha Shangri-La clan, I trust Finn will share all those eggs with his brothers and sister πŸ™‚
    Karen’s dresses look wonderful on the girls, I just love her fabric’s and smocking ,a wonderful talented maker for our Sasha’s
    Dee xx

  6. Hope your Easter was wonderful – it sure looks it! – and love from Aunty Sarah and her Sashas here in the UK. Beautiful pics Ginger. xx

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